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All You Should Know About Holy Land Orlando

Imagine living at The Holy Land Experience if you’re going to Orlando, Florida. This theme park combines immersive and exciting live dramas, exhibits, children’s games and replicates of the Holy Land.

Holy Land Orlando Florida

Switch Back to the Holy Land

It takes an whole day for any of the different activities to take place. This is the best location for a family excursion, a school trip or a summer camp excursion. The vision of the Holy Land provides you with a fun home or church journey to find a life-long experience and to carry you into its vast environment. It is also a location for those who could never visit Israel or Jerusalem to dive into the People, History and the Holy Land.

Holy Land Attractions For Everyone

At any point of maturity, you are religiously or not, there is plenty to captivate. The Christ Gardens offer a place of rest and meditation for elderly people, with a special collection of ancient figures, plus three other prayer-gardens with different vegetation. There is a replica of Calvary ‘s garden crypt, also via Dolorosa, Golgotha.
There is a scriptorium for scholars and those interested in antiquity, with several thousand scrolls, manuscripts and religious objects. Documents’ past and the links between documents and world history are highlighted in this journey.
See the tabernakle of the wilderness for those interested in discovering the Hebrew people’s history in the forests. The Tabernacle of the Mighty is also portrayed. Plus, the Jerusalem Marketplace has a historic well, after entering via the stone arched city gate. See the largest indoor replica in the world in Jerusalem, and listen to the live show.
Holy Land Orlando Fl

4 Best Holy Land Attractions

1. See the places of the Bible

This land has historical places in the Bible, including the Garden Tomb, the Caves of Qumran, the Grand Mosque, and the foundation of Jerusalem, etc. You should not only go through these places, but discover their meaning from the Holy Country experience of the Bible Archeologists.
Holy Land Attraction - Bible

2. Church of the Nations

When you visit the Holy Land, the 2000-seat auditory Church of Nations is a must-see. The state-of-the-art building offers spectacular events, live presentations, musical acts, praise and worship concerts, church services and more.
Church of the Nations In Holy Land Orlando

3. The Jerusalem Pattern

The biggest indoor replica of the world is to see the Jerusalem model. The tourists will see where Jesus walked, ministered, resurrected and miraculously acted. See the temple of sacrifices, see the steps that Jesus took in Calvary from the Upper Room and the hollow crypt.

4. Production of theater

The theater presentations of events were performed during this period inside the Church of the Nations auditorium. Jesus’ re-creations, the Ancient Testament stories, the miracles and more are over. Maria Magdalena’s Story, Simeon’s House, Lazarus’ House and more live productions include the Holy Land Experience.
Jerusalem Temple In Holy Land

Activities for youngsters

The children will have some fun of their own at the Roman Soldier Training Camp. Become a hero and practice with the greatest defenders of Rome. There’s also the Look of A Child Fun Land where kids can get their face painted, rock climbing, play Mini Golf, enjoy unique crafts and more.

Exhibitions and Live Shows

Suddenly, when you enter the park, you are throwing into the blend on Jerusalem Street Market. This is where you can confront craftsmen and businessmen who are more than glad to teach you about life in ancient Jerusalem. Children will be delighted easily in their own immersive Kid Adventureland Smile in the immediate vicinity, enjoying shows at the Child’s Smile, art stations and a climbing wall.
An impressive 45 to 25 feet-length reproduction of antique Jerusalem is one of the highlights of your trip — the greatest indoor replica. The history of the city – from the beginnings of the city as the capital of King David to its destruction from the Romans is told daily. See where Christ walked in His work and walked until He was crucified.
Holy Land Live Shows
The live shows that took place many times during the day are especially moving. In a three-part presentation in 2019, you can experience David ‘s story. Jesus in the temple and Lazarus are other exhibits. Everybody would place you right in the middle of the case – to this vital part of history, you would feel like a spectator.
An informative tour of the Van Kampen set, consisting of several thousand books, scrolls and other religious pieces, is on the other end of the park with a large exhibition of biblical artifacts on display at the Scriptorio.
The Traveling Woodland Tabernacle recreated among other highlights is, in the process of 40 years of wandering the desert, the Israelites worshiped. In the tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant, you will learn about the individual here.
You will not skip the “Celebrate Jesus” karaoke, if you love Christian music, so that you can really stage your talent and sing loves for Jesus. While you’re traveling with the kids, make sure to sign up for the Roman Soldier Training Camp, a hands-on experience where they’re ready to fight for the Roman Army.
Holy Land Live Shows In Orlando

Tickets and Details

The Holy Land Experience is available from Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 a.m. Before 6:00 p.m., except on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. The park is closed on Sundays and Mondays, with the exception of special occasions. Hours can differ by season, so review the calendar of hours of service.
There are many dining opportunities waiting to be enjoyed in the park, from the Esther’s Banquet Hall, where you’ll find a complete menu of chef’s or regular specials, to Last Bite, where you can catch a hot dog right outside The Scriptorium. A range of items are served at Martha ‘s Kitchen and the Church of All Nations Bistro — including giant pretzels, ice cream, or sandwiches. There is also a coffee shop selling java, espresso, cappuccino, latté or iced specialties.
Those who want to remember their trip can find unique gifts, art, postcards, clothes , books, and more at Solomon ‘s Treasures, Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh Shop, and the Ex Libris Book Shop. Bibles, reference material and study materials, biographies and educational posters are also available. Have you forgotten someone on your gift list? A limited number of items are available online.
You can buy online tickets. Online admission rates for single days are $50 for adults, $35 for children between 5 and 17 years of age. Free of charge is paid to children under the age of 4. Passes for the period from $125 to $149 are also available. For up to one year since the purchase date, tickets are good. At that same price tickets are purchased at the gate. Free parking is available!
There are also backstage tours for a further $10 per tour. The backstage tours offer visitors an overview of what the park is like.

Holy Land Live Shows

Do not leave for seasonal live events until you evaluate the Holy Land Experience web schedule. Each is given in The House of Judea, which holds playgrounds and youth programs for children. Other activities take place at the Theater of Life, but the calendar for all available choices is necessary to check again.
Additional live activities, including live broadcast records, are held at the Church of All Nations. If you have a multiple-age group of young people, mothers and children can engage in a family visit, while older family members can go to the actual auditorium. Making sure that the seats are just five minutes on time.
Live Show’s Holy Land
If you need a break and a snack, the Esther’s Banquet Hall provides a wide variety of foods, children’s meals, soft drinks and desserts. A special place named Smile of Child Adventure Field is a children’s chat. This extends to all ages, but in particular to young children. Mountain climbing, mini-golf, a dress up photo, a multimedia broadcast and more are available.
Join your day with a spectacular light show of Crystal Live Waters in the pool, where colorful lights illuminate the sky at night. For schools or other groups wishing to visit and participate in daily activities, Community rates are important.


On Sundays, Mondays, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day the Holy Land Experience is closed. You’ll definitely have a great day at The Holy Land Experience with all for everyone! On Sundays, Mondays, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day the Holy Land Experience is closed. You’ll definitely have a great day at The Holy Land Experience with all for everyone!

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