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8 Tops The Live Shows Of Universal Orlando Resort

In Universal Orlando, there is a lot of different rides and attractions for the excitement lovers. But there is a different option too for the other people who want to meet their favorite characters or enjoy fewer excitement activities; Live shows.

We brought a list of live shows in the Universal Orlando for you.

  1. A Day In The Park With Barney
  2. Animal Actors On Location!
  3. Fear Factor Live
  4. Oh! The Stories You’ll Hear!
  5. Poseidon’s Fury
  6. The Blues Brothers Show
  7. The Eighth Voyage Of Sindbad Stunt Show
  8. Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show

1. A Day In The Park With Barney 

In the year 1995, this show was opened and replaced The Bates Motel Set used in Psycho IV: The Beginning. In this area, you can even find “Barney’s Backyard” playground and in this place, you can get the chance to meet Barney in a meet and greet session before and after the show.

This is one of the places that you can hear Bob West’s voice and as you know it is very rare in Universal Orlando. 

Barney & Friends

Outside Environment 

If you don’t know what exactly Barney’s playground looks like; you must see an enormous sign that stands outside the area that says “A Day in the Park with Barney” also you can see a fountain that has Barney’s statue in it. However, the statue is made of bronze and covered all in black color and it stands on one of its foot just as Barney’s Great Adventure poster. The statue is nine feet and five inches in height.

Barney’s Show

Barney’s show consists of 4 parts:

A. Barney’s Show Queue

There is a covered pre-show area where the guests one by one goes there, this house has a very odd façade which is covered in pipes, doors, and knobs. The decoration in the pre-show area is whatever a child could imagine. From the colors and colorful lights to a rainbow over the house. The owner of this amazing house is “Mr. Peek-a-Boo”. During the time the guests find their places different songs and sounds are heard.

A day in the park with Barney Universal Studios show

B. Barney’s Show Pre-show

Patrick Aloysius Bartholomew or shortly Mr. Peek-A-Boo and his parrot, Bartholomew starts the show as a pre-show host. And these characters’ close friends are Barney, Baby Bop and BJ. Mr. Peek-A-Boo is an old person but as the show begins audience would see, Mr. Peek-A-Boo just grows old in his appearance and age but his spirit and soul are much younger than that because of his spirit just like the children’s.

This character is forgetful, but one thing he doesn’t forget is reuniting the little ones with Barney. During the show, they sing a song and dance as a routine plan with a few comedy stunts. Then Mr. Peek-A-Boo tries to find the original door to Barney’s place but he couldn’t find it, then he realizes the audience should use their imagination to help him find the door. At that time they should imagine a park (the show’s theater) with their closed eyes. The door which is decorated to look like a cave is blocked by the rain waterfall, and in that beautiful time the rain stops dripping, and that means it worked. Then Mr. Peek-A-Boo tells everyone that they meet the audience inside.

A Day in the Park with Barney at Universal Studios Florida.

C. Barney’s Show Main Show

Inside of the theater is designed to look like a park with an air conditioner. In the center of the scene, there is a high and round stage where Barney and his two friends perform with the 3 ramps placed on each side. In different parts of the show, the theater lights change the theme of the show from a sunny day to a night full of the stars. During some special songs snow, leaves or even rainfall from roof.

A day in the park with Barney Universal Studios live show

During the time of preparing Barney and his friends to sing “If All the Raindrops” they put a lightning effect for the visualizing of a thunderstorm. Peek-A-Boo tells the audience to use their imagination once again and chant Barney to make him appear. In this time the lights dim and weak and also soft music plays, during the playing of the music stars appear in the darkness of the stage. Then Barney appears by the hidden door in the center of the scene. He jumps and yells “Whoa!” In this time audience yells and cheers too as the darkness fade and light back to the scene once again.

A day in the park with Barney Universal Studios orlando live show

Before Barney’s friend’s appearance, he sings the If You’re Happy and You Know it/Imagine a Place song. Then they sing some other famous song of them altogether. During the last song, air fans from the roof drop mist and water drops and also the small pieces of snow (soap flakes) on the people in the theatre. After all these happenings, Barney tells the audience that it was a great time of his life and loves them all then he says only one song left, then the characters hold hands and sing the “I Love You” song.

Barney Universal Orlando

The Baby Bop and B.J. exits the stage while Barney below a kiss for his fans and says that he loves them. After that Mr. Peek-A-Boo leads everyone to the backyard, where everyone exists.

D. Barney’s Show Post-show

When the audience goes to Barney’s backyard, where the children can take pictures with Barney. Usually, the lines for taking a picture with Barney are short, and almost it takes a 5-minute wait to. Sometimes Barney’s friends accompany him in the backyard. Also, the backyard is a game place for children because they are all types of games, colors, sounds, and pods. Also, there is a large train which has a colorful color on it, children can go inside of it, press every button they like to hear different sounds. There is also a treehouse in the backyard, and children are allowed to climb there and play in there 

A day in the park with Barney Universal Orlando

Songs In The Barney’s Show

  • (1995–present)Barney Theme Song

      If you’re Happy and You Know It

Imagine a Place

Mr. Knickerbocker

Down on Grandpa’s Farm

If All the Raindrops

I Love You

  • Christmas Show

Barney Theme Song

Jingle Bells

Frosty the Snowman

Mr. Knickerbocker

Down on Grandpa’s Farm

Let it, Snow! Let it, Snow! Let it, Snow!

I Love You

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

2. Animal Actors On Location!

This is one of the other live shows in Universal Orlando. This show is a kind of menagerie of animals such as dogs, pigs, birds and some other animals in a covered outdoor stadium. This show combines different parts of the videos with live sketches, pranks, and animal tricks performed on the scene. So the animal’s trainer which happens to be a human and act as a show’s host explicates that how the animals are preparing to perform those tricks. Some of these animals which are performed in the scene are long experienced in the fields of TV and movies, and even many of them were saved from shelters.

So the popular and famous performs in this show are Marley from Marley & Me and Frank the Pug from Men in Black, also the orangutan which is almost of you know him is retired. In one of two parts of the show they use volunteers from the audience

Animal Actors on Location

3. Fear Factor Live

This is a different kind of live show which is the true TV show type. In this show guest voluntarily wants to compete with each other in some tasks. This task put their minds and stomach in a hard situation. So with some special effects of this show, it becomes an entertaining show to the whole family members.

Fear Factor Live

If you want to participate in this show you have two option:

Option 1: if you want to participate in the primary stunts, you must be at there seventy minutes before the starting of the show. And if you have even one part of these limitations you cannot participate in the show:

  • Those under 18 years of age 
  • Heart conditions and abnormal blood pressure 
  • Expectant mothers 
  • Casts, splints, and arm slings
  • Back, neck, bone, joint or muscle problems
  • Recent surgery or other conditions that could be aggravated by participation in physically demanding stunts
  • Those advised by the personal physician to limit/restrict physical activity
  • Height under 5’-0 or above 6’-2
  • Weightless than 110 or more than 225 pounds
Fear Factor Live

4. Oh! The Stories You’ll Hear!

This is the show in which Dr. Seuss books come to life, in this show they song and dance and invites the audience to do so. After finishing the show, children can take pictures with the characters. You can see different characters like The Lorax, The Grinch, Thing 1 & Thing 2, Sam I Am and of course The Cat in the Hat. This show’s performance is in the outdoor zone and it is just between the One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and The Cat in the Hat Ride. This show takes 9 minutes, so after that, the characters take some minutes for taking pictures with their fans. But of course, at the slow times of the park, the production moves inside the Circus McGurkus.

The Stories You'll Hear

5. Poseidon’s Fury

This is an action type of live show and the stage of it located in the Lost Continent within the Islands of Adventure. And each show takes almost 15 minutes.

There is a person whose name is Taylor, he is an anti-social archaeologist, he guides you through a series of vestibules in the ancient, fallen apart Temple of Poseidon. Also, he works for the Global Discovery Group. In this temple, you realize that you are in the middle of the Poseidon, the good guy and Lord Darkenon, the bad guy’s fighting. 

Poseidon's Fury

6. The Blues Brothers Show

If you want to rate the live shows based on musical performances, this show certainly going to be the top one. The singers of this show performed the movie’s dance moves and vocal styles and the music’s tempo too well that make everyone in the studio to tap their toes. This concert is a great option and due to its short time, everyone’s energy is at the top level.

In the Christmas season, Blues Brothers are performing a special show which is even better than the regular one. They sing the Blue Christmas” and “Run Rudolph Run,” sung around a festive tree festooned with beer cans and cigarette packs songs.

The Blues Brothers Show

7. The Eighth Voyage Of Sindbad Stunt Show

This show is held in the open-air auditorium which is big and covered. In this show Sindbad the Sailor and his klutzy sidekick Kabob looking for a treasure in a cave. These characters come face to face with different monsters and the evil queen, and other situations as they want to save a princess.

The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad Stunt Show

8. Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show

This live show is located in the Holywood part of the park. Unlike its name, this program is more of a fun and a comedy show than a scary and gross one.  This show is the favorite of local people.

Universal Orlando's Horror Make-Up Show


Barney and his friends

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