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Disney World Crowd Calendar for October

At whatever point I think about the ideal chance to encounter autumn at Disney, I consider October. The climate is hot and damp, but on the other hand it’s beginning to get somewhat cooler and progressively agreeable since winter is directly around the bend.

Fall is certainly noticeable all around at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, with huge amounts of beautifications and uncommon occasions. Furthermore, that implies that there’s no deficiency of fun activities in October. Be that as it may, is October great opportunity to visit Disney, particularly with regards to things like group levels and climate?
Indeed, we will look at that in the present article. We’ll separate all that you can expect in October—from what days and weeks have the greatest and littlest group levels to how to pack properly for the autumn climate in Orlando to finding the entirety of the fun and special things that occur in the parks during this month.
Disney World Crowd

The Weather in October

While not as sweltering and muggy as the late spring a very long time in Central Florida, October can in any case be truly severe in case you’re not used to this commonplace Florida Fall climate. Moistness is generally still present, so remaining hydrated and wearing cooler garments will help.
The normal temperatures in October are in the high-80s during the day with temperatures in the mid-60s during the nights and mornings. In this way, it’s not exactly as hot as September, yet it’s still entirely warm.
Tropical storm season is dynamic until the first of November. In this way, while there’s not as high of a possibility that a typhoon will affect Central Florida, it can occur. Do anticipate some infrequent downpour and potential tempests; however the possibility for day by day downpour showers is a lot of lower than in the mid-year.
Disney World Weather in October

Disney Resort Promotions

With regards to advancements for resort stays and excursion bundles, October is a really decent month for them. The vast majority of the month is under Regular and Fall Season rates, which implies they won’t be comparable to January or September costs, yet they won’t be horrendous either.
Odds are you’ll likewise have the option to exploit the free Disney eating plan bundles, alongside room just limits. You’ll see rates get somewhat higher during the Columbus Day occasion end of the week, which is normally the busiest few days of the month. Your best wagers for the least paces of the month are during the most recent fourteen days, when October is under Fall Season rates.
Disney World Crowd at its Peak

October Special Events and Holidays

In the event that you are a foodie, you’ll love the entirety of the exceptional occasions in October that observe Disney World Food. What’s more, there are occasional fall occasions, similar to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party consistently and an occasion end of the week as well.
These will influence groups and hold up times. In this way, you’ll need to consider your own park visiting plans before you go during one of these occasions. Here are a couple of exceptional occasions and occasions that happen in October.

Columbus Day

This national occasion is commended in numerous nations and imprints the commemoration of Christopher Columbus’ appearance to America in 1492. In light of this, most U.S. schools are shut during the occasion which is ordinarily toward the beginning of October. This implies most schools will have a long end of the week, making it a perfect time for nearby Florida and Central Florida inhabitants to appreciate a long end of the week at the Disney Parks and Resorts. What’s more, a few visitors outside of Florida may decide to take their Disney excursion during this time as well. Groups during Columbus Day can get genuinely high, particularly with occasions like Food and Wine Festival occurring simultaneously.
Columbus Day at Disney World

Universal Food and Wine Festival at Epcot

This is a tremendous most loved for Disney visitors, highlighting nourishments and beverages from around the globe. Visitors can test food, while getting a charge out of notable groups during the Eat to the Beat show arrangement, and even look at unique feasting encounters and visits. This is commonly held from late August until mid-November. It’s exceptionally well known with local people and vacationers. This implies there will be altogether expanded groups at the recreation center, particularly on the ends of the week. October is the busiest month for the Food and Wine Festival, making the ends of the week hard to visit Epcot without significant groups.
Universal Food and Wine Festival at Epcot

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom

Get into the Halloween soul with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party held at the Magic Kingdom. The Halloween party is the ideal method to appreciate occasional fall occasions and even go stunt or rewarding. This tagged exceptional occasion is accessible at Disney’s Magic Kingdom on select evenings. Costs are around $70-$80 per individual relying upon the date joining in and limits for yearly passholders and Disney Vacation Club individuals.
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic

If you are a foodie and appreciate the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, you won’t have any desire to pass up the Food and Wine Classic at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resorts. This multi-day occasion happens through the span of a few days toward the finish of October. Like the Food and Wine Festival, it highlights food and drink tests alongside culinary exhibits and workshops drove by gourmet experts. Tickets are around $100-$150 for food and drink tests all through the occasion. Or then again, you can buy a littler $50 ticket that incorporates 25 food and drink tests. Workshops extend from $50 to $300.
Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic at Disney World

Disney Cross Country Classic

Though the Disney Cross Country Classic is certainly not a tremendously mainstream occasion for most Disney visitors, it will acquire a great deal of extra visitors to the Disney Parks and Resorts who taking part in this are cross-country running occasion. It incorporates sprinters from universities, secondary schools, and center schools from around the nation, which implies you’ll see expanded visitors at the hotels and adolescents in the parks during the night and evening when occasions at the Cross Country Classic are finished.
These exceptional occasions and occasions can influence swarms, hold up times, propelled feasting reservations, and Fastpass+ accessibility. So ensure you prepare in case you will go during a portion of the busier times.
Presently, we should investigate groups and group schedules in October and which times are the busiest and least swarmed.
Disney Cross Country Classic at Disney World

October Crowd Calendars

Disney in October can be genuinely packed. With such a large number of unique occasions and Food and Wine Festival becoming the dominant focal point, it’s no big surprise that October is such a well-known month. Notable group schedules from Easy WDW and Touring Plans give us a truly smart thought of the busiest occasions and the occasions that may be least packed.
Ordinarily, the busiest occasions (otherwise known as the most swarmed) in October include:

  • Columbus Day: Most U.S. schools are shut on Columbus Day. This implies numerous families decide to visit Disney World on a long end of the week, since they won’t need to remove their youngsters from school while it is in meeting. Along these lines, groups will take a sensational increment from the exceptionally low groups in September and start October off with moderate groups.
  • Canada Thanksgiving: Canada commends their Thanksgiving celebrations on the second Monday of October. As referenced over, this may agree with Columbus Day, which is an effectively bustling occasion end of the week at Disney World.
  • Halloween: October 31st, the date for Halloween, can be truly occupied at the Magic Kingdom. This is the last date for the gathering, and it normally sells out. Except if you have bought passes to Disney’s Not So Scary Halloween Party well ahead of time, plan on keeping away from the Magic Kingdom this date.

The least jam-packed occasions in October include:

  • Third and fourth long stretches of October: If you plan on visiting Disney World in October, think about going toward the finish of October. A portion of the groups for Food and Wine Festival will lower and there are no significant occasions occurring. You’ll despite everything see some expansion in swarms, particularly on the ends of the week in the event that you go to Epcot during the Food and Wine Festival, however they will be more sensible than early October.

What Days of the Week Are Best?

October is a truly bustling month, with such a large number of unique occasions and occasions occurring. Along these lines, the ends of the week will be busier. Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival will make Epcot very occupied on the ends of the week. This implies in the event that you are going to Epcot, plan on visiting during the weekdays or prior in the day on ends of the week, on the off chance that you can.
This will be your most solid option for maintaining a strategic distance from swarms. The equivalent is valid for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties. Attempt to go on Tuesdays or Sundays when the groups are slightly better.
I prescribe heading off to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot on weekdays. Visit Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios on the ends of the week. This will assist you with getting heaps of park time in and get an opportunity to utilize Extra Magic Hours, as well.
Try to avoid special days so that you are not encountered with such a crowd
Underneath, if it’s not too much trouble pause for a minute to see somebody’s excursion to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in October that they transferred to YouTube:


On the off chance that you need to visit Disney with loads of unique occasions and occasions occurring, October is an extraordinary month to go. You’ll have the option to get great arrangements for a reasonable and financial plan cordial get-away.
The climate will in any case be blistering; yet will be significantly better than in the mid-year. For your best excursion dates, visit Disney during the most recent fourteen days of October for the best advancements, climate, and least groups.
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