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All You Should Know About SeaWorld Orlando’s Seven Seas Food Festival

SeaWorld Orlando’s Seven Seas Food Festival first started three years ago. In addition to offering a variety of entertaining dishes and entertaining menus, the festival offers beverages, cheerful concerts, and entertainment every year.

It’s back anew for 2020 every weekend between 2/7/2020-5/3/2020 New this year, the festival will also be available to tourists Friday evenings from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., beginning Feb. 15.

In the corner and all this space, you can find places where there are plenty of beverages and food. Their variety and numbers are great. Most importantly you can try traditional products and handmade beverages. In addition to food, the festival also has an outdoor concert that has no entertainment anywhere on earth. A good meal, a pleasant climate, and a thrill. What do you want from this festival? A unique selection of different seafood styles from all over the earth makes this festival unique among all festivals. A delicious and exciting holiday with the family.

Seven Seas Food Festival At SeaWorld Orlando

It should also be noted that all of the following will be included in the acceptance of the Seaworld Collection. So don’t worry about which one of these programs you will miss. We know that this festival progresses every year. We do not predict. History has shown this. So don’t be surprised if you come across something strange to see at the festival.

SeaWorld is back with its annual Seven Seas Food Festival. Included in general SeaWorld theme park admission, the 2020 festival features more than 180 items, including unique foods, craft brews, wines, and spirits.

You can also hear it from a chef at the festival:

“I would like to come to the festival with my family on weekends and enjoy the foods and venues at the festival. Put some shorts on, and some sandals, and walk around and enjoy. From the food and live music to all of SeaWorld’s other attractions, it makes for a great day out.”

Guide To Attending SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival

Before you start your journey of food through SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival, pick up an Event Guide on your way into the park. The booklet includes a map of all of the Seven Seas outdoor kitchen locations, menus from each kitchen and more.

One of the highlighted sections in the Event Guide is “Discover Your Favorite Beer.” This two-page section shares a diagram of beers — from light, highly carbonated brews, to dark ales. It also features an ABV (alcohol by volume) and an IBU (international bitterness units scale) scale.

Seven Seas Food Festival At SeaWorld Orlando

Be careful not to overdo it. The huge variety of beverages available at the festival may fool you the devil.

Traditional Restaurants In SeaWorld

With more than 30 outdoor kitchens, there’s something to taste for every palette. There are international bites of all kinds, with suitable options for children as well. Take a look at the full list:

Flamecraft Bar, Wine Tasting, Goose Island Beer Tasting, Coca-Cola Market, Crooked Can Brewery – Island Grove Vineyard, Café de Mar, Mexican Market, Run & Tequila Tasting, Italian Market, All-American Market, Wine Tasting, Vegan Market, Florida Avenue Brewery – Kim Crawford Winery, Mediterranean Market, Swamphead Brewery – Ironstone Vineyards, North Atlantic Market, Sparkling Wine Tasting, Waterway Grill, Pacific Coast Market, German Market, Polynesian Market, Gulf Coast Market, Walking Tree Brewery – William Hill Winery, Ivanhoe Park Brewery – Graham Beck Winery, Asian Market, Brazilian Market, Motorworks Brewery, Jack Daniels Cocktails, Full Sail Brewery, Sweets Market, Florida Market, Caribbean Market – Jamaican / Cuban / Puerto Rican / Dominican Republic, Sierra Nevada – Crooked Can Breweries, Florida Cane Distillery, Classic Rum Cocktails, and Sea Dog – Florida Beer / Tampa Bay Breweries.

Seven Seas Food Festival At SeaWorld

Famous Seafood In SeaWorld

There are a lot of returning favorites this year, but there are also plenty of new dishes to try. One of the most anticipated is the Poutine — French fries, topped with hot gravy and melted cheese curds. This dish can be found in the North Atlantic Market.

Another new item: Brazilian Pichanha Steak. The steak served with oven-roasted potatoes and tomato chimichurri sauce can be found in the Brazilian Market, and paired with a Frozen Caipirinha — Cachaca (Brazilian rum), lime juice and simple syrup.

Though Chef Colón isn’t a vegan, he said his favorite market at Seven Seas Food Festival is the Vegan Market.

Seven Seas Food Festival - SeaWorld Orlando

A Few Tips For Having A Good Time At The Seven Seas Food Festival

Use Your Event Guide To Navigate

Although we live in a new age of technology, we are sometimes tired of this modernity and virtuality. One of the oldest traditions of any ethnic group is to hold festivals with different themes. Each land has its festival that brings its people fun, entertainment and joy. It is a pleasure to attend these festivals. So many people researching the world’s strangest festivals decide to buy a plane ticket and attend these festivals. Behind most of these festivals lies anecdotes and philosophies, but overall they have a very good sense and feel.

This may not be the case at any festival. Have food booths at the corner of the street for tourists to have no problem accessing them. The event guide even shares photos of select items to help you get a visual of more unique selections. Oh, and we love that the guide shares information in both English and Spanish!

Seven Seas Food Festival - SeaWorld

Purchase (And Share) A Sampler Lanyard

The package is great to share among your frog squad at the Seven Seas Food Festival. There is also a 10-item lanyard that can be purchased. The lanyard is a great value and makes your day easier! Simply cash in your “punches” at the register instead of having to bother with pulling cash or a card out at each booth.

A Sampler Lanyard - SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival

Know What To Use It For

The event guide identifies which items are eligible for using a “sample” on. Don’t worry only a few items are blocked out and are identified with a solid, filled-in square next to them (versus an open square checkmark box next to a majority of items.)

Seven Seas Food Festival - SeaWorld Orlando Florida

Use Your Sampler Wisely

In past years, we found that the best way to get our money’s worth was to use our sampler punches on food, rather than beverages. Leap and I bought full-size “adult” beverages separately to get the best bang for our buck. Note that an annual pass holder discount is granted on top of this as well! (Pictured here is a sample-size alcoholic beverage.)

Share Dishes

We preach this often when discussing food-centric events, but we believe in sharing! It’s easier (and more fun) to adventure with different flavors when you share as a group instead of committing to an interesting item on your own.

Make The Most Of The Concert Time

Concerts aren’t your thing? No worries. While everyone is grooving to the evening’s activities, use this time to hit up food booths and rollercoasters with lower crowds in the parks.

It should be kept in mind that all the programs mentioned above are timed and you need to make sure you purchase a ticket before visiting. Then go to the Seafood Festival.

SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival

Seven Seas Food Festival Package

Package inclusions:

  • Food & Brew 5 Item Sampling Lanyard for everyone in your party.
  • Choice of hotel accommodations including one FREE night.
  • Unlimited visits to SeaWorld for the entire length of your visit.
  • Signature Show Seating at SeaWorld.
  • Plus, free parking at SeaWorld.

Enhance your visit with these great options:

  • Add Aquatica length of stay admission for only $20/person.
  • Add Busch Gardens’ length of stay admission for only $20/person.
  • Take a tour behind the scenes and see how our trainers care for and interact with our amazing animals.
  • Add All-Day Dining to eat free all day for one day.

New This Year – Every Friday! Sip and sample your way around the earth with exciting flavors and local craft beers, plus live performances every weekend.

The festival is called a day or a period of celebrations, or several cultural events (such as film screenings) that take place in a particular place. There have been and have been other aspects over time, and today most artistic and cultural aspects are impressive.

But One Important Thing About Seafood

Nutrition is one of the most important daily activities that should always be considered. A healthy meal, like all seafood, should include all parts of the food pyramid. A food pyramid that includes protein, vegetables and cereals and other essentials. A complete diet should include protein, carbohydrates, along with the types of vitamins and minerals needed. Protein sources include eggs, white meat, red meat, and broccoli. On the other hand, varieties of bread, potatoes, and other cheeses are major sources of carbohydrates; as well as varieties of fruits and vegetables, they can provide the vitamins and minerals needed.

SeaWorld Orlando - Seven Seas Food Festival

In general, seafood is one of the best in the world in terms of nutritional value. Fish, shrimp, crabs, caviar and more can be found in seafood. Each of these food groups has a large amount of protein, minerals, and vitamins that can supply a large part of the food pyramid’s needs. Fish, for example, are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids; fatty acids that are very beneficial to the body; fish also have a significant amount of protein and minerals needed; after shrimp, shrimp is one of the most important seafood. Shrimp are a white meat group with very low calories and saturated fat.

Shrimp have different colors such as gray, pink and yellow. The vitamins and minerals needed by the body are easily found in shrimp. Shrimp has selenium minerals that are very useful in preventing cancer; this seafood also has a high amount of protein and low fat. Other properties of shrimp include vitamin D and vitamin B12, which are very useful for the body.

SeaWorld Orlando Florida - Seven Seas Food Festival

The important thing about shrimp and crabs is that researchers have found that over-consumption of these two nutrients can cause sensations like skin irritation, itching, hives and respiratory problems for consumers; Eat two servings of crab or shrimp. Along with shrimp, crabs and other special seafood, fish is the most diverse seafood, depending on the location of the seas.

Seven Seas Food Festival 2019 at SeaWorld Orlando!

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