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Top 8 Counter-Service Restaurants At Universal Studios Orlando

Park guests enjoy shouting at Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and transforming their wall shape and British accents into Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. Although Florida is known for its incredible tours and shows, food is delicious too!

In these restaurants, dining choices for counter services provide an simple and convenient way to eat well, saving time and money in the park, if you don’t want to spend long time in the car park.

Mel’s Drive-In

As you can see in the film, Mel’s Drive-In is a typical 50’s dinner style, with black and white colored floors. Besides our favorite foods, eating is a huge bonus because most events cost just $10-$13 (free food and drink combos add just a few extra dollars). Mel has a traditional burger, pickle and beer restaurant, but also serves more nourishing dishes, such as salads and vegetable burgers. Finish your meal with an apple pie or a float of root beer! If you’ve timed correctly, the outside look-up area offers an excellent view of the start of the Universal Celebrity Parade.

Mel’s Drive-In

Hot Dog Hall of Fame

CityWalk’s Hot Dog Hall of Fame is a secret treasure on the Universal Studios Tour lane. In the real rows of the stadium, both rows are outside.
The Hot Dog Hall of Fame has 12 varieties of hot dogs, plus veggies and 8 regional dogs. This is very rare. Atlanta, Boston, Nebraska, Colorado, New York, Arizona, Milwaukee, and Detroit are the places to visit. Each dog has a regional chili style that makes your mouth water.

Louie’s Italian Restaurant

It can be very expensive to feed a family in a theme park. Louie’s Italian Restaurant is our best family choice in Universal Studios. This Italian food shop has a lot of dining space and a wide selection of warm dishes that will please the whole family with the atmosphere of the 1920s. This restaurant sells pizzas between $35 and $38, usually much cheaper than buying individual dishes. But if anyone needs anything else, they’re also full of noodles, sub-sandwiches, salads, and pizzas. Louie’s is located next to The Mummy and Starbucks in New York Park.


It doesn’t mean that your safe hospitals have to jump out of the window just because you’re in the theme park. A balanced meal is no better than TODAY Cafe, our favorite spot for safe choices. You’ll pick up breakfast on your way near the park entrance. A variety of pastries and avocado toasts are available, as well as egg white Florentine sandwiches and overnight oats. Take a hearty line of delicious lunch or dinner salads and sandwiches with a variety of vegetarian and vegan choices.

Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe

This is my oldest restaurant list. However, they have recently updated their menu to include more family-friendly restaurants. The Classic Monsters Cafe also has some amazing themes, especially for your party’s monster fan.
The Original Monsters Cafe offers an intimate atmosphere with original daytime movies. The Mummy, B-film monsters, Frankenstein and more can be found in different locations. The coffee bar offers a decent place for lunch or dinner, apart from a solid food supply.
Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe

The Simpsons Fast Food Boulevard

Our Best Variety Option Simpson Area Food Court has been built with no tacos, pizzas or burgers for families. The cafeteria provides various restaurants, including Lisa Teahouse Horror’s, Dutch Frying’ s, Chicken Shop Cletus, Burger Krusty’s, Flaming Moe’s Luigi and Pizza Pizza. The taco truck Bumblebee Man is nearby and it is a jackpot for families and friends who want something special at the restaurant Universal Studios.
In Frying Dutchman you will find the favorite tuna, chips and chocolate shrimps. Frying the Dutchman. Chicken Shack has nearly every type of food, including food bird, chicken wings and chicken sandwiches, of course. It has almost all sorts of stuff in Chicken Shack. Krusty Burger is a popular burger and hot dog.
Leaky Cauldron
Flaming Moe, you’ve guessed, serves specialty drinks and Flaming Moe. Bumblebee Man’s taco truck comes with a side of chips and a taco for every taste, from Korean beef to Carne Asada. Lisa’s Horror Teahouse is a place for light dishes such as hummus, pita with vegetables, salads, fruit sandwiches and vegetables. There is also a high amount of moisture here, such as equal tea, Odwalla juice, orange juice, and coconut water that can be enjoyed.
There’s a line on one, but the line moves quickly. To avoid congestion. All you have to do is pick it up, take it to the register, and you’re ready to eat until it’s your turn! There’s a lot to sit around here, so it’s not supposed to be a problem to find a table, and then you can go out. (We would advise you not to come to The Simpsons Tour immediately because you don’t want your whole stomach to feel motion sickness.)

The Bread Box

The Bread Box Handmade Sandwiches is the last restaurant on my list. The Bread Box is a popular delicacy that can be found in the vicinity of the city.
You can choose between the melts and the delicious on-site sandwiches. Pastrami, hot turkey, roast beef, fresh and delicious assortments are available. It doesn’t take the main road from City Walk, so it doesn’t feel like it’s in the heart of one of the busiest theme parks in the world.

Leaky Cauldron

Roller bays and great tours take you down, so why don’t you try your buds? Extend the culinary horizon to the best spot in Universal Studios, Diagon Alley Leaky Cauldron. Classic English dishes, including Bangers or Mash, Toad at the entrance and Cottage Pie, are served at Wizarding World. Leaky Cauldron is the best food the city has to sell. Travel to Harry Potter’s world and meet some of the best-known students in Hogwarts and London.

Too hard to pick, so the fresh fruit of the Mini Pie Mix, the Fischer Pie Mini and the Cottage Pie Mini must come to my end. Try a large bowl of usually English waxes and frieds in the Sandwich-Banger Restaurant, if you are extremely hungry. Sticky Toffee Pudding is the perfect dessert in a corner from Ice Cream Parlors of Florean Fortescue to special ice cream tastes such as sugar, milk coagulation, chocolate, Earl Gray and lavender.

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