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Disney Packing List Tips & Tricks

What’s Walt Disney World to Pack? The ultimate guide features a packing list, stuff to carry in your park bag, and 50 + exclusive pieces to help you save time, remain happy in the heat in Florida, and maximize your vacation. We’ve traveled a lot and discovered creative ways to make our trips easier.

Disney Packing List Tips & Tricks

General Overview

The first section of this packing list from Disney illustrates the less-obvious things you never knew you needed. These are fascinating and sometimes odd stuff that we have learned over the years, some of which have changed our travel experiences significantly.

The second half is the detailed guide you can use for Disney packing. The packing list includes things that you almost definitely already own–but without this free Walt Disney World packing list, you may overlook. We use this guide to guarantee that we have all the fundamentals in mind. We regularly update our Ultimate Packing Guide to Walt Disney World with new and unique products and a few essential items focused on reader reviews and recommendations. We love such suggestions, so please share them in the comments if you have any thoughts!

Consider The Orlando weather

Consider The Orlando weather

Orlando weather can be like a roller coaster, though, and it’s not always fun, unlike the Disney variety. At Walt Disney World, they witnessed some unexpectedly cold days. The heat makes it feel hotter than it is, and if you’ve only brought shorts and t-shirts, perhaps you’re in for a rude awakening. Test the prolonged weather forecast until your journey at the very least – if you see drops in the 50s, rethink some of your packing choices.

Let’s shift to another realistic pre-arrival guide with climate out of the way. You could place an order with Amazon.com before our vacation and have the items shipped to your Walt Disney World resort if you’re buying a ton and don’t want to have trouble bringing it with you.

Note that all Walt Disney World resorts will charge a $6 package handling fee as of 2019 for all hotel packages. Let’s get to the special product Disney packaging list for all that has been said, and then the packing checklist. We will start with the things that our readers enjoy the most–smart products that will save you time, cash, pressure, and (literally) physical discomfort and pain!

Smart Stuff To Pack

Autograph Book Substitute

Autograph Book Substitute

This Junior Character Dictionary for Disney Characters was used by one of our friends and we felt it was the brightest thing ever. Make them sign this actual book featuring 150 + Disney characters instead of making them sign a blank page. It’s going to be a treasured keepsake after the ride.

Moleskin Padding Roll

The “kids will scream” after a few days in the forest if you usually head back for 10 + miles a day. Seriously, all the walking at Walt Disney World, which can be brutal on your feet, is one of the biggest shocks visitors have. This material is a perfect “insurance policy” that can work miracles, saving a lot of discomfort and pain from your foot.

Compact External Charger

Weak park reception and the need to monitor wait times, plan applications, and share photos via social media can be a drain on your power.

Stroller fan

This is a clip-on desk device, practically. However, if you read the reviews, it’s used for strollers by almost everyone who buys it. Keeping your kids calm is a good thing, and it will last 5-10 hours before recharging the battery–which can be achieved by USB with one of the external chargers above. This is great for Walt Disney World’s hottest hours of the day!

Mickey Mouse Stroller Clip

Mickey Mouse Stroller Clip

Good for easy access to hang certain things from your stroller handle on this page (like the backpack below!). Oh, it’s about Mickey!

Lightweight & Water Resistant Travel Backpack

You are likely already in possession of a backpack, but talk to us. The material is super-thin, which makes it easy to pack into your luggage. The biggest selling point, though, is the thin and breathable content, meaning you won’t get warmer. It is planned to remain cool during camping and other stressful sports.

Parade Blanket

This is a great alternative to sitting on the ground while waiting for Disney’s parades, but it works in the parks in several scenarios. This has weighted corners, is resistant to pocket size and puncture. It’s water-resistant too, so in a pinch, you can use it as a poncho. It’s so flexible!

Reusable Straws

A new addition to the chart, since disposable straws were discontinued by both WDW and Disneyland.

Compression Cubes

There are two great options here–I have switched on to these compression cubes because I think they save more room in my suitcase, which is important for me. Below is the cheaper alternative if you just want to arrange your visit.

Packing Cubes

ideal for packing and getting the baggage easier to handle. I like this4-piece collection because it’s the perfect size to fit a suitcase for carry-on size.

Discounted Disney Pins

This one is not as easy as a money-saving item to bring. Nevertheless, you can charge $1 per pin instead of $8-10 by purchasing pins before your trip online. Highly recommended!



Brita Filter Water Bottles

This is the best option, hands down if you don’t want to spend as much money or don’t care about the space-saving design of the collapsible bottle. It’s inexpensive and strong, plus it’s a great taste for pool drink, it’s BPA-free, and it’s healthy for the dishwasher!

USB Wall Charger

Whether it’s our tablets, internal batteries or even cameras, there’s a ton of USB charging gadgets. This is perfect because it is very small, with a space-saving layout rendering packing simple.

Body Glide

Many others have suggested this item to us as the perfect way to fight chaffing since making the original list. Once I started running Disney games, I continued using it.

Pop-up Hamper

You certainly don’t want it to feel like the ideal place for Oscar the Grouch halfway through your journey with how much cash you spend for a hotel room. We’ve also found the biggest issue is dirty laundry, so having a pop-up hamper is a good way to keep this under control.

Wipes Sanitizer

Walt Disney World is beautiful, but not clean. In reality, other hands have touched every surface. Wipes Sanitizer is great for cleaning your feet, phone, and practically every ground.

Travel Sunscreen Packets

We offer these sunscreen packets for your arms, hands, back, etc. If in your luggage or backpack you’ve ever had a sunscreen spill tube, you know how inconvenient it can be. Such individual travel packets take care of this problem, as well as being much easier to put in your pocket or bag.

Frogg Toggs Rain Suit

This rain is great if you want something better, more versatile, and it will keep you completely dry. It’s cheap, lightweight and breathable. It’s made from the same company as the Chilly Pads, so you’re not going to get too hot.

Wipes yelling

Wipes screaming, Tide markers, anything that can clean up oils. I’m an expert in making messes, and they’re lifesavers.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Suitcased clothing can get wrinkled and nobody likes ironing. A much better solution than making “wind de-wrinkle” wrinkled clothing, as I do when I fail to prepare it.

Neck Wallet

The neck wallet is for you for those who are fearful of being selected or just don’t like holding a wallet in your back. It also has a filter of RFIDs. We see many people in the parks wearing lanyards and fanny packs … and this is a step up from both.

Clothing & Accessories

Clothing & Accessories

Crocs Classic Sandal

Crocs are your best option for wandering around the parks if you don’t think about fashion.

Wet Brush Pro Detangle

When you visit Walt Disney World, this hairbrush should work well with wet hair, or the hair will get wet.

Repel Travel Umbrella

This is a compact, air-proof travel umbrella with a lifetime guarantee. We destroyed so many umbrellas at Walt Disney World that were hit by gusts of wind, so this is necessary.

Aqua Socks for Water Parks & Pools

These are important when you plan to visit Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach and spend time in the pool of your hotel. The asphalt gets hot – so hot without these, standing on it is painful.


Caffeine Mints

Each of these mints has about as much caffeine as coffee or an energy drink, so they’ll give you the power to get through Extra Magic Hours at night, but they won’t give you a coffee breath or make you run to the bathroom while you’re in line with Toy Story Mania. It’s a win-win!

Starbucks VIA and Mount Hagen Coffee Packets

Starbucks VIA and Mount Hagen Coffee Packets

We still pack our coffee because our go-to product is Mount Hagen.

Clif Bar Energy Bars

An excellent source of dietary fiber and nutrients, Clif Bars is a good, healthy snack during Aloha Isle visits. Feel a little less bad when juggling with these 3 Dole Whips a day.

Beef Jerky

Bags of beef jerky are the perfect snack to bring to the parks, high in protein, flavor, and awesomeness. I’m an expert-extraordinary self-proclaimed beef jerky, and I prefer Jack Link’s Teriyaki Jerky from mainstream brands.

At least the less normal stuff that would be beneficial to others, this is about us as far as less common items are concerned. This Walt Disney World packing guide contains a lot of the unique items we suggest to enhance your Disney journey, as well as more specific stuff you’re not going to want to miss. Remember that it includes all the important things, but it could be more important than you, personally need.

With this article, we’ve been trying to skip items that are needless because you can find them in your hotel room or the parks, or because many people don’t need them. There’s the urge to over pack, and that’s something they can avoid. On a week-long trip to Walt Disney World, there is no need for 3 suitcases per person.



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