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Get The Most Excite Of The Electric Ocean At Seaworld Orlando

The Electric Ocean Event went live the first week of May and will return Memorial Day weekend on May 25th. This means the park will open longer and allow guests to travel into an exotic underwater world, where they can expect electrifying dance, lights, music, and sparks as the sunsets. Guests should also expect plenty of new food and drink options throughout the park, and a family-friendly dance party right before “Ignite” lights up their sky with a firework finale. Electric Ocean is included with park admission and takes place on select nights May 25 – September 2.


The Electric Ocean At Seaworld Orlando

You know the Frog Family can’t resist a special event or festival at any of the Orlando theme parks! SeaWorld is one of our favorite places to check out limited-time shows and exclusive offerings because they always offer something truly out of the ordinary. They do such a killer (whale) job of highlighting their ocean theme.

This summer, SeaWorld Orlando is hosting Electric Ocean yet again, with more fun than ever before! Our favorite part about this event is that it truly brings SeaWorld alive at night with gorgeous, glowing decor and interactive excitement. What better way to enjoy the park outside of the afternoon sun?

The Electric Ocean At Seaworld Orlando Florida

Don’t worry, there’s plenty to enjoy all day long, but many of Electric Ocean’s main events take place as the sun goes down. We’re here to give you the latest and greatest details on SeaWorld’s summer celebration, Electric Ocean.

So be exciting with us until the end of this journey to give you some useful information about this celebration of light.

Electric Ocean Dates

First of all, be mindful of the dangerous fact that the time of the Electric Ocean varies every day of the week. So if you plan to travel to this place, especially Electric Ocean, be sure to check out the Electric Ocean calendar and make sure the exact time of the Electric Ocean is held. By doing this you will not miss any programs.

Below is an example of an Electric Ocean clock in 2020.

  • June 1-3, 8-10, 15-17, 22-30
  • July 1-29
  • August 3-5, 11-12, 18-19, 25-26
  • September 1-2

SeaWorld Event: The Electric Ocean

Electric Ocean Shows

Touch The Sky

Dolphin Theater

It was just last summer that a “Touch of the Sky” ceremony began at the Electric Ocean. In the beginning, there was a lot of fear. Because of these dolphins were not well trained. The disadvantages of this show include movies, music and other effects that do not let you enjoy this new show. Sometimes many things shouldn’t be!

Sea Lions Tonite

Sea Lion And Otter Stadium

If you’re a fan of the regular Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High show, you will be laughing your fins off at Electric Ocean’s Sea Lions Tonite. Sea lions are a frog family favorite, so this is a can’t-miss show for us. After a long day at the park, you’ll appreciate the humor of Clyde and Seamore packing a whole day at SeaWorld into 20 minutes. These goofy sea lions parody your favorite SeaWorld moments, the good and the bad, as they experience the shows, attractions and occasional frustrations of a day at the park.

Electric Ocean's Sea Lions Tonite At SeaWorld Orlando

Shamu’s Celebration: Light Up The Night

Shamu Stadium

You haven’t seen a whale show like this before. Electric Ocean’s special evening spectacular presents SeaWorld’s famous killer whales among original music and incredible lighting effects. The stadium transforms at night for a special edition Shamu show. This celebratory atmosphere creates an experience like no other as this high-energy production wows your whole frog family. Viewing is great from all areas, but be sure to sit up front if you’re prepared for some splash!

SeaWorld And Bubble Legendary Present POP

Nautilus Theater

Most likely, you’ve never heard of Bubble Master. So far this celebration has not been reviewed on any site. The bubbles of this event are different from all the bubbles you’ve ever seen. A charming, glossy display that caresses your eyes.


Fireworks at sea! Yes. A unique show at SeaWorld Orlando. As its name implies, you should expect a huge fireworks display in the SeaWorld Orlando sky. Neither dangerous nor scorching. You might just confuse SeaWorld Orlando with war.

The combination of light, sound, and the colors of red and yellow and purple will catch your eye. An exciting and breathtaking view that makes the Electric Ocean more alive than ever.

Electric Ocean Fireworks At SeaWorld Orlando

Club Sea Glow

Are you a good dancer? If you are not, then you should practice arithmetic so as not to be embarrassed among your friends. If you don’t know, you should know that at SeaWorld Orlando you have to dance for five hours. A dance with happy music. The event is held annually by popular singers who inject a lot of energy into SeaWorld Orlando. So if you’re ready to dance now, you have to get ready for what I’m saying. A pair of dance shoes, a short skirt, a colorful dress.

If you are a man do not pay attention to the previous text.

Club Sea Glow At SeaWorld Orlando

Best Viewed From Bayside Stadium

On Independence Day, even the ocean is celebrating! Electric firefighters celebrate a glorious celebration at fireworks. A party you will never forget. These fireworks and all the festivities are on the Seaworld ticket that you must buy. If you have a problem with a family member and have to leave Seaworld, you can pay for one.

Electric Ocean Merchandise And Apparel

You must have attended many parties by now. Before going to those festivities, be sure to shop like other members of the party. But in the electric ocean, there is no commodity outside the Seaworld Orlando that can make you look like an electric ocean theme. So the best option for a thrilling shopping experience with an electric ocean background is to choose from the Seaworld Orlando store. I even suggest buying from Seaworld Orlando for dance. There are colored and luminous bracelets, flashing glasses and other items you need to have a limitless party at Seaworld Orlando. Note that this is the first store to offer RFID technology.

Shopping At SeaWorld Orlando

Electric Ocean Dining

We certainly can’t stop eating and stop it. Electric Ocean Dining was a new design launched at SeaWorld Orlando last year and already has many sales. Because of the great variety of food and the quality of its food, we can even say it is at the seafood festival.

After a lot of fun and dancing, a hot meal and a cool drink will be good for you and your lost energy will come back.

That’s what’s new at SeaWorld Orlando. So open up our SeaWorld park plan, grab your tickets and experience the latest and greatest. Don’t forget to dive into your classic favorites, such as watching the dolphins jump around, petting sting rays and admiring penguins.

Steamed Bao Bun Sandwiches At SeaWorld Orlando

A Few Reasons To Visit SeaWorld Orlando’s Electric Ocean

For the third year, Seaworld Orlando’s summer event, Electric Ocean, has returned. The spectacular summer brings colorful lights, high-energy music, a family-friendly dance party, and a nightly firework and fountain show.

Everything is worth it. It means we humans do everything according to their value. One thing is not worth much to us. So we spend little time on it or don’t do it carefully. Traveling like other things must be exciting. That is, if we do not know what we are going to do before the trip, that trip will not be interesting to us and we are just spending money. Here are some reasons to go to the Seaworld Orlando and participate in the electric ocean and explain them to you. After reading this section it’s up with you to make the decision. So stay with us to the end.

1.  Food In The Electric Ocean

Electric Ocean is packed with a number of tasty treats. Seaworld said the treats are specially prepared by its award-winning culinary team. You can find many offerings at event food location booths throughout the park. Here are just a few you should try:

Mini Southern Barbecue Sundae

Mini Southern Barbecue Sundae At SeaWorld Orlando

Mac And Cheese Bites

Mac And Cheese Bites At SeaWorld Orlando

Loaded Mini Donuts

Loaded Mini Donuts At SeaWorld Orlando

Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

Donut Ice Cream Sandwich At SeaWorld Orlando

Frozen Drinks

   Frozen white sangria – Chardonnay, brandy, peach, and citrus

   Frozen – fresh and fruity with rosé and vodka

   Frozen electric lemonade – Rasberry lemonade with choice of rum or vodka

   Frozen pińa colada – coconut and pineapple with choice of rum or vodka

Salty Dog Drink At SeaWorld Orlando

Many of these drinks can be found inside the Nautilus theater. New this year, the park has made this theater Club R&R. From 1:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. guests can grab a frozen drink and relax and recharge in some air conditioning. There are also places to charge your phone.

2.  Free beer

Adults can cool off while at SeaWorld by enjoying a free beer. From 10:30 a.m. to one hour before the park closes, Seaworld is bringing back its free beer promotion for guests who are 21 years of age or older.

3.  Night Show

Electric Ocean brings a new wave of excitement to SeaWorld’s shows. Guests can get splashed during Shamu’s Celebration: Light up the Night, dance to the original music in the “Touch the Sky” dolphin show and laugh the night away with Clyde and Seamore at Sea Lions Tonight.

Sea Lions Tonight At SeaWorld Orlando

4.  Rides

When the sun goes down, the thrills continue. What better time to take a ride on Orlando’s tallest and fastest roller coaster, Mako? During the Electric Ocean, guests can ride all the popular attractions a new way — at night.

Some wait times may even be shorter due to more events happening in the park.

If you’re looking to cool off after an entire day at the park, you can splash down at Infinity Falls. The attraction features the world’s tallest drop (40 feet) on a river raft ride and allows visitors to experience the feel of exhilarating rapids.

5.  Dedicated store

Feeling Electric? You can become part of the show and glow with exclusive Electric Ocean merchandise. The event has everything from hats and T-shirts, to bubble wands and glowing shark tooth lanyards.

6.  Firework Show

What better way to end your night than with an action-packed fire, water and pyrotechnics finale? Electric Ocean brings the party to an end with the firework show Ignite. Before the fireworks even begin, families can dance in what some could describe as a rave-style party. A DJ transforms the center stage for Club Sea Glow. As you dance, several dancers and sea creatures join in on the party. The DJ is counting it all down to the big fireworks finale.

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