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Epcot Theme Park – Tour Guide And Tips

Epcot is a theme park for science and technology and part of the famous Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Epcot has two areas which include the Future World, showing human effort and innovation together with World Showcase, which is a permanent world fair from 11 nations located around a giant manmade lake.

Among other subjects, Future World features attractions that teach about various sources of energy, space exploration, automobile growth, technological innovations, nutrition, underwater exploration, and horticulture. Featuring theaters, a simulator of centrifugal force, a slot car ride, interactive games, an aquarium and more, they were brought to life.

Epcot Theme Park

Disney FastPass+

With Disney FastPass+ you can step faster than standard rows of standby. FastPass+ allows you to pick up to three attractions a day before your arrival at a single park. You can get FastPass+ experiences one at a time for the rest of the day on your mobile device after using all three FastPass+ attractions.

Please note that up to 30 days in advance you can pick your FastPass+ choices with a ride or up to 60 days with a Walt Disney World Resort hotel booking. Please note that the admission price covers this clause, so there are no additional costs. Epcot’s scope of FastPass+ booking shows, activities and events are constantly evolving.

Attractions & Ride Guide

For not only a range of parks and rides but also unmatched concerts and events, Epcot provides a special theme park experience.

Advanced Lab

It focuses on experimental operation and practice where astronauts were educated to tackle the complexities of outer space missions.

Epcot advanced training lab


Prepare to be exposed for exclusive interactive experiences upon completing the Journey of Imagination with Figment. Stepping Stones–playing music as you step on colorful photo panels playing musical notes. Making a Figment motion to and from the arms like a conductor or leading Figment to play an instrument.

Epcot ImageWorks

Kidcot Fun Stop

Brightly colored pre-school and older art stations can be included in the World Showcase in different countries. Duffy, the teddy bear of Mickey Mouse, is the official mascot of Kidcot. Make sure to ask for a color-free Duffy cardboard. Stop to complete a series of stamps around the globe in every state and learn perspectives from around the planet.

Kidcot Fun Stop

Living With The Land

Cruise through greenhouses and witness the development of cutting-edge growing techniques by Disney’s horticulturalists to sustain the growing global population. Curious onlookers get a laugh out of the 9-lb lemons, Mickey-shaped pumpkins, as well as the numerous eco-systems where alligators and eels can be seen.

Living With The Land

Mission: SPACE

Join the International Space Training Center and immerse yourself in deep space exploration from an orientation that takes you into a space capsule for your space mission. Choose the alternative Orange or Red, based on whether you want a more or less fun drive and whether you want a spin model or not. Don’t miss this exciting simulation anyway.

Mission SPACE


The Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium, home to over 4,000 amazing sea creatures, is one of the world’s largest man-made ocean eco-systems. Take in the magnificence of under the surface gliding sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, and stingrays. Experience the wonder and learn more about how several large-scale conservation projects involve the aquarium.


The Seas With Nemo & Friends

For a thrilling underwater exploration, including an aquarium and imaginative marine shows, deck a clamshell sea ride. Don’t forget Finding Nemo’s audio-animatronic starving seagulls with the phrase, “My, my!”

The Seas With Nemo & Friends

Sea Turtles

When reading more about their interesting path from egg to jet streaming in the water, see green sea turtles and loggerhead turtles.

Sea Turtles

Sharks & Stingrays

Observe eight stingray species and six shark species. You can even snorkel with sharks and stingrays as a special experience.

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth, an impressive icon that has become the symbol of the Epcot experience, you cannot miss.

Turtle Talk With Crush

You can’t help but smile as your host of sea turtle, Crush, who is 153 years old, gives you the rundown of life as a sea turtle. The immersive theater performance can shock you once you see Crush conversing with members of the audience. For all generations, a must-see series.

Visit an international exhibition where you can experience 11 incredible countries ‘ sights, smells, art, and food without ever getting to board an airplane. Experience exotic lands and societies that are ever-evolving.

The American Adventure

Journey through the interesting history of the nation as our professional mentors are Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin. With imagery accompanied by patriotic songs, the Story of America is richly woven.

The American Adventure

The Kinsey series, which features some of the finest of African American art and history. Peruse over 40 objects in this set, which has been masterfully selected.

American Heritage Gallery

In this peculiar and special collection, Kawaii, the art of cute, is explored. Check out a recreation of a traditional apartment in Tokyo and research the historical artifacts demonstrating the history of Kawaii.

Frozen Ever After

Embark in a Scandinavian ship on a dim and adventurous boat ride and reach Arendelle. You are awaited by Frozen’s Scandinavian winter world as Anna, Elsa, and Olaf join you along the way.

Frozen Ever After

Morocco’s spirit is beautifully portrayed with objects and hand-crafted beauty: clay pottery, antique musical instruments, and hand-crafted jewels.

Gallery Of Arts And History

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

Float by a Mayan pyramid as you bring Panchito, one of the Three Caballeros, on an exciting boat ride. Since Donald Duck, the Caballeros follow on his mischievous escapades. Art, stupid antics, and a typical Mexican environment bring fun to the border’s south.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

House Of The Whispering Willows

Guests will find a special treat in this serene setting: “Tomb Warriors: Guardian Spirits of Ancient China.” Step through and scale reproduction of Qin Shi Huang’s Terracotta Army, showing terracotta warriors buried with the emperor for protection in the afterworld around 210 B.C.

House Of The Whispering Willows

Impressions De France

Fallen in love with France’s charm and romance. Find yourself in the middle of enchanting castles, in a hot-air balloon overlooking the Loire Valley, right in the middle of Normandy’s spirited market. This 18-minute film, set to the music of famous composers such as Debussey, is truly a Gallic gem.

Impressions De France

O Canada!

See Canadian people discover yourself interested in winter pastimes and activities such as football and skiing. From the breathtaking natural beauty to Vancouver’s cosmopolitan skyline – this development of Circle-Vision 360 highlights the nature and community of our northern friendly neighbors.

Reflections Of China

The renowned Circle-Vision 360 show offers a stunningly beautiful view of China’s beauty and natural wonders. Float down the Yangtze River, see the acrobats in wonder, and sound like you’re right in the middle of Shanghai’s hustle and bustle.

Soak up Scandinavian culture and history as exhibitions display the film’s origin, Frozen. In their film production, you will see how makers used images and Norwegian cultural heritage to create a true Norse society.

Dining Hot Spots

Epcot is the largest culinary destination for global cafes, bakeries, and bars that are carefully curated. Here are a few favorites of the guests:

Le Cellier Steakhouse

Set in a comfortable cellar hidden in a Canadian chateau below, Le Cellier excels in providing customers with a varied menu that represents the appeal of the multiple Canadian provinces. Highlights are delicate filets and imaginative seafood dishes; foodies should satisfy the poutine fries and the cheddar cheese soup.

La Hacienda De San Angel

Drop-in and enjoy the warm welcome of eating on the waterfront in a Mexican hacienda reproduction. Lovely artwork and handcrafted pottery contribute to the mood. But you’ll be shocked by the food: dine on pork empanadas, shrimp tacos, and more. You could order a top-shelf margarita and at once catch the Illuminations series.

La Hacienda De San Angel

Coral Reef Restaurant

What could be more exciting than eating when accompanied by the Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium’s splendor seeing sea turtles and vibrantly painted marine life schools? It’s the best restaurant in the theatre design. Seek the famous Mahi Mahi seared and dive for dessert into The Chocolate Wave.

Teppan Edo

Enjoy the joy of eating in the neighborhood as you assemble around a massive barbecue. Before your ears, watch the colorful Japanese Teppan chefs build your dinner. The entrances to pork, fish, meat, and vegetables are sliced, fried, and beautifully grilled. Meals are supplemented with pasta and steamed rice. Now available are hand-rolled sushi and deep-fried tempura.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Set in a medieval Scandinavian castle with cathedral ceilings, guests can meet characters throughout the day at specific times. The Norwegian meatballs are deliciously savory and fans of seafood will love the fresh scallops and shrimp dishes. Nonetheless, Norway’s Taste should not be overlooked, it is a great selection of imported cheeses, cured meats, and vegetables.

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

The variety and quality of this restaurant, which focuses on Southern Italian cuisine and wood-fired pizza, would please Italian food lovers. Here, quality ingredients make all the difference–San Marzano tomatoes and organic Caputo flour produce tastes and textures of the highest quality. The Parmesan eggplant is a specialty of the house and the gelato is the way to end the dinner!


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