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A review on ‘Ohana restaurant

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Not exclusively does Disney World do resorts right, they likewise know their stuff with regards to food. While going out traveling to Walt Disney World, you should go in hoping to put on a ton of weight and kind of approve of it. By what method can you not with the entirety of your decisions?
Disney has a couple of primary kinds of cafés: fast assistance, easygoing eating, character dining, smorgasbord, and top notch food. I’m an enormous backer with regards to character dining at Disney World since it is one of the most straightforward (and fastest) approaches to meet a portion of your top choices. So when I discovered that you could meet Lilo and Stitch, my preferred Disney characters, all while having breakfast at my preferred retreat, The Polynesian, I realized I needed to go.

‘Ohana restaurant interior design

The Atmosphere

Lilo and Stitch has consistently been an exceptional Disney film, so when I discovered that there was a retreat that was based off the Hawaiian topic, it was one of the primary spots I visited.
You step inside and you sense that you’re on island, prepared for the days spent on the sea shore. The theming proceeds into ‘Ohana, where you will end up encompassed by tiki men, tropical printed floor covering and seats, and cast individuals in Hawaiian shirts.
In the café, you will locate an enormous fire pit where your food is prepared (how cool, right?). When you sit down, you will see that the eatery is encircled with only floor to roof windows that permit you to watch out more than Seven Seas Lagoon, The Grand Floridian, and Magic Kingdom.

While bantering with your companions or family, you will hear the calm hints of Hawaiian music playing out of sight, particularly the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack. It’s the ideal method to begin your experience. Let’s talk continue with a review on having breakfast at ‘Ohana.

‘Ohana restaurant interior design another view

Breakfast at ‘Ohana

‘Ohana serves two suppers per day—breakfast and supper. I’ve done both, yet I’ll begin with breakfast since it is the most significant dinner of the day.
At the point when you go to ‘Ohana to appreciate breakfast, make certain to bring more than one individual (and your hunger) with you since it is served family style. This means once you are situated, they begin to bring out things in gigantic amounts.
You’ll begin with newly made pineapple-coconut bread and POG juice (passionfruit, orange, and guava) that is going to cause you to lose your brain before the primary course even gets to the table.
Presently, they will bring out huge dishes containing eggs, bacon, Mickey waffles, hotdog, bread rolls, and potatoes.
Sadly, you don’t get a decision of the food they bring, in any case, I figured they worked admirably including the nuts and bolts that everybody appears to cherish at the other breakfast buffets. Best of all, they will continually bring more food in the event that you need. So eat your little hearts out.

A sample ‘Ohana’s salad dish

Dining With Characters

While you’re eating, you are joined by some extremely exceptional characters: Lilo, Stitch, Mickey, and Pluto, all decked out in their Hawaiian clothing. In the event that you’ve never been to a character breakfast, you should simply sit at the table, make the most of your food and discussion until each character comes up to make proper acquaintance.
Try not to go up and attempt to stand out enough to be noticed. I’ve seen this on various occasions and it makes things amazingly baffling for the individuals who they are meeting around then.

They make it an objective to arrive at every single table so you won’t be skipped.
At the point when they do come around, you are allowed to take any photos that you need and have them sign signatures. I had them sign my signature book (got an issue with that?) and take pictures without feeling surged. A few characters may even cooperate with you. For instance, when I met Stitch, he snatched my telephone and began taking selfies. It was amazingly engaging. Best of all, Lilo and Stitch are incredibly elusive anyplace else other than ‘Ohana.

Dining with characters at ‘Ohana

There’s the possibility to meet them at Typhoon Lagoon throughout the mid-year, notwithstanding, it’s not guaranteed. So in the event that they’re your top choice, ensure you make a trip to make proper acquaintance.
In the meet and welcomes, the characters enjoy a little reprieve to move around the eatery with everybody that cares to join. They get a great deal of the children to consolidate them and put a procession where they walk and move around the café together while shaking maracas. I saw it as an amazingly adorable approach to incorporate the children and characters.

Dinner at ‘Ohana

Supper is somewhat extraordinary at ‘Ohana. The characters rest and it becomes what Disney calls “exceptional and novel dining.” From 3:30 PM – 10:00 PM, you can encounter ‘Ohana for supper.
Much like breakfast, the supper is a set menu brimming with Polynesian alternatives. You will begin with what they call the welcome bread, a newly heated pineapple bread portion, and you will be in paradise. I additionally began my supper off with a mojito and cherished it. It was somewhat solid, however.
Subsequently, you are given a serving of mixed greens, which I snacked on however didn’t discover excessively exceptional. As you’re crunching on your greens, they place enormous plates of lo mein, veggies, pork dumplings, and chicken wings. Sounds like a ton of food, isn’t that so? It is. Also, that is not even every last bit of it.

A sample ‘Ohana’s dish
As you are going solid on the hors d’oeuvres, the fundamental dish comes and it will stun you. They bring out sticks of meat, your choices being chicken, steak, and shrimp. You can pick a tad of everything and they will cut it off the tall stick and give you some to appreciate with the entirety of your hors d’oeuvres that you most likely haven’t made a gouge in.
The entirety of this food guarantees that you will leave in a food trance like state. In any case, pause… there’s additional.
Toward the finish of the supper comes the best part, the ‘Ohana bread pudding in the current style. On the off chance that you don’t have space for this after all the food I referenced before, you will need to make room. You won’t genuinely experience ‘Ohana except if you attempt the bread pudding.
The bread pudding comes finished off with an enormous scoop of frozen yogurt and a side of bananas cultivate sauce (caramel and bananas). Now, you’re most likely going to require somebody to turn you out of the café however it merits each nibble and each penny.

  1. Sweet-n-acrid chicken
  2. Lo mein
  3. ‘Ohana bread pudding
  4. Szechuan sirloin steak
  5. Mickey waffles
  6. Pineapple-coconut bread
  7. POG juice


‘Ohana gives a large number of similar refreshments found around the Polynesian hotel, however that is on the grounds that they’re so acceptable.
Polynesian Mai Tai – With Myers’ Dark Rum, Bacardi, Bols Orange Curaçao, Lime, Orgeat and unadulterated sweetener, this may be the most grounded Mai Tai this commentator has ever had. That is not really a terrible thing (and could have been an accident), be that as it may, in case you’re searching for a firm one, this is your call.
Polynesian Mai Tai
Lapu Lapu – Myers’ Dark Rum and natural product juices make for a delectable refreshment, yet we should not mess with ourselves – we’re here for the pineapple. A hotel exemplary, it’s a stunning tiki drink that goes down on a par with it will look on your Instagram (in light of the fact that you’re certainly going).
Lapu Lapu


‘Ohana Pineapple-Coconut Bread – Though sweet, this bread is more unpretentious than the name may infer. While completely fine, it positively sits in the shadow of the Sweet Bread with Macadamia Honey Butter found at the close by Kona Cafe. In case you’re stressed over getting full too soon, (on the grounds that there’s bounty to come) it’s a worthy pass.
'Ohana Pineapple-Coconut Bread
Blended Greens Salad with a Lilikoi dressing – another expansion, this contribution (of for the most part spinach) replaces the past romaine form. Lilikoi is Hawaii’s yellow enthusiasm organic product. Its tartness blends truly well in with the greens.
Greens Salad with dressing

Side Dishes

Pork Dumplings hurled in Garlic-Ginger Sauce – With its fresh outside and delicate, tasty filling, this was a stand-apart top pick. They likewise combined well with both the nut and prepared sauces furnished with our meal.
'Ohana Signature Dish
Nectar Coriander Chicken Wings – While made well, nothing stands out about these wings. Neither the nectar or coriander flavors were excessively unmistakable, and with such a great amount of else to attempt, give this a snack and proceed onward to different contributions.
‘Ohana sides and noodles.
Teriyaki Noodles – Reports of their death have been significantly misrepresented. While different destinations appeared to be uncertain about the cherished noodles, the “rice test” seems, by all accounts, to be finished and they stay on the menu (and are as good as can be expected!)


Sweet and Sour Chicken – Grilled flawlessly, this is the reason you should skirt the wings. Spare some stomach space for these appetizing chomps and make sure to pour on some increasingly prepared sauce to truly draw out the flavor.
A Dish of Sweet and Sour Chicken!
Szechuan Sirloin Steak – somewhat extreme, the steak was the least delighted in of the three sticks, yet at the same time had a general decent flavor.
Szechuan Sirloin Steak


‘Ohana Bread Pudding in the current style – Served with banana and caramel sauce, this sweet treat is a wonderful thing and the explanation many return to ‘Ohana… yet it is a substantial completion for an effectively overwhelming meal. Ensure you leave some room so you can go for a second cut of this. It’s justified, despite all the trouble!
'Ohana Bread Pudding
‘Ohana Bread Pudding in the current style – Before… ‘Ohana Bread Pudding in the current style – And after the warm caramel sprinkle!
With heaps of heavenly decisions and some ongoing positive changes, ‘Ohana stays a staple of Disney resort eating and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. It’s the ideal spot to take your ‘Ohana… in light of the fact that ‘Ohana implies food.


Anyway, do you have to reserve a spot before going? Definitely. Furthermore, I suggest making it in the near future.
The best part about Disney dining is the way that you can reserve a spot month ahead of time so when you book your Disney get-away, verify whether there are any reservations. There are a couple of eateries at Disney that book up exceptionally far ahead of time and ‘Ohana happens to be one of those.
Presently, in the event that you can’t discover a booking, don’t worry. Many individuals drop theirs whenever it draws nearer so there’s consistently an opportunity you can catch one, you simply need to continue checking and show restraint. Likewise, on the grounds that you have a booking, doesn’t mean you won’t need to pause. At ‘Ohana, you regularly need to hold up 15-20 minutes after you check in. Fortunately, your signal works in the close by store so you can do a touch of shopping to help sit back.
By and large, I’d state that ‘Ohana is perhaps the best eatery at Disney World. The morning meal offers something for everybody in the family and permits you to make recollections that you will always remember. The supper serves unlimited measures of mouth-watering food and a sentimental air for those searching for a night out on the town at Disney. On head of that, the costs are sensible and it’s an eatery that shouldn’t be missed.

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