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Chocolate Kingdom Orlando Attraction

The World Chocolate Day is the 7th of July, and although chocolate is an ideal day, there are many alternatives to cocoa. Learn about and sample unique special delicacies and chocolate masterpieces on two tours of Orlando: the one at the Chocolate Museum & Cafe, and the other in the Chocolate Kingdom. Take time to learn how chocolate is made.

Chocolate Museum & Cafe

This facility, also known as the World of Chocolate Museum & Café, offers guides, a host of home-grown truffles, cookies, jellies, chocolate from all over the world, etc.
Mora stated that many Americans like peanut butter, or s’mores, but those who have adventurous palates might love spicy chili truffles or fresh mimosa truffles – everything you can enjoy before or after a 45-minute walk.
Chocolate Museum At Orlando

Chocolate Kingdom History

The idea for factory visits came from customer feedback: the participants of their chocolate festival in Miami, Tampa and Orlando wanted more. Edgar Schaked, the owner of the chocolate plant Schakolad and its headquarter, the chocolate plant Chocolate Kingdom, and Aileen Mand, his wife and Lead Chocolate Chick, told the party.
“The only thing we wanted to demonstrate is how chocolate is made from a tree and how chocolate you want becomes a slice of chocolate,” said Schaked. “We have so many tourists from around the world.” And what a better way to do that than in Orlando?
Mand said they developed an idea where people could learn and talk to chocolate.
Chocolate Kingdom At Orlando

Orlando’s Chocolate Kingdom Tour-a mouthwatering experience

It’s one of the most enjoyable sandwiches our taste buds love on the day of Valentine, on birthdays, or on every occasion we are hungry for: chocolate.
But did you know that chocolate is really a fruit? In the Kingdom Factory of Chocolate, visits will take a tour of Orlando and almost feel like in the novel by Willy Wonka except that Oompa-Loompas will not be seen.
My grandfather started at 18 and finished with a chocolate company in Argentina, one of the largest in the country. Edgar Schaked, owner of the Chocolate Empire. “It has been in the family since 1938.
The resident of Argentina is the 3rd generation in his district of chocolatemakers. He also continued the legacy of his grandfather while in search of the American dream he moved into the U.S.
“I finally got a little winter park store that we opened twenty-five years ago, now we have stores in seven different countries,” Schaked said.
Orlando's Chocolate Kingdom
Chocolate Kingdom, the head office of the company in Orlando, is not only a place to purchase some newly made chocolate but a unique place for tourists to learn about the historic sweetness, such as how mayan people drink chocolate. Chocolate is a very important place.
“Again, they used to drink it and gave it energy,” said Schaked.
Finally, for millions of people the drink became the world’s sweetest treat. But from whence comes the chocolate? It’s a cocoa tree grain, actually.
“On the tree a fruit grows, it’s a cocoa pod. You have seeds in the fruit,” said Schaked.
The seeds are toasted cocoa beans that undergo a process known as winnowing where the skim or chaff is separated from the kernel which makes the nib. The nibs then are placed in a grinding machine and converted into a paste and then lined up by huge rolls.
Orlando Chocolate Kingdom
For Schaked, it was also important to make the tours family friendly and enjoyable, so he produced a story about a princess and a dragon wanting to learn how to make chocolate. The tourists are introduced to Princess Chocolina via a short film.
The tour includes a custom-made chocolate bar prepared for each guest by a chocolate maker. Guests can choose from three different add-ons, such as cranberries, peanuts, marshmallows, pecans and M&M’s. They’re handed their custom-made candy at the end of the tour.
The Chocolate Kingdom is open seven days a week, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

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