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3 Best Dinner Show In Orlando

You’ve found the right spot if you’re looking for some fantastic shows during your holiday. In Orlando, these top dinner shows are sure to thrill people of all ages. You love the passion and enthusiasm of everyone. Book now!

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater

Come to the Sleuths Mystery Dinner theater to enjoy an exciting and funny assassination mystery dinner show! It’s a perfect addition to your adventures for those who want to book Orlando Florida family holiday packages.
Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theatre
You and your family are led by the Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater to one of several different tracks. To bring a new stage of the party restaurant choice. You can be assured that someone is going to die and you can determine who was there and how they are accomplishing the job, whether you are in a wedding, a tropical vacation, a family reunion or something!

Show Story

All shows progress the same way, so you’ll begin the night by going to one of the three intimate theaters, where you’ll be treated like an unbelievable family. Learn the characters in your salad, crackers, dinner rolls and spread the cheese and learn more about someone who is dying in time. Be sure to watch for anything or anyone that seems unusual — remember, you’re a detective and have a chance to solve the crime in this comedy mystery show, and maybe you’ll even play the part in the show!
Once the cast and the public are present, you’ll see a funny comedy skit where you’ll find the clues. Enjoy your mouther-watering meal when the table works together to ask questions.
The detective is going around after the meal and encouraging each table to ask some questions so that any other clues can be found. Everybody in your party will laugh about this improvisational comedy while you solve the crime! Your pick for the ” mystery ” dessert finishes with the show as your table guesses the ultimate guy.
Ultimately, you’ll be watching as the detective exposes the true perpetrator and then awards and prizes to the good Sleuths! You will find that if you are searching for unique dining and entertainment, Sleuth ‘s Mystery Dinner Theater provides an incredible amount of fun and excitement for your holiday.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater Visiting Tips

  • Dinner and drinks are included in the show price.
  • It is approximately 2.5 hours.
  • No code of dress; dress comfortably.
  • Free parking.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater Visiting Tips

Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

Come to Orlando and enjoy its well-kept secret, as the Outta Control Magic Comedy offers its visitors the chance to experience laughing and spectacular sketches and dining during your journey!!
You ‘re amazed all night at the interactive, engaging and amusing dinner show, as you see various activities such as magic, music and funny comedy skits, all of which include the audience for a completely immersive experience of entertainment.
Tony Brent, known as the single-man cast of dozens, is here to join. Brent blends an impressive blend of character, magic and lively enhanced comedy for the audience. This fun and funny series would enjoy all ages when the minds are read and personal things from the audience vanish.
Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show
This dining series features just 125 seats per series and provides the Orlando area with a constant engagement as a special entertainment experience!
Nice table service with hand-held pizzas, popcorn, salad and complimentary beer and wine (for older people), soda and dessert for a comfortable dinner experience that will certainly fill you with the spirits and the taste of delicious food!!Florida family packages are a great addition.
WonderWorks At Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

WonderWorks At Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

The fun and magic of the hands-on experiences are available at WonderWorks using a combination ticket. Discover over 100 hands-on exhibits that challenge children and adults with various hands-on exhibits to better understand and appreciate the mysterious world around us!
Simulator tours focusing on everything from flight to earthquakes, a realistic bed of clocks and even the tools that allow the development and simulation of your own dream rollercoaster, are just a few of the activities that you can find waiting for. The joy and surprises of WonderWorks are never over!
Experience the tons of fun at WonderWorks! Guests receive this ticket for the 4D Theatre, the Glow at the Dark Laser Tag & Ropes course, and for regular admissions to Wonderworks.
Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show Visiting Tips

Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show Visiting Tips

  • The series lasts about 1.5 hours.
  • Pointe Orlando garage parking is open.
  • Dinner is included in the show bill.

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Orlando

Bring your friends and your family to a Pirate Dinner Adventure show, an action-packed, romance and comedy musical in the Broadway style. You’ll witness incredible stunts, sparkling special effects, enchanting singing, impressive aerial acts, and, of course, a delicious meal! You certainly don’t want to spend the fun of your next holiday in Orlando.
Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando

Show Description

The evil pirate Sebastian the Black took prisoner the audience and lovely Princess Anita pressuring the queen, as she was waiting for the rescue of one of the six pirates, all red, blue, green, orange, yellow and purple, to escape her! During the show, you can ride on an authentic replica of a Spanish galleon dating from the 18th century, measuring an immense 18 feet tall, 46 feet long and 40-foot-high mast.
The pirate is anchored in a depth of 300,000 gallons’ indoor lagoon swimming pool with backdrop night sky lighting that offers additional experience throughout the series. There is a six-sided showroom in the lagoon with six other pirate boats, where you and your family are going to relax and enjoy the pleasure.
Each of the ships has its own mascot, each of which applauds its own groups of pirates as the adventure goes on. The cast consists of over a dozen singers, performers, dancers and talented stunt artists, all of whom take part in action-packed scenarios. This series is a must, with cannon blasts, awe-inspiring giggles and a lot of giggling! This wonderful display has a new addition!
Discovers if the hero can save Princess Anita from the furious Sea Dragon’s sharp teeth as she is battling the crew of pirates. The latest tale introduces dragons and other surprises and becomes a fantastic series!
Best time for visiting Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando

Best Time For Visiting Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Orlando

When you come to the show at an early stage, you can taste and enjoy a variety of fancy aperitifs, while Raddu the Gypsy King enjoys sorcery, pirates of ancient times, and fun entertainment that could be seen at a time when pirates roam this fascinating village! You will also see some casts and welcome them, take pictures, enjoy a nice drink, and read the booty and the rich in one of the many gifts!
Bring your children and laugh, as pirates of every age are welcome to join this interactive and spectacular series! Will engage in tournaments and help entertain the audience up will 150 volunteers from the public – courageous people at heart – are chosen individually prior to the display. Some of these lucky volunteers may even be sworn into a pirate. For this favorite attraction, make your ride to Orlando unforgettable!
Pirate's Dinner Adventure Orlando Visiting Tips

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure Orlando Visiting Tips

  • Dinner and drinks are included in the show price. A pirate’s flag or bandana is included in the ticket for any order.
  • The image is licensed for non-flash photography.
  • The series takes two to three hours.
  • Before the show, pre show starts one hour.
  • Accessibility to the theatre wheelchair.
  • Theatre’s free parking.

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