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Discovery Cove Park Best Tips And Guides SeaWorld Orlando

Imagine a lush tropical world, where everything from fish to flowers is beautifully shaded and stunningly fantastic. Image the white sandy beaches of the island, bright sunlight and tasty tropical drinks. Envision everything you can consume gourmet food there for your use at any stage you need it. Envision yourself swimming and swimming with an unfathomable range of ocean life, including dolphins. Now, imagine that you have this tropical sky practically to yourself, to share with enough others to stay with you, yet to encourage your beloved solitude at whatever point you choose.
This world is accessible from SeaWorld ‘s Discovery Bay Park. Park access is by early booking only and is limited to only 1,000 visitors a day. This ensures that even at the core of the well-known summer season, when 30,000 guests will stand side by side in a portion of the other Orlando stops, your safety and unwinding can be assured at the Revelation Inlet.

Discovery Cove Park Orlando


Unlike other amusement parks, the fare is all inclusive. The only practical decision you need to make is whether you make your reservation — there is an additional fee to swim with the dolphins. Or you may go ahead and upgrade to the Day Trainer package, which encourages you to engage in training sessions with bottlenose dolphins, birds and small mammals during the day. Whatever kit you like, once you make and pay for your reservation, you can just relax and enjoy it.
SeaWorld 's Discovery Bay Park

What You Need?

The main things you need bring are your bathing suit, change of garments, and money or Visa for any mixed refreshments you may wish to buy. You will be furnished with a wetsuit or vest, swim (which is all yours), face veil, towel, sunscreen and work pack. Storage spaces are gratis. Lavish body washes and shampoos are given in all showers. You will be given a mainland breakfast, gourmet lunch, and boundless tidbits and nonalcoholic drinks for the duration of the day.
The day is genuinely yours to spend as you wish. The main timetable you should meet is your dolphin swim time, which will be planned when you show up in the first part of the day. With limit controlled visitor participation, you never need to stress over finding an accessible parlor seat. Swimming with stingrays, hand taking care of intriguing fowls (food and guidance will be given by a specialist mentor), or drifting the languid stream are only a couple of your alternatives.
Tropical River At Discovery Cove Park Orlando

3 Best Discovery Cove Park Attractions

1. Dolphin Swim

This is actually an open door once in a blue moon. You’ll be distributed to a tiny gathering (8-10 members with two dolphins and two coaches). You will go through a concise land-based enlistment course, which plots the wellbeing rules, and find out a little about the preparation of dolphins. The mentors will take you to the ocean for your dolphins.
You ‘re going to experience a progression of essential orders for your dolphin, carry it to you, take it out, etc. You will likewise model for dolphin pictures (photograph units are ready to move by the day’s end blessing shop). After just 30 minutes of cooperating with the dolphin, the time you’ve been searching for will arrive. You ‘re going to swim out to shallow water where the dolphin and the handler are pausing. With a couple of a minute ago requests, you ‘re going to cling to the dolphin ‘s body for a mind-blowing experience! Despite the fact that the ride itself is very short, the recollections will remain until the end of time.
Dolphin Swim Discovery Cove Park Orlando

2. Tropical River

Ride the relieving flows of a Tropical River as it twists past sandy sea shores, through a thick downpour timberland, underneath the rough landscape of falling cascades, and through a submerged cavern.
Ride the alleviating flows of a tropical waterway as it twists past sandy sea shores, into our aviary, through some thick downpour backwoods, underneath the rough landscape of falling cascades, and through a submerged cavern. Loosen up and unwind as the quiet flows of our tropical sluggish waterway take you through sights at Discovery Cove in Orlando. Look down as you travel and take in the marvels that exist underneath the outside of the completely clear water. Visit our comprehensive sea shore resort and buoy down our sluggish stream today.
Discovery Cove Park Orlando-Tropical River

3. Coral Reef

This is your chance to snorkel with thousands of beautiful tropical fish. Crystal clear water provides a stunning vision, and you can also catch a glimpse of barracuda and sharks comfortably concealed under safety glass. Swim around the underwater shipwreck, where a lot of fish love congregation.
Coral Reef Dolphin Swim Discovery Cove Park Orlando

Best Tips For Visiting Discovery Cove

  • The Discovery Cove waterways and experiences don’t open until 9 a.m., but you’re welcome to arrive much earlier to eat breakfast and get set up. Breakfast starts at 7:15, so I would recommend arriving as early as 7 to check-in, eat breakfast without the lines, and stake out a spot so you’re ready to start swimming and participating in experiences as soon as possible!
  • The workers at Discovery Cove are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the animals, conservation, or the park itself. They have so much to share! I really enjoyed talking to the dolphin trainers during our dolphin encounter especially.
  • The Wind-Away River is very relaxing, but there are some parts where it’s too deep even for adults to touch the bottom. There are bins of pool noodles around Serenity Bay (where the Wind-Away River starts and ends), so be sure to grab one for each member of your family before embarking on the lazy river.
  • While we’re on the topic of the Wind-Away River, I want to mention that there are two spots where you swim through waterfalls. First of all, your hair is going to get wet, and your makeup will be ruined if you wore any. Second of all, the waterfalls are a little more aggressive than I thought they would be, and our 2- and 4-year-old really hated swimming through them. Not that that stopped us from going through the Wind-Away River multiple times with them, but just made for a few unpleasant moments.

Discovery Cove Park Attractions Orlando
Consider these tips too:

  • REEF Don’t Care About The Manta Rays
  • Feed The Birdes Early
  • Visit The Conservation Kiosk

Book Separate Dolphin Encounter Times

Kids have to be 6 and up to participate in the dolphin encounter, but 2 of our kids are under the age minimum. We did ask for separate times at check-in so that one of us could watch the kids while the other took our 6-year-old daughter to do the dolphin experience, then we planned to swap and have the other adult do the experience by themself.
However, since we had the VIP package (complimentary as a journalist), our VIP Cabana Host offered to play in the sand with the little ones while we all experienced the Dolphin Encounter together. They were within sight of us the entire time (actually just a few feet away from where we were in the water, so if you do book separate times for the experience, one of you can take pictures of the other from the sand. (Cameras aren’t allowed in the water during the dolphin encounter, but you can buy the photo package to get the professional ones).
Discovery Cove Park Attractions

Reservation For Discovery Cove

It is suggested purchasing tickets online early for the day you might want to visit. As I referenced above, Revelation Bay cutoff points participation in the recreation center to 1,300 individuals for every day. On the off chance that you hold on to purchase your tickets until the day of, chance are the recreation center will as of now be at limit.
At the point when you book your tickets, you’ll have the choice to include a few overhauls, for example, the Beam Taking care of understanding, the Creature Trip, or the Excellent Beverage Bundle. You can likewise go to the Updates tab on the site to include any of the overhaul encounters to your truck whenever.
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