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Must Doing Activities At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Production central Universal Orlando

In Florida, the Tourist attractions are housed in the same building that previously was the home of the Nickelodeon-populated Jimmy Neutron ride. Before that, The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera, a ride that dates back to the opening of Universal Studio Florida, occupied the spot. The generic soundstage motif that characterized the exteriors of the previous Tourist attractions is augmented a bit with the addition of Gru’s house to the front of the building. The Hollywood version re-purposed the building that hosted the Revoker 2: 3D Tourist attractions.

Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Production central Universal Orlando

Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Attractions

Ultimately Evil At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem

Gru is the power-hungry title character in Universal’s Execrable Me series of computer-animated films. If you aren’t familiar with the movies—and you don’t need to be well versed to enjoy the ride—he is a self-styled master villain and “scourge of mankind” who, deep down, really isn’t all that execrable. Voiced by Steve Carell (who is also featured in the ride along with the films’ other original actors) in a vaguely Slavic accent, Gru’s bluster is constantly exposed by the three adorable sisters he has adopted.

Ultimately Evil At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Universal Orlando Resort

Would you like being bonked on the head, zapped with a weapons-grade laser, and launched down an enormous slide onto a giant cactus? Of course, you would! And we’ve got the perfect Tourist attractions for you. You can endure these motion-simulated calamities and many more at Execrable Me Minion Mayhem.

Fairly mild motion simulator thrills. If you are prone to motion sickness, you could experience discomfort (although shutting your eyes should prevent queasiness). There are stationary seats available upon request. The ride also features simulated coaster-like action—but in a non-realistic, cartoony way.

Mission Possible At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem

Prepare to become one of Gru’s minions in Execrable Me: Minion Mayhem! Based on the hit film Execrable Me, universal Studio and Illumination Entertainment collaborated to create the 3-D motion simulator Tourist attractions that give guests the chance to enter Gru’s house and laboratory and be transformed into Minions and go through Minion training. Steve Carrell, Miranda Cosgrove and the cast of the film reprised their roles for the Tourist attractions.

Mission Possible At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Universal Orlando Florida

An Exciting Tutorial At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem

Gru, the film’s lovable super-villain, and his three adopted daughters – Margo, Edith, and Agnes – are moving his villain headquarters to Universal Studios. To carry out his evil plans, he needs an army of Minions. Gru decides to transform guests into his tiny yellow helpers and trains them to do his bidding.

An Exciting Tutorial At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Universal Orlando Resort

You enter the queue through the front of Gru’s house and walk into his sitting-room receiving Minion Goggles (3-D Glasses) along the way and then watch a short film. Gru welcomes all recruits to his house, explains why he needs additional Minions before being ushered into his laboratory. In the lab, Gru decides to skip some of the normal procedures he usually follows to expedite the Minionization process. Edith, Margo, and Agnes ask Gru if they can help train the new Minions and after some persuasion, he reluctantly agrees.

An Exciting Tutorial At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Universal Orlando

You then board a Minion Training Vehicle and are transformed so they can enter the Minion Training Grounds. The training is a success until some of the Minions get distracted by a banana and throw the girls and your vehicle into dangerous areas. Things get worse when Agnes loses the present she wants to give Gru for their one-year anniversary of being adopted, but eventually, Gru saves the day and surprises the girls with a giant party for their one-year anniversary.

Start Minionization At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem

Although there is still a long way to go before the start of the minion project, they have a plan to dominate the whole world. Yellow and one-eyed creatures that are very tasty. If we want to look at their physical properties, we must say that their glasses and eyes are one of the funniest. Their short stature and clothes add to the charm and elegance of the minions.Imagine! A billion lovely, tiny capsules. They are busy erecting billboards and engaging in other recruitment activities to entice humans into their ranks. It seems that Gru has moved his headquarters to Orlando (and Hollywood) and needs to significantly boost his battalion of minions to abet his latest nefarious plot.  That’s where you come in.

Start Minionization At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Universal Orlando Resort

Banana Tree At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem

Snaking through the queue (which includes actual banana trees, the minions’ food of choice), overhead monitors bring the Execrable Me-challenged up to speed and lay the groundwork for the minion-conscription storyline. Guests first enter Gru’s sitting room, the first of two pre-shows. The building’s previous Tourist attractions only had one pre-show room; Universal reallocated former backstage areas to create the extra space. It serves to both advance the story and gets additional overheated visitors into air-conditioned comfort.

Run The Mission At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem

A video establishes the tone of the Tourist attractions: Gru barks menacing commands; his daughters deflate the rants (“He’s just a big, bald teddy bear,” one of them says); and the minions engage in pratfalls and clowning. Like the movies, the action is fast-paced, and there are plenty of cute, if occasionally gross, laugh-out-loud moments, largely at the expense of the indestructible minions.

Run The Mission At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Universal Orlando Resort

The enlistees move to Gru’s lab, the second pre-show area. Enormous video monitors depict his wobbly plan to convert humans into minions. (What could go wrong?!). The girls pester Gru to allow them to lead the operation. A sub-plot is introduced that involves the one-year anniversary of the day that the not-too-execrable guy adopted his daughters.

Guests move into the main theater and take their seats in the “transformation pods.” The action begins with the newly altered minions (that’s us) being challenged with a series of insane tests such as evading giant fly swatters.

Attractive Technology At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem

Amid the frantic minion exploits, the daughters intervene and add a note of heartstring-tugging to the proceedings.

Stunning technology helps to immerse guests into the story, but not get in its way. If you’ll indulge a bit of geeky tech talk for a moment, the movie is displayed at 60 frames per second as opposed to the conventional 24 frames for film and 30 for video. It is also presented using a 4K digital system projected onto a screen that is 70% larger than the one it replaced.

Attractive Technology At Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Universal Orlando Resort

The Best Rides At Universal Orlando

When it first opened (and for many years after that), the Minion Mayhem Tourist attractions used newfangled wraparound diachronic 3D glasses that helped to make the imagery pop. In 2019, Universal eliminated the glasses and the 3D presentation. The image is brighter now (and, we guess, Universal saves money by not having to distribute, wash, and replace all of the glasses), but we kinda miss the 3D. We used to think that the extra dimension made the imagery almost “lifelike” (granted, that’s an odd term considering Minion Mayhem is an animated presentation with miniature, one-eyed creatures, but you catch our drift). Still, as a 2D Tourist attractions, Minion Mayhem is one of the 11 best rides at Universal Orlando.

Execrable Me Minion Mayhem At Universal Orlando Resort

Virtual reality!

But wait, there’s more! A costumed minion and a couple of assistants get their groove on with guests at a post-show dance party to the tune of “Boogie Fever.” Then it’s off to retail (naturally) as the re-acclimated humans are directed into the Super Silly Stuff store.

It’s fascinating to see the evolution of motion simulation Tourist attractions that have progressed through the Florida park’s soundstage. The original Hanna-Barbera ride was among the first major simulator Tourist attractions at a theme park. (Disneyland’s Star Tours preceded it by about a year.) At a time when there was no technology and therefore no device called virtual reality, real landscapes were more attractive.

Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Location

Production Central.

Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Restrictions And Access

40″ to ride the motion simulator (otherwise, there are stationary platforms available); must be 48″ to ride alone; has Express Pass access.

Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Tips

  • Have you always wanted to know what it was like to be a Minion (or, as Universal says, one in a minion)? At Universal Studio Florida’s silliest Tourist attractions, you will get a chance to do just that, as you join Gru and the girls in this family-friendly simulator ride featuring an all-new storyline, new animation, and plenty of Minion shenanigans.

Execrable Me Minion Mayhem Entrance At Universal Orlando Resort

  • 2 of out 5. The motion simulator is smooth, and the movement is basic. However, just like you see in the film, there is quite a bit of minion violence that some parents and very young children may not find humorous.
  • On January 4th, 2020, we’re predicting Execrable Me Minion Mayhem to have a maximum wait time of 75 minutes at 11:15 am. We expect to see the lowest wait-time be 20 minutes at 9:00 am. The maximum temperature will be 85° and the minimum temperature will be 65°
  • IMPORTANT If you are using Express Pass access, please note that the Express line can often be as long as 30 minutes — therefore it is to everyone’s advantage to plan on riding Execrable Me first thing in the morning or toward the end of the day.
  • Real banana trees are planted along the outdoor queue area. Fun, huh? By the way, Universal posted this “behind the scenes” YouTube video of Execrable Me. It shows quite a bit of the pre-show videos, which are great, as well as the actors doing the voice-overs.
  • Express is accepted.
  • Stationary seating is available at this Tourist attractions.
  • Passengers should be seated in a strange but attractive chair.
  • Minimum Height Requirement: 40″ (102cm).

What you wish you knew before you experienced it To fully enjoy this Tourist attraction, you want to watch the Execrable Me movie beforehand.

Execrable Me Minion Mayhem - Universal Orlando Resort Florida

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