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A Review on Kona Cafe Walt Disney World Orlando

Numerous Disney World fans accept that the Polynesian Resort is the best Disney World Resort accessible on WDW property. Also, a great deal of that is because of the general environment and stylistic layout of the retreat—a brilliantly themed Hawaiian desert spring positioned in Orlando, Florida.
Be that as it may, the food at this retreat is additionally worth nothing, too. Furthermore, today, I’m going to survey the Kona Cafe, which can be found at the Polynesian. See whether this is an eatery worth stop by at, and even perceives how well Kona looks at to the Ohana café, too.



Kona Café outside Area
I must speak the truth about this one. At the point when you initially get to Kona Cafe, you’re in all likelihood going to be baffled by it’s appeal. Or on the other hand will I say absence of appeal.
In the event that you’ve remained at The Polynesian or eaten at Ohana previously, you’re likely anticipating Hawaiian shirts, tiki men, and a general tropical inclination. This is absent at Kona Cafe.
What you will discover is an open idea eatery complete with splendid hued dividers and floor covering, a scant measure of Polynesian stylistic layout on the divider, and a sushi bar. In general it would seem that an average lodging eatery that is going to serve you food that you’re no doubt going to disregard the following day.
I think this is the explanation numerous individuals believe it to be a concealed pearl, in any case, I do realize that the hold on to get in is getting progressively longer ordinary! So make certain to reserve a spot.

Breakfast at Kona Cafe

Kona Café sample breakfast dish
Kona Cafe begins serving breakfast at 7:30 am and it closes at 11:15 am, making for a shorter breakfast period than Ohana. What’s more, there’s a decent possibility that when you go to check in for breakfast, you are going to discover enormous hordes of individuals meandering around, sitting tight for their Ohana reservation, so don’t really anticipate a calm loosened up morning.
Actually, in case you’re not a morning individual, drink some espresso before you show up. You’ll require the vitality. On the off chance that you hold off however, you can get yourself some Kona Coffee, an espresso fermented in Hawaii. They’ve likewise got a mimosa flight and a Wasabi Bloody Mary in case you’re searching for something somewhat more grounded.
The food compensates for everything. On the off chance that you’ve been to Hawaii previously, I figure you will be charmingly astonished at the way that Disney put forth an attempt to serve genuinely Hawaiian nourishments throughout the day.
At breakfast, you will discover things, for example, Loco Moco (a dish made of cheeseburger, rice, sauce, and eggs), flapjacks with pineapple sauce and macadamia nut margarine, and tonga toast—otherwise known as cinnamon glossed over and banana stuffed french toast.
Indeed, even simply composing this out has me hungry.
I’ve heard the tonga toast is the most sizzling thing on the menu and from its vibes, in light of current circumstances. The best part about it is that everything is by all accounts sensibly valued (for Disney, at any rate) with the most costly thing (the tonga toast) being about $16 (despite the fact that costs are obviously consistently liable to change).

Lunch and Dinner

Kona Café sample lunch dish

While strolling around the Polynesian, we got hit by the appetite bug and attempted to rapidly figure out where we needed to eat. We needed great food that wasn’t speedy help, and as much as we cherished Trader Sam’s, we had been there one too often and required a change.
Thus, I pulled up the application on my telephone, found a booking for twenty minutes after the fact (I lucked out) and we advanced over for lunch. At the point when we arrived, the café was quite vacant, which honestly is a gift that I unquestionably didn’t anticipate.
It’s presumably why we had the option to get a booking so without any problem. It just needed to have been around 2 toward the evening, so we must’ve missed the lunch surge. We were situated immediately and started perusing the menu. We chose to begin the supper out with the clingy wings, much like the ones served at Ohana’s supper.
Kona Café sample dinner dish
I cherished them at Ohana and I adored them here as well. Some way or another, in spite of the way that it is a similar lodging, the wings at the two eateries are extraordinary. Presently, you can never turn out badly with wings and I’d enthusiastically suggest them at both Kona and Ohana.
Concerning the primary supper, a companion and I chose to arrange two distinct things and split it, along these lines we could attempt more than a certain something. I got the chicken plate and he chose to get the strip midsection plate.
These were mouthwatering acceptable. We settled on the correct decision, and I’d strongly suggest the two alternatives.
To wrap things up, you need to end with dessert. The companion that I was chatting with had been previously and suggested the chocolate fondue and I was unable to turn it down. I’m a sucker for anything canvassed in chocolate. Particularly treats and natural product!

My Top Favorites

Kona Café menu

I like to survey the best things on the menu so that in case you’re experiencing difficulty choosing what to get, you’ll have a beginning stage and choices to consider! So in case you’re visiting Kona Cafe and you don’t know what to arrange, investigate one of these things (no structure).

  1. Tonga toast
  2. Sticky wings
  3. Liliko’i mimosa
  4. Lemon grass chicken plate
  5. Strip midsection plate


Kona Café theme

OK, I let you know folks I’d get to this part. I generally suggest booking reservations for Disney feasting anyway Kona is somewhat unique. Do I despite everything suggest a booking? Completely. Truth be told, I don’t know I’ve at any point attempted to go to a Disney café without one as a sanity check. Be that as it may, Kona is somewhat simpler than a great deal of different eateries. Presently, it has been for a little while since I last visited yet as I referenced before, we had the option to get a booking and get a table all under 20 minutes when there. You can book reservations months ahead of time and if this is something you’re keen on attempting with Kona, I state let it all out. It doesn’t damage to book out ahead of time be that as it may, in case you’re as of now at Disney and meandering around and choose it’d be a decent spot to feast, look at the application or site and check whether there are any openings. There’s a decent possibility you’ll have the option to discover something.


I think at one point Kona was in actuality a concealed jewel anyway it is picking up the notoriety it merits. From the outside it probably won’t look like a lot however once you’re situated and scouring the menu, you are rapidly going to become hopelessly enamored. With it’s Polynesian impacts, you will wind up feeling like you’re perched on the sea shore in Hawaii, prepared to take a dunk in the sea. On the off chance that you read different sites or things like Yelp, you’ll see that the vast majority concur. So what are you sitting tight for? Dive in and reserve that spot. You will love it.
It very well may be somewhat expensive however, with the chicken being generally $23 and the steak being about $34. So in case you’re searching for something somewhat less expensive for lunch however would prefer not to pass up these alternatives, locate a fast help spot, possibly Trader Sam’s, and come here for supper.
The lunch and supper menu are practically indistinguishable, so you won’t be passing up a great opportunity regardless of what time of day you stop by. Here’a a speedy Disney tip however: much like Ohana, in the event that you choose to visit Kona for supper, on the off chance that you can time it right, you can end up consummation the night while viewing the firecrackers over the lake. It’s a genuinely supernatural encounter that I prescribe to everybody. What’s more, as referenced prior, in the event that you are utilizing a Disney feasting plan, most are acknowledged here so it’s actually a success win for everyone.
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