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SeaWorld Orlando’s Christmas Celebration

Christmas or Noel is a celebration in Christianity held to commemorate the birth of Jesus the Son of Mary. Members of the Roman Catholic Church and followers of the Protestant and Orthodox faith celebrate December 25, and some Orthodox Christians in Russia, Ukraine, the Holy Land (Palestinian Territory) and elsewhere celebrate Christmas Day by following the Julian calendar; 7 January. Members of the Armenian Church, according to a unique tradition, celebrate both Christmas and the Baptism Day on January 6th. The twelve-day Christmas period begins on December 6th and continues until the Sabbath day on January 6th.

Christmas Celebration At SeaWorld Orlando Florida

Although the most important religious holiday in the Christian calendar is Easter (as the day of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus), it is up to you to decide which day to celebrate, but some historians say Christ was born in October. This day has become almost a social celebration from a religious holiday, and every person with every culture and civilization is imitating it.

But at SeaWorld Orlando, it’s not up to you. That means you can’t decide on what date this celebration will take place. You cannot specify a celebration model. You cannot celebrate for yourself without restriction. Rather, all of the above have been pre-planned for you by the SeaWorld team and provide you with all the equipment or facilities you need to have a great Christmas. So you don’t have to worry. All SeaWorld Orlando events are available on the collection’s website or you can buy tickets in person. All the events at SeaWorld Orlando have been going on for many years. Without any problem!

All celebrations at SeaWorld Orlando are already scheduled so that you can attend all celebrations. Exciting celebrations that we will explain below. So stay with us until the end.

SeaWorld Entertainment For Christmas Celebration

SeaWorld always has a special offer for all tastes. Especially for Christmas, which we usually keep at home, very simple. Unless Christmas is small and most of us prepare for it a month before the New Year. With these definitions, SeaWorld also has a special Christmas program for you at Christmas.

Christmas Celebration At SeaWorld Orlando


If you are a fan of traditional shows, SeaWorld offers you this show. A spectacular show featuring music. Most of those present at the celebration have made this point. This beautiful play tells you about a dream night, about peace and friendship and love. Things that are lost in our daily lives and we no longer pay attention to them. Alongside this theme, there is also a whale that gives this show a special vibe. There is also a musician besides the whale playing the saxophone until the last minute. He does it live. She does not get tired and short of breath. It keeps your energy steady until the last moment.

Shuma And Christmas Celebration At SeaWorld Orlando

Sealion At Christmas – NEW!

This is a new celebration at SeaWorld that has just begun. We all love joking and laughing. The same thing happens at the ceremony. One of the main reasons for the boom in the presence of sea lions. Because they do funny things. If we prepare ourselves for the Christmas celebration, these sea lions will be trained the month before and prepare for a dream holiday. There are also several trainers (sea lion friends) whose movements add to the charm of the event.

All of them are dumb. You will see this in their clothes. Never think that they are mentally healthy.

Sealion At Christmas Seaworld Orlando

Sesame Street Christmas Parade – NEW!

A cheerful street designed on the sidewalks, roofs of buildings and all corners with colorful pots and lights and pine trees. Sesame Street is a happy place to celebrate Christmas. The variety of colors in it can be very pleasing to your children. It was just a part of Sesame Street. Besides, Elmo and Big Bird are also on Sesame Street where you can see, joke or even take pictures. One of them is in the trash! There is also a dance and parade on Sesame Street, one of the main attractions for you. Sesame Street is very busy. So if you want to be in the front row, you should be at Sesame Street at least one hour before the event.

Sesame Street At Seaworld Orlando Florida

Pets Holidays – NEW!

In the Christmas village, some pets are key players in Santa’s performances. She has been showcasing her fluffy friends for months already. Dogs, cats, birds and other pets that are friends of Santa. They can play the ropes, jump and do funny moves. The red theme of the play scene adds to the charm of the pets. Animals may also be wearing Christmas hats during the show. Dogs and cats are essentially playful animals. Especially when they are trained. Pets in this show are not ordinary!

Pets Holidays At Seaworld Orlando Florida

Luminous Trees In The Sea

You may have seen many trees at SeaWorld or elsewhere. But strolling along the seashore and seeing luminous trees is a different taste. It is very exciting to walk along this dreamy beach with your fiance or family on a Christmas holiday. At SeaWorld, there are over 100 pine trees on the sea, all designed with Christmas lights. Their reflection at night on the water will stare into your eyes. You may be very attracted to this and your fiance will have to push you.

Luminous Trees At Seaworld Orlando

Winter Wonderland On Ice

No one says Christmas is in the summer. We all know that Christmas is in the winter and we celebrate it early every year. Christmas and Santa Claus is a woolen garment tailored for winter. It was just a sign. We always remember Christmas with snow. At SeaWorld, there is a beautiful ceremony that is based on ice. Ice skating and happy music playing.

Winter Wonderland Paddington On Ice At SeaWorld Orlando

There are also some penguins besides the actors performing the show. They are not penguins. They are humans, dressed only in penguins and amazed you alongside the cast.

Meet The Christmas Puppets

Near Wild Arctic this holiday season, you can share your wish list with the big man himself at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration 2019. You’ll find him at Santa’s Base Camp & Gifts … your one-stop shop for all things Christmas. Check out fascinating animal encounters on your voyage to meet Santa Claus, as you only can at SeaWorld. We love this not-so-typical visit to Santa.

Christmas Puppets At SeaWorld Orlando

If you’ve already met up with Santa elsewhere, there are plenty more holiday friends to hang out with. Be sure to explore Rudolph’s Christmas Town to stroll through a life-size storybook of Rudolph’s classic tale. Along the way, you’ll find Rudolph, Clarice and Bumble of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” fame to play and take photos with you and your tadpoles. We highly recommend taking the time to meet these cute, fun, unique characters.

Christmas Puppets At SeaWorld Orlando Florida

The Christmas Store

There is so much fun to be had at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration 2019 that it can be hard to find the time to relax. Be sure to spend a few minutes moseying through the Christmas Market along Bayside Pathway. The Gazebo Stage hosts musicians singing Christmas favorites, while you can sit and enjoy a glowing fire pit (or at least pretend to, since the Florida weather keeps us pretty warm as it is). Play games with elves at the North Pole Tree Lot, or sip on specialty hot cocoa. Tad especially enjoys the model train village, which is worth checking out. When we attended the first night, the Christmas Market didn’t open until 5 p.m.

The Food At The Christmas Party

SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration 2020 is overflowing with special holiday snacks, treats, and drinks. There are plenty of seasonal dishes that will have the whole family hoppin’ for more. We tried out a Boston Cream holiday waffle that was topped with Bavarian cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. If you’re looking for a more savory snack, the Christmas nachos was a crowd favorite among us. Want sweet and salty? The chicken wing glazed donut will surely satisfy both of those cravings.

The Christmas Party Foods At SeaWorld Orlando

What is Christmas without hot chocolate?! You’re in luck because there is hot chocolate overload at the holiday Tasting and Brew locations. Many spots have either traditional, frozen or flavored hot chocolate. Our peppermint hot chocolate came in a souvenir cup! Be sure to keep the cup, as it costs less to refill it than to purchase an entire new cup of hot chocolate.

Tips For SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration 2020

  • At both Miracles and Sea Lion High: The Christmas Special, there are designated “splash zones” where you are sure to get wet. Keep an eye out for these and sit a couple of rows back if you have no interest in getting soaked … or even sprinkled on.
  • Enjoy the wait before shows! O Wondrous Night hosts a guitar-playing singer for holiday singalongs, Miracles presents an excellent saxophonist, Winter Wonderland on Ice has an impressive violinist and Sea Lion High: The Christmas Special offers a fun, interactive mime. Of course, these are subject to change … but keep an eye out during your visit!
  • To keep little ones busy, invest in a Christmas Game Pass to get six games for $20. There are tons of adorable prizes, and this was perfect for Tad and Lily to share!
  • Certain SeaWorld’s Christmas exclusives don’t take place every day. For instance, on light event days (Dec. 2-5 and Dec. 9-12), there aren’t any showings of O Wondrous Night, Miracles or Winter Wonderland on Ice. Check our Orlando Crowd Calendar for park hours and when to visit SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration 2020. We recommend going on a night the park is open later for maximum time to enjoy the fun.

SeaWorld Orlando Event - Christmas Celebration

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