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Complete Guide Of Shrek 4-D At Universal Orlando Production central

Shrek 4-D brings loved DreamWorks heroine to life in a special OgreVision 3-D film that picks up right where the first Shrek film left off. Shrek and Princess Fiona are just starting their honeymoon when Lord Farquaad’s ghost comes back from beyond to finally take Fiona as his bride. Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John Lithgow all reprise their heroine from the Shrek films. Aftershow is finished, guests have a chance to meet and take pictures with Shrek, Donkey and Princess Fiona.

Production central – Shrek 4-D

Introducing Shrek 4-D Show Place

On the outside of the show building, some banners say you the whole story of Shrek. Alongside it, there TVs show you the exciting points of this animation. Also, there are other banners beside Walt Disney’s popular animations for you.

Shrek 4-D Show At Production central Universal Orlando Resort

The preshow room for Shrek 4-D is themed to Lord Farquaad’s dungeon. A dungeon master says corny jokes and keeps the crowd going, and we see that several of the movie’s heroine is captured, each one in a separate torture device above our heads. On the screens, we see “live” footage of Gingy lying on a torture table, waiting for more torture from Thelonius.

The heroine suddenly comes to live and say us to run away while we still can. Of course, none of us take their warning seriously. They say us that Lord Farquaad is back and he kidnapped them. The Magic Mirror gives us a brief recap of the Shrek movie with the scene of Dragon eating Lord Farquaad being shown several times. The heroine seems to like seeing replays of Dragon eating Lord Farquaad.

Lord Farquaad’s ghost suddenly flies through the dungeon and appears on the screen. He demands to know the whereabouts of Shrek and Fiona. None of us know, so he demands that we all be “tortured” in the next room (main theater). Lord Farquaad flies away and we’re instructed not to put on our 3-D glasses until we’re safely seated inside the main torture chamber.

Shrek 4-D Show Story

Shrek 4-D beings right as Shrek ends with Shrek and Fiona preparing to head off on their honeymoon. Fiona is sitting in the onion carriage when Thelonius suddenly appears out of nowhere. The dungeon master kidnaps Fiona, riding off with Shrek’s new wife. Shrek and Donkey jump into the carriage and take off after Thelonius, with our seats moving along to the action on-screen (Yes, the theater’s seats move a little bit for some of the scenes.). After crashing through Gingy’s candy house the carriage finally crashes and comes to a halt.

Shrek 4-D Entrance At Production central Universal Orlando Resort

Upon entering Shrek 4-D, guests find themselves being held captive in Castle Duloc’s dungeon by Lord Farquaad. Lord Farquaad threatens to torture everyone in the room and the fairytale creatures to find Shrek and Fiona.

The film opens with Shrek, Fiona and Donkey lost on their way to the Hotel Honeymoon when Fiona is captured by a hooded-rider, Thelonius. Shrek and Donkey chase after them on the onion carriage, but they ultimately getaway. While walking through a cemetery, Shrek and Donkey are surprised by the Ghost of Lord Farquaad. Lord Farquaad’s Ghost brings a dragon to live to kill Shrek and Donkey, giving him enough time to also kill Fiona so they can marry her spirit and become the King of the Underworld. Luckily, Donkey’s Dragon shows up to save the day and the newlyweds finally start their honeymoon.

Shrek 4-D At Production central Universal Orlando Resort Florida

Fiona Got Lost

Shrek and Donkey take a shortcut through a creepy cemetery, and Lord Farquaad’s ghost tries to scare Donkey. Shrek and Donkey see a statue immortalizing Lord Farquaad as he slew a dragon, and that gives Donkey an idea. He tries whistling for Dragon, but to his and Shrek’s horror, Donkey’s whistling awakens the dragon statue. They run away, and just before they’re attacked by the stone dragon, Donkey’s girlfriend Dragon swoops them up and carries them away. It’s now an airborne duel as the two dragons fly around and try to attack the other one. Shrek and Donkey ride Dragon through a narrow rock canyon and the stone dragon pursues, only to have its stone wings destroyed. Shrek and Donkey then fly away and look for Fiona.

Shrek 4-D At Universal Orlando Resort

Private Time

Meanwhile, Lord Farquaad has Thelonius tie Fiona onto a raft to send her over a waterfall, killing her and making her a ghost just like himself. Thelonius screws up and ends up floating towards the waterfall with Fiona. Shrek arrives and tries to help Fiona, but they’re both swept over the waterfall. They fall for a bit before Dragonflies through the waterfall, catching them both. Lord Farquaad is waiting at the top of the waterfall, eager to see Fiona rise like a ghost. She tricks him though and is riding Dragon. The dragon rises a little bit higher and “kills” Lord Farquaad’s ghost with a fireball.

Shrek 4-D At Production central Universal Orlando

The dragon then flies Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey to the Honeymoon Hotel where Shrek and Fiona spend the remainder of their vacation. More of the heroine is waiting and they celebrate the arrival of Shrek and Fiona. Donkey then flies away on Dragon, leaving Shrek and Fiona to finally have some private time.


Shrek 4-D Show Attribute

Shrek 4-D is a sixteen-minute adventure that takes place between the first two Shrek movies. The entire voice cast from Shrek is back to reprise their roles for this 4D attraction. While the Shrek 4-D movie itself is in 3D, the moving seats, mist sprayers, blasts of air, and lighting effects make this a 4D experience. There are stationary seats available for those who wish to use them.

Fans of the Shrek movies will love Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios Florida. The pre-show is great and the main show itself is a LOT of fun. Universal has a winner on their hands with this attraction.

Guest Arrival

Guests then move into the main theater, don their 3-D glasses, and recline in seats equipped with “tactile transducers” and “pneumatic air propulsion and water spray nodules capable of both vertical and horizontal motion.” In English, that means the seats move, bump and vibrate along with the action, like the D-BOX seats now found in local cinemas. The film’s 3-D effects aren’t bad, and the 3-D glasses you’ll wear do a good job even if you’re putting them over prescription glasses, but it relies on older polarized 3-D projection instead of the newer dichroic system used by Despicable Me. As far as the phrase “4-D” goes, physicists may object that the Earth’s fourth dimension is time, but as far as theme parks go, the fourth dimension is water. Expect to get a mild spritz or three during the show. Guests are also subjected to leg lickers and smell relevant to the on-screen action (oh boy).

Technicalities aside, Shrek 4-D is a mixed bag. It’s frantic, laugh-out-loud funny, and iconoclastic. Concerning the last, the film takes a good poke at Disney, with Pinocchio, the Three Little Pigs, and Tinker Bell (among others) all sucked into the mayhem. But the video quality is dated by today’s ultra-HD standards, the storyline is incoherently disconnected from the preshow, and the franchise’s relevance has faded since the lackluster fourth film. On the upside, in contrast to Disney’s It’s Tough to Be a Bug!, Shrek 4-D doesn’t generally freak out kids under age 7.

Capacity Of Guests

Universal claims it can move about 2,400 guests per hour through Shrek 4-D, but the show’s location at the front of the park and directly across from Despicable Me Minion Mayhem translates to heavy traffic in the morning. If you see lines longer than 20 minutes, try visiting during mealtimes or in the last 2 hours the park is open. There’s not much in the film or preshow to scare small children. Stationary seating is available upon request. Be aware that Shrek 4-D shuts down one of its two theaters in the fall to hold a haunted house for Halloween Horror Nights, greatly increasing wait times during an otherwise slow season.

Shrek 4-D Show Tips

  • Location: Production Central.
  • Restrictions And Access: None; has Express Pass access.
  • Based on the classic Shrek films, this attraction takes place between Shrek 1 and Shrek 2 (call it Shrek 1.5). It is a standard 3D movie experience with 4D “in the theater” special effects, similar to Disney’s The Little Mermaid show at Hollywood Studios or Mickey’s Philharmagic at the Magic Kingdom.
  • On January 6th, 2020, we’re predicting Shrek 4-D to have a maximum wait time of 25 minutes at 11:15 am. We expect to see the lowest wait-time be 10 minutes at 4:15 pm. The maximum temperature will be 62° and the minimum temperature will be 45°
  • There are two movie theaters, one for guests with Express Passes and one for guests without. Beginning in 2015, one theater is taken offline at the beginning of summer through the fall to act as a space for a Halloween Horror Nights house.
  • Express is accepted.
  • Stationary seating is available at this attraction.
  • Guests may remain in a standard wheelchair throughout the attraction.

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