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11 Top Quick-Service Restaurants at Universal Orlando

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If you’re hungry for thousands of steps to see all the incredible sights and rides, Universal Orlando has plenty to eat. Yet you might want to skip a fancier’s dining in the park and pick up faster and cheaper meals from counter-service restaurants.

These restaurants, all located within two parks, the Florid and Adventure Islands Universal Studios or the CityWalk Hotel, are all equipped with air-conditioned dining rooms and dining options— always with walk-in counter service.

1. Thunder Falls Terrace

Thundera Falls Terraces is the perfect spot for those of you who have survived the attacks by wild dinosaurs on the Jurassic Park Tour, inside the islands for fun and serving grilled food and meat, as well as fresh side dishes and salads.

The poisonous smell of grilling meat comes from the bakery and restaurants in the center of the street. Sit down and buy chicken, turkey legs or grilled BBQs as well as salads, soups and table wraps.

2. Mel’s Drive-In

In 1973, George Lucas wrote and directed the humblest American Graffiti, an ode to the simpler days of the early 1960s, before the “Star Wars” brought him to fame. The teens are hanging out for dinner, Mel’s Drive-In. The antique, long-haired cars on the Universal Studios parking lot are lovingly recreated.

Mel's Drive-In

You can also order typical American food from your counter or table, such as burgers, fries and chicken strips. The menu is all the fatty cubic nostalgia you’d imagine, including a selection of onion rings, milkshakes, and root beer floats. The table comes with a little jukebox, though, as usual.

3. Louie’s Italian Restaurant

Louie’s Italian restaurant serves pasta and pizza in the Universal Studios, located in the “Godfather” district of the hotel.

Spaghetti, meatballs and Alfredo Fettucine are used in pasta dishes, Louie’s and some sandwiches are served in a selection of pizzas as well as whole pies. It also serves gelato and Italian cream during the warmer seasons.

Louie's Italian Restaurant

4. Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck

The outdoor food cart serves soft-shell tacos with a varied menu including tuna, chicken, and steak at the Simpsons Universal Studios Park. Like the rest of Universal’s portrait of Springfield, Simpson’s warped vulnerability is a deliberate and amusing taco truck. Bad servers are wearing crazy bumblebee outfits inside the vehicle.

Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck

5. Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe

Universal Studios Classic Monster Cafe’s food choices — a strange mixture of chicken, lasagna, meatloaf, and other seemingly disjointed food— are good, but what this restaurant does bring about is an inspiring setting.

Unfortunately, Universal borrows several properties, such as Harry Potter and Marvel Comics superheroes, as opposed to Disney, which has a treasure house of famous animated characters and a strong brand to build its Theme Parks.

The film studio is famous for its classic monsters like The Wolfman and Mommy. The restaurant is an example of a vanishing show. The entire dining room is lined with posters, costumes, character boobs, and other fun movie pieces.

Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe

6. Red Oven Pizza Bakery

RedOven serves wood-fired handmade pizza and has quickly gained a reputation for tasty pizzas on the CityWalk, one of the newest additions to the ubiquitous Orlando dining scene.

Thin crust pizzas, in the Neapolitan style, contain high-quality ingredients such as tomatoes and water filtered by San Marzano. Toppings range from usual suspects such as pepperoni and mozzarella buffaloes to unexpected additions such as arugula, basil pesto, ricotta, and truffle oil. There are also a beers and wine salads available.

Red Oven Pizza Bakery

7. Green Eggs and Ham Cafe

Once Seuss Landing was established in the Adventure Islands and the subject of food emerged, we think we all agreed that green eggs and ham would be on the menu. Green eggs and the Ham Cafe were raised.

Universal’s food crew came up with something like Egg McMuffin to sign the restaurant. It’s a sesame seed bun with a few shreds of ham, cheese, and green egg scramble. It’s certainly a strange look and more of a curiosity than a gourmet treat, but you should order a green egg and a bragging right sandwich on your own.

This can be challenging, however, as the outdoor café is only open during busy seasons and is sometimes closed to other nearby restaurants.

Green Eggs and Ham Cafe

8. Fast Food Boulevard

Springfield’s Fast Food Boulevard has two things to do in comparison with the food court it replaces: the persuasive Simpsons theme is hysterically funny and links everything conceptually together, and food is very healthy.

It’s not a restaurant, but several different food counters, including Krusty Burge, Cletus ‘ Chicken Chack, Frying Dutchman, which feature fried food. This food may be shared with the local kitchen. Technically, Taco Trucks from Bumblebee Man is also included in the Fast Food Boulevard, but since it is outside, it can be considered a different entity.

The Inch Fast Food Boulevard features Simpsons and gags references that make this long-term series a special treat, but also things like mayonnaise sandwiches and waffles.

The clue is the Moe’s Pub, which offers a more non-alcoholic novel than Harry Potter’s Wizard World’s tasty, addictive butter berry, Duff Soda, Homer’s favorite alcoholic facsimile and Flaming Moe. Consider making a big pink dessert donut for Lard Lad Donuts. It’s soft but friendly and certainly large enough to be shared between three or four people.

9. Three Broomsticks

Perhaps the most popular of all fast-restaurants in the park is Three Broomsticks. The Three Broomsticks are best known for Harry Potter folklore in Diagon Alley of Adventure Islands than their British pub fare. Nevertheless, the food remains pretty good in the fictional bar like Simpson’s Fast Food Boulevard.

The smoked chicken is particularly delicious and the flaky half-moon pasta full of ground beef, pumpkins and vegetables are a UK treat. A large (and expensive) collection, the Great Feast Platter features several products and is perfect for sharing.

Wash all of them with some delicious Butterbeer or, if you like, a little less sweet, but still attached to J.K. The Wizard World of Rowling, Juice of Kumpaks. Two things that Harry Potter fans should be aware of are attractive dessert choices, including strawberry and peanut butter ice cream with chocolates.

The restaurant looks like it’s taken from movies and books and filled with images, talking about Potter fans. Watch the rafters with a little potteresque activity

Three Broomsticks

10. VIVO Italian Kitchen

The typical Olive Garden was replaced by Universal’s finest Italian food outside Portofino, located on the main level of CityWalk in Pastamore’s former home, making it immediately one of the brilliant stars of CityWalk’s renovation in 2014. The menu is packed with well-known dishes— chicken piccata, veal entregiano, cannelloni spinach, linguine, and clama — presented without needless post-modern flora. You can dine here for half the price of Bice, Mama Della’s or one of the most popular Disney restaurants.

Start ordering a big homemade meatball, mozzarella or beet and gorgonzola. Standing items include linguistic pasta (when razor clams were seasonal), seafood black squid ink pasta, short risotto, and brown pear-stuffed Fischetti. Make room for a moist orange-walnut cake. Chef Steven Jayson’s grandma delivered the recipe directly. This is the best meal you’ve got at Universal Property on a cost/quality basis.

VIVO Italian Kitchen

11. Leaky Cauldron

Diagon Alley‘s flagship restaurant, Leaky Cauldron, offers a hearty UK pub fare like Three Broomsticks, but with more genuine Anglo favorites. You can buy breakfast on your reservation through a travel agent or a ticket office at your hotel in the Universal Resort. The morning meal for adults is $15.99, and there is a combination of American and British breakfasts similar to the Three Broomsticks. Three Broomsticks are available for a small drink.

Breakfast is decent at best. Blood sausages and beans are not bad if you like them, but the scrambled eggs are horrible, and the oatmeal is cheap, making your best bet on the quiche-like mushroom. Before you ask, you can have a Butterbeer for breakfast, yes. If you want breakfast here, do it as late as you can in the morning; your time to start your journey to Gringotts is better spent.

The highlight of the dinner and lunch menu is a small meal for two, with a selection of cheeses that are fragrantly imported. Whether ordered with mash, sandwich or (apart from all) baked in a toad, with Yorkshire pudding, in the oven, the bangers are bang-on. Fish and chips are the same as in soup and salad (not vegan) as in Hogsmeade.

The peach pastry and the Guinness stew, which are served in a virtually unknown bread bath, are particularly salty. Sticky chocolate or dessert toffee to add pudding to your meal. Maple and cheese, fish and chips and mini-meat pies (for your budding enthusiast Sweeny Todd) are on the children’s menu items.

The crowds of Diagon Alley are going to overwhelm Leaky Cauldron. To stop waiting for a long time, eat early or late.

Leaky Cauldron

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