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Splash Mountain Ride: A Review

Splash Mountain Ride review

Splash Mountain is a history that is a perfect experience for the whole family. It’s located in Frontierland, and it’s very easy to discover with its mountain-like nature, the signs that lead you to the climb, and the big drop. In this article, we are going to survey different aspects of the ride.

Riding Splash Mountain: What to Expect

Splash Mountain Ride starting point

The ride Splash Mountain depends on the 1946 film Song of the South, which is viewed as a racially inhumane film, best case scenario and basically supremacist at the very least. All things considered, the ride its dependent on has taken away any supremacist symbolism from the ride with the goal that visitors can basically appreciate the roller coaster for what it is. Through the ride, you get the opportunity to see Br’er Rabbit’s excursion away from home to locate the “giggling spot” and how things don’t exactly go as arranged.

Beginning, we’ll enter the line and begin hearing Southern style banjo music. We’ll enter a secured region and go along to what in particular is most likely my preferred aspect of the line. This part is a territory where the dividers are secured with different pictures of the characters from the ride.

With these pictures there is a short depiction so you’ll get the opportunity to “meet” the characters before really jumping on the ride. As you approach the stacking zone you’ll see a few “last opportunity to leave” signs, so on the off chance that you, or somewhat one, chooses ultimately not to ride this ride, you’re secured. For the ride vehicle you’ll be cruising along in a log. It is very extensive and will serenely situate two grown-ups in each line.

Splash Mountain Ride is a family ride

The ride starts fairly gradually and could even be called unwinding now and again. You’ll initially be taken external where you will encounter a decent sail through the zone. Yet, Disney doesn’t need you to get excessively agreeable, as they have the ride go directly by the huge drop at the earliest reference point. After this we’ll begin to see a portion of the ride’s characters and start to hear music. I think the music and the characters are charming and fun. This is certainly a section children will adore.


Survey of Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is one of my preferred sorts of Disney rides: the mix of a roller coaster with a character story en route. The primary rush of this ride is, obviously, the enormous drop. There are a couple of littler drops and territories that get really dim so there are some littler excites in this ride also.

A section of Splash Mountain Ride

In the event that you like roller coasters; I think Splash Mountain will be a ride for you. Remember the greater part of the ride isn’t as extreme as a common crazy ride roller coaster would be, and a ton of the ride is more on scale with a fascination like it’s a Small World.

As I referenced beforehand, the ride depends on the film Song of the South. I have never observed this film, as I’m certain is the situation with a ton of visitors. The film encountered a great deal of discussion so Disney has never truly re-delivered it. This appears to be an odd decision to base a ride around; still I do figure Disney did well with making Splash Mountain. The characters we find in the ride are fun and the story is justifiable.

These characters aren’t the ordinary Disney World characters we’re utilized to, yet on the off chance that you invest some energy in Frontierland you may really observe them meandering about. I figure Disney acquires that old south environment well from the sets in the ride and the southern accents of the entirety of the characters. The ride additionally contains a few tunes from the film that you’ll be chiming in to, and presumably singing the remainder of the day, similar to Zip A Dee Doo Dah.

So we should discuss the sprinkle. You will get wet on this ride, particularly on the off chance that you ride in the exceptionally front of the log.


Tips and Tricks

Long line for Splash Mountain Ride

I believe it’s consistently a smart thought to get a Fastpass for Splash Mountain. It’s one of the most well-known rides at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, given it’s both a great ride and a roller coaster. Hold up times can arrive at well longer than 60 minutes, so except if you’re anticipating going to the recreation center when it opens and making a beeline for Frontierland, a Fastpass is your smartest choice.

Splash Mountain likewise happens to be directly by Big Thunder Mountain, which gets significant delays too, so it’s a genuinely well-known region of Magic Kingdom. Fastpasses for this ride can be made sure about decently effectively so you ought to have the option to ride this ride at some point during your excursion.

A few people like to wear downpour coats or rain guards on this ride. I don’t think the sprinkle is that terrible, yet in the event that you need to ride and truly don’t have any desire to get wet, this can be an alternative.

Splash Mountain Ride Takeaways

There is a photograph opportunity on this ride. It happens directly as the ride vehicle is going into the huge drop. Many individuals will attempt to present or accomplish something amusing for the photograph before they get doused. In case you’re apprehensive about the drop, you may overlook this is here so it might be more earnestly to get a pleasant photograph.

My last tip likewise includes going into the enormous drop. All things being equal, during the huge drop, watch out instead of down. You’ll get a quite cool perspective on Cinderella’s Castle.


Who is this Ride For?

As I previously referenced, on the off chance that you fall under any of the classifications in Disney’s wellbeing notice you will need to pass on this one. The huge drop can be quite serious raising adrenaline, and pulse also I’m certain. There’s no reason for making you wiped out to partake in a fascination.

I would prompt that you likely wouldn’t have any desire to welcome truly little youngsters on the ride. Disney’s standard is that children are in any event 40 inches (or 102 centimeters) tall to ride Splash Mountain. I likewise think the scenes in Br’er Fox’s nest could be somewhat terrifying for little youngsters, and there are a few spots that get very dull that a few children presumably won’t care for.

There is likewise a ton going on this ride with the entirety of the characters and music. In the event that your youngsters are effectively over-invigorated this likely wouldn’t be a decent decision for them. Due to these reasons, I think this ride is best for more seasoned children, teenagers, and grown-ups.

A long distance view from the Splash Mountain Ride

An extra explanation this ride may not be the best for a few, is that there is a 50 foot drop. Indeed 50. It’s precarious, somewhat alarming, and goes very quick. You’ll hear shouts originating from Splash Mountain when you stroll into Frontierland. Be that as it may, don’t misunderstand me, it’s likewise a ton of fun in case you’re an enthusiast of this kind of thing.

Splash Mountain Ride, Disney World, Orlando

In case you’re not a fanatic of statures, large drops, or getting wet, I would propose skirting this ride. In the event that these things are not your concept of a pleasant ride, I believe it’s as yet enjoyable to watch the ride. The large drop is directly at the front of the ride where bystanders can watch. So it would presumably be enjoyable to watch if companions or family are on the ride.


Pros and Cons

Here are the features to assist you with choosing if you’d prefer to ride Splash Mountain or not.


  • Fun character story complete with charming characters and fun tunes.
  • It can be entirely ideal to get “sprinkled” on Splash Mountain when it’s a remarkably hot day.
  • The drop is fun on the off chance that you like roller coasters
  • It’s a more drawn out ride, so on the off chance that you need to pause, it appears to be justified, despite all the trouble.

Splash Mountain Wheelchair Costume


  • Getting “sprinkled” on the off chance that you don’t care for getting wet or if it’s a colder day.
  • The drop, in case you’re not a devotee of roller coasters.
  • The probability of the ride getting upheld up and your vehicle being halted for a second.
  • Long hold up times on the off chance that you don’t have a Fastpass.

As you can most likely tell, my advantages and disadvantages are very comparable. I think this ride is remarkably subject to the sort of ride you like. Numerous individuals will completely cherish it while others will abhor it.


Last Notes

Splash Mountain is an exemplary Walt Disney World ride that many love. I think as long as you are sufficiently tall and sound enough, it merits checking it out. Have a stunning time at Walt Disney World and upbeat riding!



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