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Disney World Crowd Calendar for January

Florida is an extraordinary excursion goal with in excess of 75 million guests per year. The city has huge amusement parks, awesome attractions, notable hotels, and strip malls, Orlando. Among the various attractions of Orlando, Disney World is most generally known. This incredible park has numerous interests that draw in kids and grown-ups. Be that as it may, since the climate may greatly affect your visit when you plan to have a movement to Disney World, you without a doubt need enough data concerning the climate. It can give you data on the most positive or appropriate season to design a visit for the spot.


General Overview

The atmosphere of Orlando city and moreover Disney World can be foreseen adequately. Storm, tropical storms, and typhoons are continually likely, which may extraordinarily decimate your outing or potentially don’t let you to totally value the different pieces of the entertainment place.
In summers you may experience inordinate warmth with a temperature arriving at 90° F or considerably higher. Be that as it may, the quantity of days with charming climate is additionally high. So in the event that you think about various issues, choosing the most appropriate opportunity to go to the land isn’t any increasingly troublesome.
Disney World Crowd at January
With regards to the best an ideal opportunity to visit Disney World, the month I’m gotten some information about the least is January. That is nothing unexpected since most visitors consider visiting Disney in the winter a long time over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day or plan to make a trip to the most joyful spot on earth during spring break season. In any case, January can be an incredible chance to visit the Disney Parks and Resorts.
In this article, we’ll investigate a portion of the nuts and bolts you’ll have to think about visiting Disney World in January. This incorporates investigating the climate, resort advancements, occasions, uncommon occasions, and other significant variables that will assist you with choosing if January is a decent an ideal opportunity for you and your family to visit.

The Weather in January

By and large, climate in Orlando can be unusual in any event, during a particular season, similar to winter.
Normal temperatures extend during the time from the mid-70s yet may drop into the mid-40s during nippy night times. In light of this, visitors visiting Disney World in January will need to ensure that they have long-sleeve shirts, coats, and pants available, on the off chance that the climate is truly cool.
In light of the cooler climate, a large number of the water-based attractions, similar to Splash Mountain, are as a rule under restoration during January. Furthermore, normally, in any event one of the water parks will likewise be shut for restoration as well.
Obviously, you can even now get your swimming fix at your retreat pool. Since swimming isn’t exactly as well-known during this month, odds are you won’t need to stress over packed pools or completely reserved water exercises.
Despite the fact that it’s winter, there is no snow during winter a very long time in Central Florida. In any case, you can anticipate possibly stormy days.
In any case, in case you’re not a devotee of sweltering climate and high mugginess, January can be an ideal month to visit. Simply make a point to bring some cooler climate garments particularly for the mornings and night times. Also, get ready for the chance of a stormy day or two.

Disney Resort Promotions

In case you’re hoping to visit Disney in January and get a lot, you’re in karma. Visitors keen on visiting will discover the absolute best arrangements and most minimal costs for resort stays and bundles consistently.
By and large however, for those visitors thinking about visiting in January, you’ll discover the rates probably the least of the year, all through the vast majority of the month.

January Special Events and Holidays

January’s extraordinary occasions and occasions are a piece lower than some different months. Truth be told, I really lean toward visiting when there aren’t a great deal of additional exercises or occasions so I can encounter the parks without an uncommon occasion or occasion adornment and simply appreciate the recreation center in its ordinary way. Here are a couple of extraordinary occasions and occasions that do occur in the period of January.

New Year’s Eve/Day

New Year’s Eve and Day are both very active occasions to visit Disney. Actually, they have the absolute most noteworthy participation of the entire year, second just to the Christmas occasion. This implies you’ll be encountering amazingly high sit tight occasions for attractions and intensely jam-packed amusement stops that may even fill to capacity.Some of the most mainstream encounters during New Year’s Eve and Day are the firecrackers appears. Epcot, specifically, offers New Year’s Eve merriments to visitors all through the World Showcase, notwithstanding the amazing firecrackers appear at 12 PM.
New Year's Eve at WDW

Special Celebrations at Disney World

Disney’s vacation season normally closes the primary seven day stretch of January. In view of this current, it’s normal for a large number of the occasion enrichments to in any case be up the principal seven day stretch of January.Typically, this doesn’t affect swarms, yet it’s an interesting point while picking your get-away. This is particularly obvious in the event that you need to get a little special festival in however don’t have any desire to visit during the bustling Christmas season.

Disney Marathon Weekend

The Disney World Marathon Weekend is one of the greatest runDisney occasions consistently. The long distance race end of the week races started in 1994 and have become an amazingly well known occasion, particularly for those sprinters who are hoping to qualify their running occasions for different races outside of Disney, similar to the Boston Marathon. Because it is such a mainstream occasion, expect higher than typical January swarms. You’ll see an expansion in hold up times and groups generally speaking.
Disney Marathon Weekend

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

This U.S. government occasion praising the life and accomplishments of Civil Rights development pioneer, Martin Luther King Jr. is watched each January on the third Monday. Since it is a national occasion, schools in the U.S. may not be in session. This implies that numerous families will head out to Disney, particularly nearby Florida inhabitants, during the long end of the week. Contingent upon the planning, this occasion may correspond with the Disney Marathon Weekend, making the parks and resorts doubly swarmed.
January crowd 2020 at WDW

Epcot International Festival of the Arts at Epcot

New to Disney in 2017 is the Epcot International Festival of the Arts. This unique occasion features the craft of amusement, food, and visual arts. Like the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, visitors can test nourishments from different stands, appreciate Broadway style diversion at the American Adventure Pavilion Theater, and take craftsmanship roused workshops. This may affect hold up times and groups in Epcot.
Epcot International Festival of the Arts

The least jam-packed occasions in January

  • Second Week of January: New Year’s Day is finished and the Marathon Weekend might be finished or held the following week, contingent upon the yearly occasion schedule. Groups and hold up times are entirely sensible. Resort rates will be underestimate Season during this time.
  • Fourth Week of January: This might be your most solid option when visiting Disney in January. The vast majority of the exceptional occasions and occasions have passed and most U.S. schools won’t have school terminations. This is the week with the most obvious opportunity with regards to low groups, hold up times, and least hotel rates.

What Days of the Week Are Best?

Ordinarily, ends of the week will be busier in January, particularly with unique occasions and occasions. Epcot’s International Festival of the Arts has regularly been hung on ends of the week just, which implies the recreation center will be significantly more swarmed on ends of the week than weekdays.
Plan to visit Epcot on Tuesdays through Thursdays for the most reduced groups and hold up times. Enchantment Kingdom ought to likewise be visited during the week, while Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are your best wagers for end of the week park visiting.


Generally speaking, January is an extraordinary month to visit the Disney Parks and Resorts, in case you’re searching for the most minimal hold up times and groups consistently. As a neighborhood, it’s one of my preferred occasions to visit for increasingly loosened up park visiting.
While the climate and some extraordinary occasions and occasions may affect your itinerary items, by and large, you’ll see January as a charming opportunity to visit.
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