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The Key Tips For Visiting Universal’s Famous Character Parade

Universal Famous character Parade is a parade at World Studio Florida. It was first announced at a live webcast on January 25, 2012.  The parade includes multiple stars, 4 main floats, and over a dozen fully med vehicles. 2 based on recent films produced by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment including Despicable Me and Hop as well as 2 based on 3 Viacom’s Nickelodeon animated series including SpongeBob Square Pants, Dora tripper, and Go, Diego, Go!. The show features daily efficiency around the park. It debuted on May 8, 2012, as part of Universal Orlando’s “Year to be here”.

In November 2016, Universal announced that the Hop unit will be replaced by Illumination Entertainment’s Secret Life of Pets- med floats.

Where exactly is Universal’s famous character parade?

The parade held every year at the venue is similar to Walt Disney Stars, which annually introduces several stars. As mentioned earlier, this parade has inspired all cartoon stars. The parade pause double for a highly choreographed ensemble number. Though impressive in its scope and coordination,  performance is well-nigh impossible to take in from any given viewing spot. The same floats are trotted out individually at various times of day for mini-shows and character meet and greets.

Famous Character Parade At Universal Orlando Resort Florida

The Parade, which is marked in park map, begins at   Esoteric Pictures gate in Hollywood, between Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show and Cafe La Bamba. It turns right,  n immediately makes a hard left around Mel’s Drive-In, and follows waterfront past Transformers toward San Francisco. From it turns left at Louie’s Pizza and proceeds along 5th Street, past Revenge of   Mummy. At end of 5th Street, a parade takes a left onto 57th Street/Plaza of   Stars and heads toward the front of the park, where it makes left Hollywood Boulevard, from whence it disappears backstage through a gate where it entered. Best viewing spots are along 5th Street, on front steps of faux buildings in New York.

Universal Orlando Parade Touring Tips

The Best viewing spots are along 5th Street, on front steps of faux buildings in New York.   Reserved viewing area for Character Breakfast ticket holders is found here in front of   Macy’s facade, along with a wheelchair viewing area.

If you miss part of a parade in the New York area, you can scoot along the waterfront to Mel’s Diner and catch it as it comes down to Hollywood Boulevard. If after watching a parade on   New York streets you design to leave the park, you can use the same route to access Hollywood Boulevard and park exit before the parade arrives.

This parade is getting a bit long in the tooth, so some of the stars and floats may have changed by the time you visit.

Best interactive entertainment At World Studio daily

Universal’s Famous character Parade offers an entirely new form of interactive entertainment at World Studio daily that allows families to join in the fun. Some of today’s most beloved stars and stories bring new adventure to streets of World Studio during parade, with an all-new show experience featuring larger-than-life floats, state-of-art technology, and high energy street performers.

Streets Of World Studioduring Parade At Universal Orlando Resort

Hug Sponge Bob

Guests get to sing and dance along with favorite stars including   Minions from blockbuster animated feature Despicable Me, E.B. from the hit comedy, Hop, Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora and many more.

This parade pause in two locations along the route, New York and Hollywood. While the parade is stopped, your children (or kids at heart) can dance along with their favorite stars. If you missed your favorite stars during parade check your times guide for daily meet and greets throughout the park.

Character Parade At Universal Orlando Resort Florida

Fun features include:

  • Six custom-built bubble machines
  • Aerial stunt performers and tumblers
  • Dazzling LED lighting and dynamic sound systems
  • Live drum line, with E.B. playing lead drums!

The Parade

The Best viewing is on 5th Street, on the front steps of buildings in New York. Reserved viewing area for Character Breakfast ticket holders is found here in front of   Macy’s. This is also where ECV’s and wheelchairs can view the parade. Check your daily time’s guide for parade start time, the parade lasts 30 minutes. Dates, times, and entertainment subject to change without notice and pending conditions.

Parade At Universal Orlando Resort Florida

Where does Universal’s Famous character Parade begin?

The parade route begins next to the set of Louis restaurants featuring Italian cuisine. It then passes through the middle of the Hollywood theater and reaches the hall Grimm Theater.

The image below shows the route of the parade in full. So you can go to this energetic parade before you can safely move on.

Meet minions

At the parade, tourists face to face with all the fictional stars. This parade along with music and live efficiency by artists will convey a lot of energy to you. If you saw the minions on the street and took pictures with you, don’t be surprised!

Character Parade In Universal Orlando Resort Florida

Current show schedule

ü 5/25 – 5/28: 5:00pm

ü 5/29 – 6/4: 7:00pm

ü 6/5 – 6/11: 7:00pm

Showtimes and or information

The parade is scheduled daily — see currently scheduled time by clicking here — and is about 20 minutes long. There are also additional meet-and-greet opportunities with parade stars that occur throughout the day. See below for more information.

Universal Orlando Resort Florida Parade

What I wish I knew before I saw it?

While it’s difficult not to be entertained by Universal’s Famous character Parade — especially for young kids who know stars by heart — more thrill-conscious guests will want to use this time to jump on Rip Ride Rockit or Revenge of   Mummy one more time.

Character Parade Universal Orlando Resort Florida

Additional efficiency & meet

Throughout the day at Universal Studios,   floats and stars in parade come out to Hollywood Boulevard — near Mel’s Drive-In — to perform and frolic with park guests.  Times for additional meet-and-greet opportunities are listed in the in-park map.

Famous Character Parade In Universal Orlando Resort Florida

In true Universal Orlando style, these efficiency and meet-and-greets are designed to be more like a street party.

Where’s the best place to see the parade?

The best place to watch Universal’s Famous character Parade is in the Hollywood section of Universal Studios, and you have two options because re are two sides to the street. The first option is right in front of Schwab’s Pharmacy:


Schwab’s Pharmacy At Universal Orlando Resort Florida

that a few reasons why this is a prime location to view the parade. First, are benches right along curb. If you are very clever and smart, you can bring your seat to the venue before the event begins. Second, most of the time you can pick up some ice cream at Schwab’s to pass time while you’re waiting for a parade. The second option is directly across the street from Schwab’s Pharmacy:

Hollywood Street At Universal Orlando Resort

Along the route of the parade, there is a liquor store that occasionally prizes and holds competitions. Also, several shops offer gifts to tourists and they can be surprised by shopping or attending the store. The best part of the parade is in the center of Hollywood Street. Where the parade and the stars stop for a moment and you can safely visit nearby stores.

If you look to your right, you can see all that is there. Including the parade route and places where you can stand and enjoy the parade or join the caravan. Standing on the parade may bother you, but you can get tired of walking the stars. For many visitors, this place is not a good place to view the parade.

Hollywood Street At Universal Orlando Resort Florida

Parade or show?

You may have a question that all stars in Universal have a separate play and perform at a particular location. The combination and presence of all of your favorite stars on the street and being on the side will surely be of interest to you. Imagine, for example, in movies. If Batman and Superman are sided by side, it’s going to be exciting.

Popular Parade At Universal Orlando Resort

However, being in a parade can mean that you have visited all of your favorite stars in animations in general. This parade is separate from the show and you can go to specific venues before or after efficiency.

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