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Blizzard Beach Water Park; Guide and FAQs

Blizzard Beach is a well-known water park at Walt Disney World. Here some tips are provided which help you to avoid the crowd and enjoy the water park more. This guide will help you to get thought the Blizzard Beach and skip unnecessary lines. By following these tips you pass the lines with little pause and spend the remainder of your day in the great atmosphere of the recreation center. Here are some tips and guides for enjoying the Blizzard Beach water park.

How much does Blizzard Beach cost?

A solitary day pass to Blizzard Beach costs over $50. Taking into account that you’re not liable to go through an entire day at Blizzard Beach, that is a great deal of cash. Luckily, it’s improbable that you’ll pay that a lot to visit Blizzard Beach, since (if you plan admirably) you won’t need to purchase a solitary day ticket.

“Get-away time” is very significant to numerous visitors, so whether Blizzard Beach merits your time is a significant inquiry worth posing, regardless of whether the tickets are generally modest. I’ll answer that in the audit area underneath.

Blizzard Beach Water Park At Walt Disney World Orlando

What Attractions Are There At Blizzard Beach?

Blizzard Beach has slides, pontoon rides, kiddie play zones, a mammoth bouncing wave pool, and a sluggish waterway. Relaxing around and getting a charge out of the feeling is a fascination as well.

Blizzard Beach is sorted out so that everything is situated perfectly and everyone has hues with different attractions. The hues don’t generally mastermind attractions by force. Visitors can utilize their feet to stroll to the highest point of Mount Gushmore or utilize the chairlift to get them from the top to the base.

Summit Plummet is Blizzard Beach’s most serious fascination, arriving at speeds up to 55 MPH, and one of the quickest water slides on the planet. At the point when I previously did this, thinking back to the 1990s, I was startled, however, I needed to be intense, so I did it at any rate. A while later, I purchased a shirt expressing that I vanquished Summit Plummet and wore it likely until I destroyed it.\

Blizzard Beach Water Park At Walt Disney World Orlando Florida

Next are the Purple Slope attractions, which are all the “hustling” slides. First here is Downhill Double Dipper, which is a twin-cylinder hustling slide with various warms and discharge entryways.

Next is Snow Stormers, which has visitors lie on mats as they race down a long slalom style course. At long last, is Toboggan Racers, which permits up to 8 visitors to race one next to the other each other, likewise on mats. Snow Stormers and Toboggan Racers are found right by each other and offer a tangle recovery framework.

The play zones for kids are without a doubt better at Blizzard Beach. Though Typhoon Lagoon has one play zone focusing on little children, Blizzard Beach has several territories each focusing on a scope of ages. While I for one feel that the greater children might as well appreciate the genuine attractions in the recreation center, this blend is pleasant.

I think the reasonable truth is that the two zones are likely going to interest little children, it just relies on whether those children (and their folks) are daring or not. The genuine objective statistic for Ski Patrol is going to need to do the “grown-up” attractions. Children are obstinate like that about needing to be increasingly grown-up.

Blizzard Beach Water Park At Walt Disney World Florida

The Best Strategy Be For Blizzard Beach

Just like the case for Typhoon Lagoon, you need to show up somewhat BEFORE Blizzard Beach opens. When it opens, top need ought to get relax seats in the shade–I would prescribe not burning through whenever looking and rather promptly setting off to the region by The Warming Hut.

This region is more slow to top off because it’s somewhat more profound in the recreation center and visitors are sluggish and go to recognizes that they see when they enter the recreation center. There are three unmistakable favorable circumstances to this region: 1) it’s intensely concealed; 2) The Warming Hut is the best eatery at Blizzard Beach, making the walk short for conveying your nourishment to your seats at lunch; and, 3) this territory is halfway situated to the fundamental pool and the stairs to the highest point of Mount Gushmore. The principal advantage is the most significant.

Try not to be idiotic and leave about iPads on display, however leaving your shoes, shirt, towels, and sunscreen should not be an issue. I am certain that burglary has happened at Blizzard Beach. We generally leave our stuff unintended, and it has never been an issue for us. We lease storage for our cameras and telephones and just leave things that nobody would truly need to take on our seats.

Blizzard Beach Water Park - Walt Disney World Orlando Florida

When To Visit Blizzard Beach?

The best occasions of the year are is when water gets colder, however not cold enough to close the recreation center. Since you presumably won’t design your whole get-away around a visit to Blizzard Beach, the best time to go to Blizzard Beach is correct when it opens.

This is because you’ll need to get seashore seats in obscure areas before lines structure. Spots in the shade are asserted immediately, and you haven’t gotten your seats inside the initial 30 minutes of the recreation center being open, you have the minimal possibility for a good spot.

Also, lines at Blizzard Beach for the slides and racers “rides” can be long, and there is next to no shade in these lines. Except for irregular umbrellas to a great extent and a bit of Summit Plummet’s line that is secured, the lines at Blizzard Beach can be genuine scorchers.

Blizzard Beach Water Park - Walt Disney World Orlando

“Day’s end” is a well-known proposal for when to visit Blizzard Beach, however, we don’t concur with this. It was conventional exhortation when Blizzard Beach had evening Extra Magic Hours. In any event, when it’s open until 8 p.m. in the late spring months, Blizzard Beach still consistently has long queues well into the late evening.

The main way this “go late” procedure works is in the event that you appear around 2 hours before shutting, and all things considered, you’re there from around 6-8 p.m., which means (for most visitors) that you’re accomplishing something different promptly in the day AND something different at night.

Three stops in a solitary day simply don’t appear that effective. We lean toward turning up right on time, setting off to the water parks, returning to the inn in the early evening to prepare, and taking off for a night in the parks.

Blizzard Beach Water Park Ride - Walt Disney World Orlando Florida

Is It Worth To Rent A Cabana?

Cabanas may not appear to be significant, however, it will be on the off chance that it downpours. The cabanas incorporate towels, a cooler loaded with ice and filtered water, your storage, and refillable mugs.

We have not attempted other of these choices, so our audit depends entirely upon perception. Since conceal is genuinely simple to discover at Blizzard Beach without going through any cash, the $50 umbrella seat doesn’t appear as though it could ever be justified, despite all the trouble to anybody.

Concerning the Polar Patio, it doesn’t speak to us, however, I could see a gathering of around 6 (making it around $50/individual) with cash to blow getting a charge out of it. The enormous advantage would be the chaperon and the decent seating, and it would mean not scrambling for seats first thing. By and by, we would prefer to go overboard on something like a decent feast, however in the event that cash is no issue, I could see this being a pleasant extravagance.

Blizzard Beach Water Park - Walt Disney World

Restaurants At Blizzard

Eating at Blizzard Beach is all counter assistance, and tragically, it’s everything truly standard stuff. Try not to expect a fascinating eating experience a la the World Showcase when you head to Blizzard Beach.

All things considered, there are some choices, alongside a few phenomenal pastries. We strongly suggest The Warming Hut, which is an auxiliary feasting alternative to Lottawatta Lodge.


What Else Is Worth Knowing Before Visiting Blizzard Beach?

Bring a camera! Not many individuals take cameras to the water parks. There are several PhotoPass picture takers spread around, but taking your camera is much interesting and easier.

To the extent different things to bring, towels cost $2 to lease, so bring your own. Try not to bring anything marvelous, simply get one out of your lodging. We neglected to take our water shoes, and as I stay here composing this, my feet are as yet throbbing from strolling around shoe less on that hot asphalt.

water slides at Blizzard Beach in Orlando

As opposed to carrying a refillable mug to the water parks, get one at the water parks. Your lodging refillable mugs won’t work at the water stops in any case, and in spite of the fact that you can buy the peruser sticker to put on your hotel mug and use at Blizzard Beach, that technique is just a couple of dollars less expensive than buying (bigger estimated) the water park mug by and large. Besides, the water park mug is a slick-looking keepsake!

Blizzard Beach in Orlando

Compared with Typhoon Lagoon

Much like Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach nails its subject. The snow-capped town at Blizzard Beach is done and overflowing with Easter Eggs that are amusing to discover, yet it is the finished absolute opposite of a water park.

Theoretically, this distinct difference is the reason Blizzard Beach’s subject is so splendid. Never would you hope to discover a water park with this topic, however here it is. Ski bums are those well on the way to adore Blizzard Beach, as the subject (particularly the passageway zone) nails the vibe of a curious ski resort.

On paper, Blizzard Beach’s topic appears to be an extraordinary, sharp thought. At the point when strolling through it, it simply doesn’t do a ton for me. I don’t feel the equivalent enthusiastic association for Blizzard Beach as I accomplish for Typhoon Lagoon. It’s difficult to express why however we should consider it the x-factor. I think Typhoon Lagoon has that, and Blizzard Beach doesn’t. Many Blizzard Beach fans would disagree, and you may also feel contradictory about Blizzard Beach.

Typhoon Lagoon At Orlando


Where Blizzard Beach exceeds expectations more than Typhoon Lagoon is in its slide and pontoon ride lineup. Blizzard Beach inarguably has preferred slides and pontoon rides over Typhoon Lagoon. Its lineup is significantly more assorted, with slides extending from family agreeable racers to the exceptional (and terrifying in any event, for grown-ups like me!) Summit Plummet.

It’s pontoon rides are only level out better (as far as both length and fun factor) and progressively effective. As far as “rides,” about the main spot Typhoon Lagoon has it beat is with Crush ‘N’ Gusher, and I presume Crush ‘N’ Gusher was added to Typhoon Lagoon to make the fascination lineup somewhat less disproportionate.

I presume that the disjointedness in the slide and pontoon ride lineup is likely because of two variables. First, Typhoon Lagoon opened around 6 years before Blizzard Beach, and in those 6 years, water park innovation progressed, and Disney had the opportunity to assess what is expected to enhance. Second, in Typhoon Lagoon slides and pontoon rides aren’t its core interest.

While Typhoon Lagoon has Shark Reef, the astounding Surf Pool, and different activities outside of its slides, the slides and pontoon rides are the enormous draw at Blizzard Beach. In the event that you hate those, your large draw is the languid waterway, as Blizzard Beach’s primary pool, Melt Away Bay, leaves a great deal to be wanted.

Melt Away Bay has some light bouncing waves, however, they aren’t whatever will hold your consideration. I can go through over an hour in Typhoon Lagoon’s Surf Pool without getting exhausted, yet I lose enthusiasm for Melt Away Bay after around 15 minutes, and that is expecting I don’t initially get unsettled by not having the option to snatch one of the slippery inward cylinders in Melt Away Bay.

Blizzard Beach in Orlando Florida, USA


Since the entirety of the slides at Blizzard Beach will possibly take you an hour or something like that on the off chance that you show up before anything else (and don’t rehash any of them), it’s somewhat disturbing to me that the approaches to spend the greater part of your day aren’t as engaging at Blizzard Beach.

The waiting inquiry is whether Blizzard Beach merits the time. I believe that depends. In the event that you’ve decided that you’re just going to do one water park, I’d suggest Typhoon Lagoon. I think it is all the more balanced (aside from potentially for little youngsters) and bound to speak to the entire family.

Notwithstanding, in case you’re going on seven days in length, in addition, to travel to Walt Disney World and have the opportunity to do both water parks, do them both. When taking a gander at “outside the amusement park” exercises, I’d rank Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach #1 and #2, in front of things like DisneyQuest and shopping.

While I can’t spend as long at Blizzard Beach as I can Typhoon Lagoon, it’s as yet an extraordinary half-day movement with bunches of fun attractions. Besides, Blizzard Beach is a great spot to investigate, and devotees of the “Disney Details” will have a ton of fun there regardless of whether they despise swimming or water slides.


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