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Revenge of the Mummy Ride The Most Mysterious Ride At Universal Orlando

Revenge of the Mummy is a kind of indoor roller coaster that rides in the dark, located at the “Universal Studios Florida theme park”. This roller coaster is based on the popular Mummy movie “franchise” directed by Stephen Sommers and Rob Cohen. This movie inspired similar rides in Hollywood and Singapore. “Revenge of the Mummy” officially opened in May of 2004. The ride replaced Kongfrontation, one of the important attractions that opened with the park in 1990. Kongfrontation closed in September of 2002.



This attraction uses linear induction motors to start, which makes the ride to move as a usual coaster. Some versions of this technology are used (called SLIMs) which moves not as fast as other LIMs, that moves the train (vehicle) across the dark parts of the ride. This kind of LIMs allows the vehicle to differ its velocity among rooms and scenes, smoothly transport from the dark parts to the coaster, and even go back at one part.

The entire attraction happens at about 3 minutes, however, the coaster part having about half of it. Features a top speed of 72 km/h. The track is 670 meters with no inversions, 80 degrees banked turns and a 50-degree angle of descent. “Revenge of the mummy” is one of the best roller coasters in Universal theme park in Florida. Despite the coaster’s age, there is no plan to change or close the ride. Being in a temperature-controlled environment and not exposed to the Florida heat and humidity will help preserve the roller coaster and its supports.


Revenge of the Mummy Queue And Pre-show

As the park’s most important roller coaster, Revenge of the Mummy contains constant crowds and long wait times every day. Visitors would better experience the attraction as soon as it opens to avoid a long wait, however, when waits are unavoidable, they can consider taking advantage of the single rider’s line. Revenge of the Mummy offers a single rider line that is usually shorter than the regular line.

 Revenge of the Mummy is good and special because of being enclosed roller coaster, which implies that the track is located inside of a building; the track or the ride vehicles cannot be seen until the visitors enter the building across the dark curled -like a queue, which makes the attraction more mysterious and exciting. The walls of the queue are covered in detailed Egyptian hieroglyphics. They spell out real warnings about the danger that lies ahead.

You enter the building browsing The Mummy movie set, watching what they did to produce the movie. The film’s propellers, molds, and concept drawings are showing on a screen. These screens around the studio show a video explaining how the original Mummy film was made, and most significantly how the movie’s fictional curse was proven to be believable while filming, with lots of accidents, happened to the cast and crew. But all of the tour groups quickly understand that things are not as they seem.

Imhotep, the villain and great mummy in the first two movies of the Mummy franchise, are trying to become alive again by feeding on the souls of the film’s crew. A crew member warns you that you should get out due to the curse is real. He sounds terrified. But at this moment, you are on the ride train, so you can’t escape! The person tells you that you must find a special symbol if you wish to survive.


Revenge of the Mummy Ride Experience

As the ride starts, the mine vehicle enters another room inside Imhotep’s tomb, where Reggie (a “Revenge of the Mummy” crew member who was missing on the set) is seen almost mummified and warns the riders: “Are you out of your mind?! Get out of here! The curse is real; the whole place is a trick! He is looking after your souls!” Before Reggie can finish his sentence, Imhotep comes out of a sarcophagus, make Reggie desperately instruct the riders, “Look for the Medjai symbol. It’s your only hope!” but Imhotep cuts Reggie off, yelling, “Silence!”, and sucking out Reggie’s soul, and then tells the riders, “With your souls, I will rule forever!”

The minecart next moves into another room where there are lots of valuable things such as gold as remained of a treasure on the left and right sides of the cart. Imhotep suddenly appears from the sand next to a tomb mural and persuades riders, “Serve me and enjoy treasure”. A low light appears through the hall, showing treasure around the vehicle. Imhotep also strictly states, “Or deny, and savor a more bitter treasure.” Soldier mummies come in front of the treasure as he whispers an Egyptian curse: “Akudvddei Makujkrraken Raasara!!”. The minecart then moves quickly into the next room where the vehicle hits a wall and scarab beetles come making a wall in front of the riders. The train then goes backward into another room and it stops.

Imhotep appears again on a screen above the room, moving across the screen to the back of the riders, while the vehicle turns 180 degrees to follow him. Imhotep warns “Not even the Medjai can save you now. There is no way to escape. Your end will be my beginning. Accept your destiny.” Then the ride push guests quickly to 40 mph while Imhotep shouts: “YOUR SOULS ARE MINE!!!” The vehicle passes across Imhotep’s skull and goes through different turns while speeding past mummies and fire sticking out.


The train goes to a stop after this, and a woman ride operator appears behind a glassed control enclosed room and appreciates them for visiting, but Imhotep sucks out her soul too, destroys the room and torch the ceiling while shouting “Prepare to surrender your souls! Death is only the beginning!” The vehicle then drops down 39 ft. (the highest fall in this ride) and goes down until a Medjai symbol appears while Imhotep shouts “NOOOOO!” as the mine cart passes across the Medjai symbol.

 Then visitors go across a tunnel of low lights with a TV in front of them. Rick O’Connell appears and tells the riders, “Hey, welcome back! I wish you enjoyed yourself. I would have savored this interview a lot more if I HAD GOTTEN MY CUP OF COFFEE!!!” Suddenly, a cape passes over the screen and Imhotep’s arm gives the man a cup of coffee. As Fraser screams and falls back in his place, the screen fades to black, while visitors hear Imhotep shouting on Fraser’s screams. Riders are then guided to exit door among a real unload station. At the exit hall of the ride, a missing person’s poster is seen with a picture of Reggie on it. When the trains come to a stop, passengers exit into Sahara Traders which is a gift shop that offers apparel, jewelry, Egyptian statues, and Mummy-related merchandise.


Revenge of the Mummy is Located in Universal Studios Florida (Address: Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Boulevard, Orlando, FL, USA). When you pass the main park gates, keep walking straight until the Museum of Antiquities appears down a street on the left; this is where the ride is located.

 The riding portion of Revenge of the Mummy does not make the visitors opposite or does not go to lofty heights. Universal calls it as a family ride, but it includes high-speed moves, has some astonishment falls that makes riders out of their seat, and it seems more cliff hanger because there is no light.

 The roller coaster’s high sense, amazing special effects, dark ride with an exciting coaster, is a qualified theme park achievement. There are lots of other examples of indoor coasters that want to resemble a storyline but Mummy maximizes the effects and the storytelling in the best way possible.


When it released the attraction, Universal praised the Mummy as the next revolution of theme park rides. Discuss it as a dark ride, it is extraordinary but other attractions, like Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, rank higher. Debating as a coaster, the Mummy is savage. But it doesn’t come close to touch the best steel attraction machine-like Superman the Ride at Six Flags New England. Generally, however, the dark ride and coaster factors make fun, immerse guests in the Mummy’s virtual universe.

 Child swap is available on Revenge of the Mummy. This facility allows younger guests to ignore a ride (either because they don’t pass height restriction or they prefer not to go) and allows corteges to get on the attraction without having to wait at the queue again.

Revenge of the Mummy Ride Restrictions

This ride is appropriate for tweens and up. The whole experience wants to terrify, with reanimated corpses and going forward and backward-facing roller coaster components in the darkness. Bags and other loose things are not permitted on Revenge of the Mummy. They can be saved in the free lockers provided near the entrance of the coaster. When you get close to the Museum of Antiquities, you’ll find the lockers on your right. You can access your bags by using a fingerprint to identify you and unlock your locker.

Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to pass the Revenge of the Mummy height restriction. Guests with wheelchairs or electric conveyance vehicles (ECV) must transfer to the ride vehicle seats to ride Revenge of the Mummy.


This attraction is highly recommended for people who enjoy roller coasters and mysterious rides. This attractive activity combines the best elements of both and is thought to be one of the most exciting rides in Universal Studios Florida. There is nothing quite like hurtling through a dark cavern and not being sure where the track is going or what is going to happen next. Even the queue is very dark and exciting. You often hear guests screaming out in fear before they get on the ride.

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