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Turtle Talk With Crush: A Review


Turtle Talk With Crush (Orlando) Review


It is an obvious fact that Crush, the surfer-fella turtle in Pixar’s Finding Nemo is likely one of the principle reasons individuals come back to the film over and over.

Alright, so it was only a strong film in general, with bunches of incredible stuff, however my point is that Crush is one of Pixar’s generally dearest of characters, and it’s nothing unexpected that Disney’s Imagineers created an encounter that rejuvenates Crush in a manner that is suitable and engaging for guests all things considered.


Settled in The Seas structure of EPCOT’s Future World, “Turtle Talk with Crush” is an enlivened show that permits kids and guardians to converse with and gain from Crush, the world’s most acclaimed ocean turtle. What’s more, indeed, I said “converse with,” in light of the fact that crowd individuals can converse with Crush, ask him inquiries, and answer his inquiries—and he will react to all that you and your children state.

A scene from Turtle Talk With Crush


The fascination is instructive in nature, and offers everybody the chance to become familiar with a couple of snappy things about the life and propensities for ocean turtles, however it does as such in an engaging manner, so your children don’t realize they are “learning.”

So we should discuss this experience, and discover why Turtle Talk with Crush is an unquestionable requirement for each guest to EPCOT.


In a Nutshell

Audiences at Turtle Talk With Crush


The experience starts when a Cast Member enters the liveliness patio and leads the crowd into a performance center outfitted with an enchantment window into the sea. Once inside, visitors can kick back and appreciate the enchantment as they have a live, unrehearsed and top to bottom talk with Crush. His discourse and movements are explicit to every meeting and crowd individuals who are chosen to visit with Crush are given an amplifier that permits the loquacious turtle to hear them. Be set up to find out about the sea and trade data about the human world with this absolutely upright turtle companion.

Prior to your visit to the dark blue sea, remember these tips:

  • Little visitors can sit in the first column for an incredible view. For ideal review, focus on a seat nearer to the middle.
  • Kids with tactile issues may not cherish this fascination, regardless of whether “Findng Nemo” is one of their preferred attractions. My four-year old was not exactly excited with the fascination on an ongoing visit however when come back to the recreation center, he really requested to go see Crush again and endured the greater part of the show.

Crowd at Turtle Talk With Crush

  • In the event that your youngster is planning to converse with Crush, assist them with considering addresses they might want to ask him before going into the theater. On the off chance that the person is approached, they’ll be glad to have their inquiries previously set.
  • This is an incredible fascination in break to on hot, blustery or cold days when it is only no enjoyable to be in the components.


The Atmosphere

Children enjoy the most at Turtle Talk With Crush

Since this is a show and not a ride, you will have a pause. I’ll speak more about that when we examine the requirement for FastPass, yet until further notice, remember that you will be sitting tight for a piece.

Luckily, the holding up zone is pretty darn great, with bunches of things for you and your children to do. In the holding up zone, there are a few things to take a gander at and do, including:

  • A little aquariums tucked into the divider, where guests can watch a few sorts of intriguing fish
  • A couple of tanks with various types of beams
  • Interactive tests planned by Mr. Beam
  • Posters with data about ocean turtles
  • Cast individuals who are truly more like aquarium directs, and can examine and respond to any inquiries guests may have about the ocean life introduced at EPCOT

As it were, even with a pause, you won’t be exhausted, and the holding up territory truly sets the state of mind for the fascination. Remember this isn’t a ride, and it is basically centered on educating, even as it engages.

To put it plainly, the holding up territory is mentally intended to complete two things: make you consider things like seas and fish and turtles, and get you in to a greater degree a “learning” mode than you commonly are the point at which you’re strolling around an entertainment mecca.

Furthermore, this is fundamental in light of the fact that the fascination is a getting the hang of/instructing experience that not just offer you and your children the chance to find out about ocean turtles, yet in addition offers kids the chance to find out about people, which is a moderately extraordinary encounter for the vast majority of us.


Theater Experience

Inside the theater, kids are welcome to sit on the floor before the “aquarium window,” while grown-ups sit behind them on seats. The seats aren’t happy; however I’ve never really sat on an agreeable seat, so I surmise that is alright.

Additionally the show is just fifteen minutes, so it isn’t so awful.

What this guest plan does is give your kids a sentiment of opportunity from you and closeness with Crush and his conversations with them. As it were, they’re less getting with Crush, as they are making a companion.

Presently, we should discuss this aquarium window that I referenced previously. It is really a video screen that shows an enlivened perspective on the base of the sea depths. It is PC created and looks entirely genuine, yet it is only a liveliness, which bodes well once Crush appears, who, after a snappy snippet from the Cast Member remaining in the auditorium with you, comes tumbling through the sea, halting at the “glass” of the window. And afterward the enchantment starts.


The Show

Another scene from Turtle Talk With Crush


Squash shouts to everybody, presents himself, talks for a moment or two, and afterward inquires as to whether any of the “little fellows and dudettes” have any inquiries for him.

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, the show is generally fun and the innovative performers in the background voice the discourse and energize the reactions put together totally and absolutely with respect to the crowd investment.

I have had the joy of watching this multiple times, and it’s been an alternate show each time. Squash is similarly as clever here as he was in the film, and whoever voices him for the show is GREAT at spur of the moment act of spontaneity.



Clearly, since it’s a show that keeps going around fifteen minutes, you will need to hang tight for the presently in-progress show to complete before you can enter the hall. It’s normal to hold up fifteen minutes, however comprehend this is an exceptionally famous fascination, and, however hold up times normal around twenty minutes, I’ve seen altogether long queues, particularly when the fascination first opens for the afternoon, yet I’ve never held up in a very long queue.

This is FastPass accessible, and in case you’re hoping to pack however much into the day as could reasonably be expected, it may not be an impractical notion to have one, to be safe. Notwithstanding, I think utilizing a FastPass on this ride is, as a rule, a misuse of a pass, and ought to be utilized more for something like Soarin’ and Frozen Ever After.

However long you give it an opportunity to disperse – like, perhaps hold up an hour or two after the recreation center opens – you ought to be fine. In any case, similar to I stated, I’ve seen lines extending to the entryway of the structure, so on the off chance that you wind up pausing, kindly don’t be distraught at me!



Turtle Talk With Crush opens

Since 2016, when Finding Dory came out, Turtle Talk has been refreshed. So in the event that you head back to Disney World whenever sooner rather than later, you can at any rate be eager to realize that, there’s a decent possibility you’ll see and hear something new that is straightforwardly identified with “Discovering Dory.”


Final Notes

In the event that you are searching for an incredible time finding out about sea life and ocean turtles, and viewing your youngster collaborate with an absolutely devilish turtle, at that point ensure you get Turtle Talk. This is an ideal fascination for small kids, more seasoned youngsters, adolescents, and grown-ups.

During the give you will likewise visit with Marlin, Nemo, Dory, Squirt and their companions, as they get in on the discussion also. Consistent with Disney style, Crush and his companions will keep everybody snickering and engaged for 15 minutes and presumably after that too!

Turtle Talk with Crush is really a good time for all ages and you don’t must have minimal ones with you so as to appreciate the discussion – joyfully there are seats for all the adult fellows and dudettes to sit on.

You can enter the show from the lower level of The Seas with Nemo and Friends. As the shows run ceaselessly, there will never be a very remarkable pause.



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