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Golden Tips For Orlando Visitors

Theme parks in Orlando are among the largest in the world, offering guided tours, glamorous characters and frequent live performances. Planning your way around theme parks can be quite daunting with so many things to see and do. By doing a quick scan, you ‘re going to focus on having a great time, and others are wondering what to do next and how to fit it all.
With our Guide to Orlando Theme Park Secrets, only locals know how to save time and energy. Our guide is designed to help make your tour of Orlando as enjoyable as possible with so much to see, and only for a short time to fit it all.

1- Best Time For Visiting Theme Parks

A lot of people decide to spend rainy days in the theme park, making waiting times much shorter than a typical day. Cloud coverage also means that the parks are more comfortable for a day, because the weather is not as hot and humid. Bring your rain jacket as the weather in Florida is known for its 10-20 minutes of downpours. It should be remembered that when the lightning is within 15 kilometers of the theme park, all outer spaces are closed. The indoor attractions remain open when there’s just a light shower to make sure you can take more rides a day.
Orlando Theme Parks

2- Fastest Way To Pass The Lines

Those not always marked queues, so many people cannot use them. They are not always marked. The single rider line is a special queue for people who are alone or who are willing to be separated temporarily from their parties. They save a lot of time, as the waiting time is usually a split amount than the standard queue. This queue allows parks to fill the single spots left empty on their routes. Parties of 2 or 3 can ultimately be put together in rare cases.
single rider line

3- The Parks Environment

The footprint of Walt Disney World Resort is amazing – about the same size as the City of San Francisco (40 square miles!). Disney’s resort consists of four theme parks, two water parks, two shopping / dining / entertainment neighborhoods (including Disney Springs) and more than 40 hotels on site (just take a look at Hyatt, not Disney). Together with this golf course and putt putt, camping sites, waterways, trails and more, you can see how you’re lost!
Today Universal has three parks (Universal Studios Florida, Adventure Islands and its new addition, Volcano Bay theme park), CityWalk (the entertainment center) and six on-site hotels. In addition, there are two other venues in 2019 and ’20 (collectively referred to as the Endless Summer Resort) and a third theme park is being developed on 1,000 hectares of land recently accepted for purchase.
The parks are sure to make you feel low, so take your time and don’t rush to the thrill.
Universal Orlando Resort Layout

4- Use Theme Park Apps

Both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando have smartphone apps that let you book tickets, watch attraction wait times, and check out restaurant menus. The Disney app also lets you instantly locate your interactive and GPS-enabled map. You can also find the locations and times of ‘Character Greeting.’ With the Universal app, you can check out the show times, locate the nearby toilets, and make dining reservations.
Theme Park Apps

5- Control Your Budget

You’ve probably already agreed to the price of your ticket if you’ve decided to visit the parks; unfortunately, as guests, we can’t get in without your admission. It is therefore best to investigate and budget what works best for the family.
However, parks (and many hotels and resorts) do not charge parking fees – tickets, meals and remembrances will be your wallet only. The price for general parking at Universal Orlando is $25, and premium car parking and valet parking are available for a bit more (all prices can be found in our complete guide). In the meantime, you can pay for parking in every theme park at Walt Disney World or you can select the transport system from Disney (monorail, buses, taxis) from each theme park.
Note that most restaurants and bars offer a full-service policy when dining out. If you are not familiar with this, you may want to do your research on what is appropriate. And make sure you check your account, because some companies add automatic free of charge (the percentage and the policy will vary from place to place) and leave a place to add an additional tip as you see fit.
This is of particular assistance to people from other countries who aren’t sure what a good tip to make, and to those of us who don’t want to do math at the end of a nice meal! Many companies would also place the proposed tips on the basis of 15 % and 20%, which are also useful.

6- Non-peak Hour

Early afternoons usually wait for 1 hour or more at the most famous attractions such as Disney’s Frozen Ever After or Universal’s Harry Potter and the forbidden trip. Avoid crowds going to fireworks early in the day or parades. This is when the waiting times of attraction are at their lowest, often between five and ten minutes.
Planning for early or late lunch is always a clever idea. Not only can you take advantage of the small crowds at the attractions, but you can also avoid having lunch at the many theme park restaurants. You have the advantage that if you stay at a resort, you can enter both theme parks 1 hour before the opening time, so you can take extra time to visit the most prominent attractions first.
Diagon Alley At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

7- Universal And Islands of Adventure Timing

Should not go back home when the Adventure Islands of Universal shuts off without testing the closing time of the theme park if you have a ride-in-park card. The closing times are spaced up to 2 hours in a few days every month. You might spend 2 hours exploring Diagon Alley or wandering up to Minion Mayhem! This is 2 hours!
Universal Orlando Resort

8-Theme Or Amusement Park

If you’re anything like me, you’ve grown up near a fun park full of roller coasters and other rides that have made you doubt your well-being. Usually, you ‘re going to jump off a ride and go straight on. The games were halfway, and some of the best food was for guilty pleasure. The key concept is to have a good time and travel as many attractions as possible.
Universal and Disney have taken the various elements from the amusement parks to create their theme parks and have enhanced them with stories, characters, and well, themes, including restaurants and shops. Each segment is specifically designed to make you feel like you’ve been transported to another world or a different time. The rides are a little wider, not necessarily the main attraction of the destination. Be prepared to walk and leave the realm of life for the magic land of princesses, dragons, magicians and Wookies.
Not to mention the cast members (Disney’s word for their staff), Universal’s and SeaWorld’s ambassadors are doing their utmost to create an atmosphere of full immersion. In The Wizard World of Harry Potter, Universal does a particularly good job – team members are characteristic all the time and make you feel like you’re a part of Harry’s universe, so play with them and have fun!
Amusement Park In Orlando

9- Use perks with credit card

Many credit card companies provide benefits across the parks, with the top of the list are Chase and American Express. A Disney Visa Card allows cardholder guests to meet Disney Characters at their own place, outside the large public. It also offers a 10 % discount on all goods and on certain restaurants. Special funding is available also for guests with this card purchasing Disney tickets.
On the other hand, American Express Cardholders at Universal Orlando will benefit from a variety of benefits. This includes discounts on food and supplies, as well as photo packages at special rates. Universal Studios also has an American Express Lounge, which offers free snacks, drinks, concierge services and more for cardholders.
credit card

10- Bring Your Snack

Theme Park Restaurant can be very expensive – especially on consecutive days. Bringing food and drink all week long is going to save you a lot of money, because a bottle of water in some parks will cost you up to $5. Theme parks are very lenient in their quantity of food, but it is important to remember that outside refrigerators and drinks are not allowed. Various theme park dining plans are also used. These are prepayment food plans that allow unlimited drinks and 2 meals a day. This is often a great way to spend money on a large family.

11- Pay Attention To Details

Theme parks go long to include small but astute touches like Disney’s Hidden Mickeys and Universal’s Moaning Myrtle in the restrooms in the Harry Potter. These finer details can be found all over the parks with a little attention. The futuristic metal palms fold their leaves subtly in the night in Disney’s Tomorrowland. There is a winding brown sidewalk in the middle of the track in the Frontierland – few know that it represents America’s crude sewage during colonial times.
The wizarding world of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando can find magical details. Some wall movements, which are made throughout the entire park by a special wall, make ride-out curtains, light up lanterns and bloom flowers. Information of Diagon Alley, including billboards only briefly mentioned in the Harry Potter novels, can also be found understated.
Tomorrowland At Walt Disney World

12- Water Parks Need Equipments

Ziploc bags and rain ponchos are two perfect ways to protect your and your smartphone wet. At most water travels swimsuits are also allowed, but you also need to wear shoes. Disney and Universal give paid lockers to guests who choose to carry towels or extra clothes. Plastic ponchos are sold all over the parks costing up to 12 dollars each.

13- Parking Lots Are Very Crowded

Most seem to fail to remember the location of the car and the parking lot is almost as wide as the park itself. Theme parks have various ways of helping visitors understand this, including colored signs, character pictures or unusual names. The Universal application even has a parking recall to set your car’s level and range. Recalling this tiny detail is a big part of the night, because no one wants to finish the day by looking for endless levels of car parks!
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