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26 Best Tips for Saving Money at Universal Orlando

Universals & Islands Of Adventure Park tickets alone will easily add up to a few hundred dollars depending on the size of your family and how many days you plan to spend in the park. This will not include extra holiday costs such as travel, lodging and food! Universal Studios can be very expensive without proper planning and study.
Luckily, what you need to save on your journey is a bit of pre-scheduling and common sense. Anyone with a small budget can’t make a trip to Orlando’s Universal Studios. With some of the tips below, you can make your trip more fun and affordable.

See the 26 best ways to save your holiday in Orlando

1. In comparison to Orlando, consider driving

Driving is a lot cheaper, especially if the costs are split between several people. Instead of charging extra luggage and parking fees for the airport, you can also bring as many luggage as you can in your vehicle.

2. Book your flight beforehand if you fly

Reserve for the best deals as far in advance as possible. In the middle of a week and preferably outside the high season, try to book your flight (June-August). Be sure to use a website such as Kayak to compare many airlines. The park is the least busy at the beginning of September and November. The park would not only be less crowded, but, above all, the weather in Orlando will be much more bearable now!
Fly To Orlando

3. Schedule your travel at the best rates in the slow season

The slowest months are typically September and November, but September will still be very hot , humid and rainy. You can enjoy lower prices for hotels and airfares in return for hot, rainy weather. By fact, the parks are much less crowded!
Compared with the fun fairly uncrowded spring day of Harry Potter’s “Wizarding World,” which is filled absolutely in the summer.

4. Check hotels several weeks before your visit to enjoy the best deals

Also, check for packages for holidays. Universal Studios provides various packages for hotels and air holiday packages. You can also look at various hotels to find out what kind of deals you get. Login to receive exclusive deals on your email list.
Cabana Bay is a fantastic on-site Universal hotel with many advantages. First of all, with rates mostly at mid-100’s, it’s very affordable. Secondly, there is a free shuttle to the parks. The parking space is $25 a day and Lyfts is not low cost. This is great support. Third, the entry to the parks is 1 hour early. A starbucks and a food cafeteria are also available so you can enjoy a quick cheap dinner before going to the parks. A giant swimming pool with a slight river is perfectly cheap on days off!

Universal's Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando

5. Restaurants plan park in advance

You will have time until your visit to find out menus and prices. Visit the Universal Studios Restaurant website for a full selection of park restaurants. Usually, I pack my bag with sandwiches and snacks and have a meal a day – either outside the CityWalk park, or in a budget-friendly chain like Sweet Tomatoes.
I recommend Mythos, a beautiful restaurant built for the winery which has received many awards over the years including best theme park restaurants if you are going to visit a park restaurant.

6. Reserve a kitchenette hotel

This saves you hundreds of days on your holiday, as dinner is the third largest expense in addition to parking tickets and hotels. Another idea is a condo rental versus a hotel. You will have a full kitchen and several other amenities including laundry facilities, many bathrooms and additional space! Windsor Hills is a great place to stay (about 15 minutes by car), though closer than DisneyWorld is Universal.
Hotel Homewood Suites Orlando Universal

7. Stay in the Universal hotel if you plan to buy a quick pass / visit Harry Potter’s Wizarding World

Many hotels, including the Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Portofino Bay and Loews Royal Pacific, offer fast passes to visitors for every day of their stay. The Express Passes usually begin at 40 $per day, which is very important. You’ll want to stay on site to be accepted early, too, if you plan to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (and it’s amazing, you should).
There are really plenty to explore, so this early entrance is truly a great thing, not to mention that you can peacefully explore the park without the regular shoulder-to-shoulder traffic.

8. Reserve a hotel with a free park shuttle

A free shuttle saves ($17 per vehicle) on rented car, gas and parking fees! Free shuttles to parks are offered for all hotels on site at Universal (and to some outside hotels). The Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Portofino Bay, Loews Royal Pacific and Cabana Bay Beach resorts are on-site hotel options.
Universal Free Park Shuttle

9. Keep track of the cheaper cost per day of the more days in the park

For instance, for a day’s tickets to the park-park are $136, for a 3-day ticket is $185,99. Part of the trouble goes to Orlando, obviously. It doesn’t make sense to go down here for a day at the park. There are obviously more days in the park, given the time and energy required to get here.

10. Residents of Florida, please review special offers for park and lodging!

Residents of Florida save $45 a day in park tickets for parking and $35 a day in park tickets. Think of the deadlines (mainly the whole summer, spring and holidays).
Eleven. In contrast to at the gate, buy tickets online.
You won’t only save 20 dollars, but also faster and more convenient.

12. Print out your park ticket with your Single Savings Coupon booklet

The booklet is available for useful discounts in the dining area and in shops in either park (Universal Studios Store or Islands Trading Post).
Universal Orlando Florida

13. Visit the Orlando Coupon Booklets and Brochures Centre

The Visitor’s Center is a great location for you to find great deals on Disney, Universal and other Orlando attractions. It’s also a good place to find ideas for other attractions of a non-theme park. Look for brochures in the lobby of your hotel. Some of them have precious coupons on the back.

14. Plan a few days in the park without the subject

Take the time to do other fun things in Orlando, apart from theme parks. Luckily, there are a lot of free parks, lovely lakes and beaches just a short drive away. You save money while exploring Orlando ‘s non-theme park, too many tourists forget to do something!

15. The free Universal Wait Times app can be downloaded

Plan your journeys in the waiting period. Get on for more rides, buck bang more! Download the Wait Times app before your visit.

The free Universal Wait Times app

16. Bring a fixed amount of cash with meals and souvenirs

Keep on the budget, don’t take a credit card with you. You prefer to pay a lot more on credit cards. Stop the tentation, when you come home, to buy several needless souvenirs. Hold 1 or 2 fun travel memories. Photos are also free of charge and are likely to be used over the next few years!

17. Wear a backpack with water hydration in the park

These sumptuous backpacks hold several gallons of water. You will be good to go all day long without going through many costly stops for water bottles in the park. A big hiking backpack is another alternative for me. However, I like them because you get different size pockets, it is built to keep the hydration pack inside, and the weight is equally distributed so you don’t get left with sore shoulders the next day. It might seem odd to wear a walking backpack in the park.
Although I typically use my hiken backpack, it was useful in a recent holiday in Orlando as I could fit all the things I needed for the day-wallet, snacks, water pack, sunblock, extra contacts. For water or snacks, I’ve never had to wait, so that saved me time and money. I highly recommend it for a smooth trip and also to save money! It is an illustration that I use to walk on my backpack.

18. Carry a glass of your own water

Refill your bottle at the soda wells (located across the park) if necessary. You simply return your bag with several water vials if you don’t feel like getting a hydration pack. While free tap water is available in the park, it is a hassle to stop and the lines are often long. Save money and take your own with you.
Frozen Butterbeer In Universal Orlando Resort

19. Buy food on the first night of your holiday to drive you into the parks

The night before your visit to the park, load your snacks on the backpack. Good business skills = more money in the pocket. This helps you to refuse to purchase expensive, unhealthy park snacks. Moreover, when standing on line for hours, it’s always nice to have something to mush on (and if you intend to take the latest Harry Potter ride, you’ll be standing!). Anything to withstand heat-pretzels, cookies, fruit etc. – is a good idea. Stop melting products such as grain bars and chocolate.

20. Take your own meal

Park food is rather expensive, not to mention bad food at best. In addition to the incentive, you can save time in park restaurants by packing your own lunch. The queue was almost as long as the ride for Harry Potter Three Broomstraws! Don’t waste your time at a restaurant – use it to rides and attractions for which you pay a decent amount of money!

21. Focus on the best routes

In fact, you won’t have sufficient time to see all on one visit in both parks. Many of the rides do not really appreciate the long lines, while others are secret gems with little traffic. Here’s my handy guide to Universal’s 13 best tours and attractions. Such fantastic attractions should be on your list first, in my view!
Universal Orlando Layout

22. Out of the spirit

Alcohoic beverages are not only costly but also more dehydrate (not good in the 90’s and wet!). Alcohol does not pair with rides, either! Universal primarily consists of rides for rollers and simulators that in themselves are extremely dizzying. Hold hydration in the hot Orlando heat and stick to water and more.

23. Avoid the expensive pictures of the journey

Only take a snapshot of yourself next to the riding entrance if you want to take your photo by riding. Or, take a photo of a non-rider while everyone is on the ride.
Rather than taking riding shots, get your images taken free of charge by the characters or taking fun pictures next to famous sights such as the Universal Ball.

24. For exclusive deals search Team & Living Social

Register before you travel to Orlando to receive Groupon & Living Social Deals. Resort deals in the Orlando area for hotel, attractions & restaurants.

25. Plan a pool day among visits to the park

You may get tired, overheated, and simply miserable for too many consecutive days in the park. Save some money by staying in your hotel for a day or two and using the facilities you paid for. You can save hundreds of dollars easily, especially given the crazy price of your ticket today. You will be refreshed and ready for another day in the park after a few days of soothing pool!


26. Skip The Express Pass

It sounds cool that you can skip the line for any ride you want, but it doesn’t make any sense for the price. Some people think that they have a key part to play in the fun park, but I don’t know.

It’s not the most fun part, but it gives you time for your family to talk about your day so far without having to get everyone involved while you’re talking!
If you’re not careful, Universal Studios can be a real soreness in a bag. Regardless of how you spend time in the park, follow these tips and make life-long memories!

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