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Disney World’s Haunted Mansion


Disney World’s Haunted Mansion

Welcome to my study of the Haunted Mansion. There is so much adoration for this immortal fascination. When I was initially fascinated as a child, I didn’t open my eyes long enough to see that the ride wasn’t intended to be startling, however inviting. There were many attractions in this ride, and a lot of people working. Knowing this, why don’t we examine the historical context of the attraction and feature a portion of the main Imaginators who chipped away at its development in Disney World?



Haunted Mansion History

Haunted Mansion’s structure


Ken Anderson

Anderson was an Imagineer, yet in addition an illustrator for Walt Disney’s vivified highlight works of art. When Walt Disney allotted the Haunted Mansion venture to Anderson in 1957, the Imagineer dove into exploring what could go into the fascination. One part of the ride to create was clearly its outside.

He chose getting motivation from a long term old property in Baltimore, Maryland. Truly, The Haunted Mansion is in the New Orleans Square area of Disneyland, yet a Northeastern structure made the ranch style chateau.

It was a stroll through fascination opened by the widow of a firearm making legend who guaranteed that the phantoms of individuals murdered by her late spouse’s weapons frequented the house. The “Riddle House” is as yet open today! From this exploration, Anderson had the option to likewise think of a story that may have been excessively upsetting for the fascination from the outset; however we’ll get that later.

Likewise, in Anderson’s representations, he delineated the Haunted Mansion to look summary, however Walt had another arrangement. He needed to house to look wiping with nothing truly strange occurring outwardly. Walt said that he and the Imagineers would deal with the outside, and the phantom would deal with within. Thus they did. Truly, have you been in there? It’s a spiderwebbed apparition town!


Yale Gracey and Rolly Crump

I am clustering these two Imagineers together on the grounds that they were authorized by Walt to make the embellishments for the fascination in 1958. In spite of the fact that Yale Gracey was one capable specialist, he additionally dealt with gags that he utilized in fantasies found in the manor. Rolly Crump dealt with a lot of idea workmanship he got a kick out of the chance to call the Museum of the Weird.

Crump drew motivation from the 1946 film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast to make the chilling drawings of his exhibition hall. Despite the fact that Walt thought that it was strange himself, he thought of a plan to make a different fascination that would be associated with the exit of the Haunted Mansion. Visitors would stroll through and see presentations of bizarre things gathered from around the globe. It never became, however I figure it would be cool in the event that it was highlighted one day in the parks.


Claude Coats

Coats had been a key aspect of the Disney Company since 1934. He was even answerable for a portion of the foundation workmanship in the vivified motion pictures as ahead of schedule as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. At the point when he turned out to be essential for WED Enterprises as an Imagineer, he began taking a shot at some enhancements that would be visionary in the attractions. He chose to utilize bright light in the Haunted Mansion.

Coats concentrated on making an exact situation for the fascination loaded with shadows and ghostly spaces. He likewise had a major hand in how the fascination’s huge cemetery scene was organized. Portraying the summary burial ground as a play area for the apparitions was a reasonable scene that should credit the virtuoso of Coats.


Marc Davis

As another customary to the Disney movement office, and one of Walt’s well known Nine Old Men, Marc Davis was approached to make plans for the fascination’s characters. In the wake of making such characters as Tinker Bell from Peter Pan and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, this would be another open door for Davis to make more characters that visitors would adore.


Weave Gurr

Walt Disney favored The Haunted Mansion to be a stroll through fascination; however when he kicked the bucket in 1966, Imagineers began to create different approaches to make the fascination more productive. The manner in which they went with was by utilizing a creation by Imagineer Bob Gurr called the Omnimover. He built up the thought subsequent to dealing with the late Tomorrowland fascination Adventures Thru Inner Space at Disneyland. The Ominimover would be able to move visitors, and their “Fate Buggies,” toward any path required so as to recount to the story in the most proficient manner conceivable.



This Imagineer was capable to making the Haunted Mansion content for the fascination. He additionally composed the verses to “Troubling Grinning Ghosts (The Screaming Song)” with music by Buddy Baker who has formed more than 200 scores for Disney in their motion pictures, network shows, and amusement parks. X. Atencio additionally dealt with the contents of Adventures Thru Inner Space and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Walt Disney never got an opportunity to see the Haunted Mansion come to be a direct result of his passing in 1966. The fascination, subsequent to being deferred commonly, at last opened in 1969 after right around twelve years of being developed.


Famous Voice over Artists

Haunted Mansion‘s Voice over Artists

It’s continually entrancing to see who voiced the adored characters in Disney enlivened highlights and amusement park attractions. Paul Frees, who proceeds as the Ghost Host, is a symbol in the voice over world.

He was known for being such a virtuoso in an account meeting that he just required one take to get what the Imagineers required. He is additionally credited as playing nutty Professor Ludwig Von Drake and the voice of “dead man tells no stories” in Pirates of the Caribbean.

There is likewise the voice of Madame Leota. Despite the fact that this character was designed according to her namesake, Imagineer Leota Toombs, she was voiced by Eleanor Audley. You may have the option to perceive her as the voice of Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty and the Wicked Stepmother in Cinderella.


Story in the Attraction

Haunted Mansion’s Basement

Ken Anderson’s story thoughts for the Haunted Mansion make it probably the best ride at Disney World and Disneyland. Notwithstanding, I’m confused about how I feel about there not being an official story of the Haunted Mansion.

Indeed, there is the film form, a Marvel comic book side project, and fan hypotheses that pepper the web, and however what really occurs in The Haunted Mansion? Each fascination, pretty much, has a story inserted in it, and the Haunted Mansion in principle has the most captivating story. There is by all accounts various storylines that the Imagineers have made, yet the vast majority goes off of the first ideas of the ride made in 1957 by Ken Anderson.

A privateer named Captain Gore who had possessed the house got hitched to a lady named Priscilla. Evidently, Priscilla was an upbeat lady who remained unaware of her better half’s past. Upon the arrival of their wedding, the commander cautioned her not to go into the storage room where he kept his remembrances. Nonetheless, incapable to coordinate, the lady of the hour went up to the upper room to perceive what the entire object was about. There, she saw the physical recollections of her significant other past as a savage privateer. At the point when the commander discovered what his better half had done, he pushed her out of the lofts window, leaving her to bite the dust when she tumbled to the ground.

It gets crazier. Anderson at that point explained on this thought, drawing photos of the phantom of Priscilla. After her demise, she frequented her better half to where he ended it all by hanging himself. This clarifies the man dangling from the roof when you go into the spooky live without any windows or entryways toward the start of the fascination. Some even observe Captain Gore as the Ghost Host, our guide through the manor. This is conjectured after we see the draping man after the Host to says, “Obviously, there’s forever my way.”


Ride Overview

Haunted Mansion’s has real dead people


As unpleasant cast individuals dressed as servants and stewards invite you into the house, you are first positioned before a representation. You may be pondering, is this the ace of the house? Before you could ponder any longer, the artistic creation of the man begins to rot, turning into a skeleton before your eyes. You are then moved to a similar austere and entryway less representation room that I had referenced previously.

An immaterial voice presented himself as the Ghost Host. He at that point starts the space to begin extending, uncovering an unpleasant concealed shock under the four representations that held tight the dividers. By what method will you get out? Just the Ghost Host knows. He at that point opens a mystery entryway to the steady moving Doom Buggies where frightful cast individuals are helping the visitors on the ride.

After the phantom Host pulls down your security bar, he starts the visit through house, loaded with coasting candles, moving, dueling, and vanishing apparitions in the dance hall, and Madame Leota’s head in her glass ball, and an undermining phantom lady of the hour with a hatchet in her grasp. After her unnerving welcome, we are turned in reverse, as though we are being tossed out of the lady of the hour’s storage room.

Here is the point at which we enter the cemetery where the 999 apparitions are singing “Bleak Grinning Ghosts come out to mingle.” We are then cautioned by the Ghost Host to keep an eye out for Ezra, Gus, and Phineas, the Hitchhiking Ghosts! They take a ride in the Doom Buggy, pressing in the middle of visitors. Toward the finish of the visit, you are urged to “hustle back,” or in the event that you wish, to return again as a lasting occupant of the Haunted Mansion.


Impact in Different Parks

A sample Haunted Mansion’s room


There are various renditions of the Haunted Mansion around the globe, none being actually indistinguishable. Every chateau has an alternate structure, some relating to the nation where they are in. A portion of the attractions, similar to the Phantom Manor in Paris, has a storyline that centers on a lady named Melanie Ravenswood.

It is additionally amusing to take a gander at the contrasts between the ride in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Most importantly, you can tell that the outside plan is extraordinary. Like I stated, the Disneyland outside has a southern manor look, while the one in WDW has even more a Gothic Revival style. There is additionally a distinction in the extending lift in the two parks. In Disneyland, it is really a lift that brings you down to the ride. Since the Imagineers couldn’t delve in Florida, they fabricated the space to extend up, permitting the visitors to wait on the ground while making the extending deception.



Regardless of whether you are aficionado of the Haunted Mansion ride, or you’ve haven’t had the joy yet, you may think that its valuable to get a Fastpass+ for this ride toward the beginning of your day at the Magic Kingdom. In the event that you show up at the recreation center’s opening, you will have the option to ride the fascination a few times with just a brief pause. I recommend you do this so you can have the opportunity to discover minimal Easter eggs that are tucked away among the gravestones…

At the point when you wind up holding up in line and going on the Haunted Mansion, there are certainly a few things to pay special mind to. As I would like to think, the Haunted Mansion has one of the most fascinating line signals on Disney property. They very well might have the option to assist you with revealing a few signs with respect to the fascination’s story:

  1. The lady’s ring that was tossed out of the loft window and stomped on by the imperceptible pony in the yard.
  2. The imperceptible piano part in the Music Room despite everything has a shadow you can see influencing!
  3. The shrouded Mickey among the plates in the Ballroom scene.
  4. The Audio-Animatronic raven in the ride. It was really expected to be the storyteller for the Haunted Mansion’s visit initially, yet now we leave that to the Ghost Host. The raven is likewise a gesture to Edgar Allen Poe’s short story by a similar name.
  5. The pet graveyard. On the off chance that you look carefully, you may have the option to see Mr. Frog among the headstone to represent the passing of Mr. Amphibian’s Wild Ride, a previous Disney World fascination.



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