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Information You Must Know Before Visiting Old Town Kissimmee Orlando

125,000 square in the Old Town. Over 75 department stores, eight friendly restaurants as well as 18 fun rides are on offer in the 1950’s open-air shopping, dining and entertainment destination. Old Town offers a delightful ride through a nostalgic past that captures the sounds, the odors and the flavours. Take a walk down Old Town Boulevard brick-lined avenues that capture the imagination and heart of the 50’s and 60’s while enjoying Florida’s complex and adjusted architecture.

You will not miss the Nite Car Cruise Old Town on Saturday, America’s largest weekly car cruise on the brick streets of Old Town with over 300 antiquity cars rolling before 1973. The Friday Nite Car Cruise showcases all-time exotic and special-interest vehicles from 1973 to 1987, as well as the custom cars from 1987 to 1987.
Don’t miss the unoldered Human Slingshot, the highest dangerous exciting coaster world-wide, which catapults you in two seconds with 6 G’s. Classic A&W Restaurant with a 50% theme serving delicious root beer floats and burgers. Flipper pizza, a delicious pizzeria that serves a wide range of delicious classics and not just perfectly bakes hearty pizza. Del Boys English Restaurant serving English food with mouthwatering effects while watching classic British comedy. International Space Station, a special space store with NASA features.


On Highway 192 in Kissimmee, the Old Town is situated just 1 km east of I-4. There are only a few kilometers away from Disney World and near other major attractions in Orlando. For those who choose to stay nearby there are several resorts in the area, which have a large range of accommodation facilities and a large selection of on-site, such as an on-site swimming pool, restaurants as well as golf courses, which have family-friendly communities.

Old Town’s Attractions

You are spoiled for choices in the historic city of Kissimmee with its exclusive variety of shops, themed restaurants, rids, sights and car cruises. Here is the list of best Old Town’s attractions.

The jukeboxes

Standing over 45 feet high, you can feel like your time is gone by with the new themed jukebox. The bright signs in the 50s are really wow and give you a great setting for pictures.

Ferris’s wheel

This hand-built ride from Italy ascending on Highway 192 promises views of Kissimmee in the eye. This ride is up to 86 feet high with 18 gondolas with six seats each. $5 is worth of tickets.
Old Town Kissimmee Rides

Happy Days Family Fun Center

You have to visit Happy Days if you want to play old-fashioned arcade games or if you want a few new ones. In a newly renovated space, you will have 50 + video and expert games like the classic Skee-Ball. Sweets, toys, sports cars and gadgets are part of the vast area of redeem. There is no entrance fee.

Manor Mortem Mortem

Mortem Manor is one of the biggest and finest Florida attractions that are haunted, open every night between Wednesday and Sunday. You will not only visit this vast Victorian mansion full of futuristic animatronics and living horrors, you are also buried alive!

Shootin’s Alley Rootin & Tootin

Pick up a fire mad goals and pellet gun in this fun game for the family. Two different game modes can be tried: 18 shots in your own time or one minute mad unlimited shots. In the game you can squawk chickens, walk cowboy boots, talk to old trucks and even have an immersive package.

Old Town’s Events

The Great Magic Hall

The magical arts are celebrated in the Great Magic Hall with frequent shows and games. Shows at 15:00, 19:00. And 9 pm. And 9 pm. Alternatively, only the shop and the vast variety of magical tricks should be controlled.

Old Town Karaoke

You’ll enjoy singing alone? Or would you like to sing with your friends? Go down to Karaoke Old Town on Tuesday night. Around 7 p.m. each week. At Trophy Row Stage next to Southern Breeze from 7 pm you are going to enjoy 15 minutes of glory. At 11:00 p.m.
Kissimmee Orlando The Great Hall of Sorcery

Film Night Family

Every Sunday night, you can take the whole family to watch films on a wide screen. Sit down with a chair, buy popcorn in your local old town shop and watch a film under the stars in the night. Next films will be Grease, The Book of the Jungle and The Grinch.

Nite’s Paint

Put your creative line on and let your inner artist spend a night at Froggers in Old Town painting and fun. You’ll be amazed at what you can make, and how much fun you can have, led by a professional and entertaining artist. There is no need for expertise and all you need is given.

Dining In Old Town

The best places for dining, drinking and party in the Old Town of Orlando can be found in all service restaurants, fast food, bars and nightclubs:

El Borrego

‘El Borrego’ means lamb, and the specialty is this rustic BBQ lamb which is eaten as a custom on a Sunday in Mexico. The lamb is translated into English. Tacos, lamb soup, squash flower, quesadilla maize truffle, rice beans and genuine sauces are also available.

Flippers Pizzeria

Baked pizzas like buffalo chicken, classical California and dual bacon cheese burger are renowned for its fresh ingredients. Drop by if you hunger for Old Town’s most beautiful pizza!

Frogger’s Grill & Bar

The best location for casual drugs and entertainment is Frogger’s grill & bar. There are 44 beers, plus pool tables, dartboards and more than 50 HD LED TVs to allow you to watch sports games.
Frogger’s Grill & Bar In Old Town Kissimmee Orlando

Sun on the Beach

The lively nightclub of Old Town offers children’s adults fun. Each night of the week it host an exciting night, including Pride Night, the 80s, Latin Night and many more.

Shops In Old Town

When you shop for suits, shoes, gifts or tattoos, in Old Town Kissimmee there are plenty of nice stores. Here you’d like to see some of the best things:

British Isle Connection

This shop offers a broad range of British products, from Dr. Who’s collectibles to small telephone boxes. European chocolates, imported Scotish and Irish beer and popular Irn-Bru soft drinks are also available.

Filthy Rich

Filthy Rich is the way to go if you want to look like a star without breaking the bank. Inspired by the most popular faces of the world, both past and present, inexpensive supplies include scarves, necklaces, bags, and fake diamond tiaras.
Old Town In Kissimmee Orlando

Kissimmee Accommodation

When visiting Old Town, Disney World or some other fascination in Kissimmee you’ll need to be certain you’re remaining some place close by. Not exclusively are our get-away rentals situated in top neighborhood resorts, they likewise come total with their own private pools, game rooms, home theaters and themed children’s rooms.
You’ll appreciate admittance to amazing retreat comforts, for example, water parks, fairways, spas, children’s clubs and eateries. In addition, you’ll profit by a free transport administration to the amusement parks from certain hotels.
Book with us and you’ll get incredible convenience at extraordinary costs, just as nonstop client support and admittance to a wide scope of movement additional items, for example, private culinary experts, vehicle recruit, looking after children help with organizing a unique event.
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