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A Comparison between Pop Century Resort and All Star Movies Resort

Looking at the Walt Disney World resorts will come here and be disappointed with Disney World. What resort is worth the most? Which does every retreat do for you? How do the quarters feel like? How close will they be to the parks?
It very well may be incredibly overpowering and insane attempting to nail down precisely the retreat that is directly for you and your gathering for your Disney World outing.
In this article, we are going to look at Disney’s Pop Century Resort and Disney’s All-Star-Movies Resort! Both are fantastic retreats with such a great amount to offer. Truly, it’s hard to make sense of which one is ideal.

Pop Century Resort vs All Star Movies Resort

Quality Resorts

The non-Disney goer may find that very abnormal from the outset since they are esteem resorts and don’t have all the extravagant accessories of the special retreats and even the moderate hotels.
In any case, they are exceptionally off-base to feel that these retreats couldn’t be mainstream. Having been to Disney on numerous occasions, these two hotels are generally the two I have remained in. I’ll share more reasons with respect to why later; however at this moment, how about we investigate everything these hotels bring to the table.
Because they come at a worth cost doesn’t mean they don’t have anything advantageous. That is simply not the situation. For example, right now, these two retreats are the main two that are having the entirety of their standard rooms revamped into something increasingly current and roomy.
Disney’s Pop Century Resort
I love these refreshed rooms. They are as yet the size of your standard room at a Disney resort with two full-sized beds, a restroom, a dresser, and TV. Be that as it may, one of the beds is presently a Murphy bed, collapsing into the divider and uncovering an open work area during the day. You wouldn’t believe this gives a ton of room, however it is astonishing the amount it does.
The work area is awesome for any work you may need to carry with you on your Disney trip as well as eating snacks and maybe suppers you take back to your room from the food court. It’s an awesome expansion that gives more choices to visitors and significantly more space for the entirety of your assets. These updates additionally give; hang tight for it, an espresso creator! This has been a lifeline on occasion, trust me.
Disney’s All Star Movies Resort

Who doesn’t adore that?

The espresso producer, alongside a little fridge, is situated on an extra room that stores little knickknacks and trinkets you may have. Any alternatives for capacity are completely welcome. More stockpiling is given in the enormous dresser underneath the colossal TV in the focal point of the room. I don’t think about you, yet I’m continually searching for more space on table tops so as to set things upon.
The space that this dresser gives is totally impeccable. I’ve set everything from mouse ears to popcorn cans, Disney sacks, snacks, jugs of water, and garments on it. Truly, it’s astounding what you can fit on it. There is likewise a coat rack for anything you have to hang up, for example, covers, caps, or sacks of any sort.
The washrooms are crazy, giving some much light, it’s insane. One of my preferred highlights is the sliding entryway that goes over, isolating the room from the washroom. This is amazingly valuable for protection reasons. It’s likewise valuable for shutting out light and clamor from those in your gathering who are as yet dozing while you are preparing in the first part of the day.
Underneath this is more extra room. In the sink and vanity zone, there’s significantly more stockpiling! At whatever point my group of four has remained in these rooms, we have had the option to isolate the entirety of our toiletries and assets into independent cubbies so as to remain sorted out thus nothing would get lost.
The latrine and shower are isolated from the sink territory, which is excessively helpful, and the shower is a sliding glass entryway. As I would see it, these are way preferable and simpler over a shade, which is the thing that the more seasoned rooms had. Presently, few out of every odd single room in these hotels are this way yet.

The Theming

The motivation behind a Disney World hotel is to take the enchantment back to your room after you leave the parks, isn’t that so? Who doesn’t adore that? Both of these hotels bring in-your-face theming after you come back from a difficult day of stunning undertakings.
For the Pop Century resort, the theming is an impact to the past to the second 50% of the twentieth century. Each area of the lodging is themed either 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s. At whatever point you are strolling around the lodging, you know precisely which area you are at because of the considerable number of enhancements, sculptures, and structures themed to that decade.
Pop Century resort theming
Each working in the various segments has pictures, platitudes and kinds of moves from various decades. For example, the 70’s area has moon rings and “Discoteque” composed along the railings outwardly of the rooms. The 60’s segment has pictures of blossoms and “Would you be able to burrow it?” composed along the railings.
Each area is this way and carries an immense component of sentimentality to the watchers. One of my preferred activities is stroll around the retreat I am remaining in to take a gander at all the various subtleties. There are a lot of photograph operations here also, I can guarantee you.

All Star Movies resort theming

Top pick Movies is somewhat comparative with regards to the set-up and design of the hotel. Clearly, the topic of the retreat is motion pictures and the film business. There are various areas all through the retreat dependent on various Disney films. The various segments are:

  • Toy Story
  • 101 Dalmations
  • Fantasia
  • The Love Bug
  • The Mighty Ducks


Which is all well and good, something that a great many people are typically worried about is transportation to all the parks and Disney World goals. The most mainstream and notable transportation alternative are the Disney transports. The two hotels give transport stations out the front of the fundamental structure of each retreat. They are not hard to track down by any means.
You can simply experience the primary structures, which houses the registration work area, a food court, and a blessing shop. Every goal has a devoted spot for visitors to trust that a transport will show up. The transports attempt their hardest to return to the retreat’s ASAP, and the hold up time in the middle of each transport generally isn’t over twenty minutes.
Bus Transportation system near All Star Movies Resort
This clearly relies upon traffic and groups. Transports will be increasingly packed toward the beginning of the day at whatever point individuals are making a beeline for the parks. Because of this, they attempt to send the same number of transports as they can to carry individuals to their picked park.
So as to see precisely when the following transport will show up for your goal, each hotel has television screens up on the divider at the transport stations so as to reveal to you when the following transport will show up. They have bike and wheelchair transportation also, and they take a couple of moments to stack.
There is restricted seating, so you may be remaining en route to your goal. The Pop Century Resort is exceptionally near Hollywood Studios. Indeed, it’s privilege over the road, practically. The hotel is additionally near Disney Springs and EPCOT. Set of all animals is somewhat further away, and the Magic Kingdom is the uttermost away.
For All-Star Movies, Animal Kingdom is the nearest to it, with Disney Springs, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT being close by. The Magic Kingdom is the uttermost. These are beneficial things to remember when you head out to a recreation center and furthermore when Disney World arranging.
Bus Transportation system near Pop Century Resort

A Value Price

Both the Pop Century and All-Star Movies are viewed as worth hotels, which implies they offer stunning quality assistance at a worth cost. Presently, the thing you should recollect is that the estimating isn’t fixed. It will go here and there during the time contingent upon accessibility and the season.
New rooms at Pop Century Resort
For example, mid-summer and the special seasons are a very active time for Walt Disney World. During this time, the estimating of the rooms will ascend because of flexibly and request. While it may be elusive a period where Disney World isn’t occupied, they do exist, and the costs will fall.
My proposal to you is check a Disney World group schedule to perceive what the group expectations are at the time you are anticipating going. Normally probably the least jam-packed occasions to visit would be January, February, and early March.
New rooms at All Star Movies Resort

Daytime Activities

Once in a while, you need a break during your bustling Disney World timetable. At the point when this occurs, time at your retreat is really something that a ton of Disney visitors do. Things being what they are, what do every one of these spots offer for a loosening up day at your hotel?
Hippy Dippy Pool at Pop Century Resort
The two hotels have pools. The Pop Century Resort has the Hippy Dippy Pool which is directly in the focal point of the hotel, outside the primary structure. The All-Star Movies resort really has two pools; the primary pool in the Fantasia area of the retreat and the other one being in the Mighty Duck’s segment.
The two pools are terrific and given incredible seating to you to set out the entirety of your things for the afternoon. From time to time a cast part will come out and put on various exercises for the visitors at the pool that day. They have exercises like Disney random data, hula circle challenges, music playing, and different games while you’re making the most of your day at the pool.
This occurs at all hotels on Disney property. You are permitted to bring food from the food court out to the pools on the off chance that you might want. There are tables that you can sit at to make the most of your food. The tables have umbrellas so you can be concealed from the blistering sun.
Pools at All-Star Movies Resort
For grown-ups, the two retreats likewise have poolside bars. They each just have one despite the fact that All-Star Movies has two pools. The Pop Century has the Petals bar, and All-Star Movies has the Silver Screen Spirits bar by the Fantasia pool.

Last Opinion

Like I said toward the start of this article, the two hotels are completely stunning. Numerous individuals who are not reliable Disney goers or even Disney fans would not comprehend why these hotels are well known for Disney trips. Numerous promptly would go to the moderate hotels and start there, taking a gander at how decent everything is.
The fact of the matter is that these retreats truly are stunning spots to remain for your Walt Disney World excursion without using up every last cent for you and your gathering. They are both a delightful method to even now take the enchantment back to your hotel after your undertakings in the recreation center without going through such a lot of cash.
It’s extremely difficult to have the option to pick which resort I would cherish more to remain at additional, in light of the fact that the two of them are really a few my top picks. The two of them speak to quality help with stunning conveniences and magnificent theming. I love remaining at both, and both are near sure stops.
Whatever is generally critical to me at that point is the way I will pick my retreat. At the point when it comes down to theming, value, comforts, everything generally, I accept that I would pick All-Star Movies. The cost is astonishing, the theming is phenomenal, and the rooms and pleasantries are marvelous.
This is a hair over the Pop Century, because of the Pop Century being near Hollywood Studios and having the Skyliner. The two of them are typically comparable with regards to cost, yet I’ve discovered that the All-Star Movies is generally less expensive at a bigger number of times than Pop Century.
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