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List Of Universal Orlando Resort CityWalk’s Table Service Restaurants

One of the most important attractions in Universal Orlando – CityWalk is the great variety of restaurants. There is a dining room for almost every visitor’s taste. Here we take a full look at CityWalk’s Table Service Restaurants and suggest that you increase your knowledge before visiting to make the most of your time.

Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food

In Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, in the former home of the Latin Quarter, the colorful Antojitos is located. A Universal Studio creation, Antojitos offers exclusive and fun Mexican-style tapas with homemade tortilla and guacamole watches and new, Mexico City-free sauces.
To start with, you’re probably going to want to drink, and this side of Epcot’s La Cava Antojitos has Orlando’s best Tequila range. Order from a four-sided bar on the floor or a converted VW bus outside the door. If you’re not shooting straight, try the Horse You Rode On (made from expensive black cherry amarena). Try a signature drink like the Beautiful George (created by the very own company George Clooney).

Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food
Antojitos prepares popular dishes with incredibly fresh ingredients when it comes to tacos, but it’s more precious than your typical taco joint. The guacamole tabletop is a must-have that transforms hard avocado hatching, and it’s almost a meal for Asados Esquites (rost-corn with fresh cheese and jalapeño). The portion sizes of the enchiladas are not very large, but after the free chips (with home-made salsa) and the excellent rice and black beans that are used for most of the entrances, you’re going to be complete.
Comidas de la casa features a few tastings of a short-lived luxurious menu served briefly on the second floor, with a beautiful churrasco and pork loin seasoning, although the pork may be slightly dry. Leaving room for dessert, you yell “aye caramba!” because the sour cream of ice cream has been cut with a molten Cejeta de Leche cake.


Bigfire specializes in wood-burning American dishes, the newest restaurant on Universal Orland CityWalk. The house resembles a lakeside resort with many exterior touches including glimmering lights and lanterns.
The food in the open fire, such as bison burger, chocolate, chili, and cocoa rubbed on top sirloin, freshwater trout, and smoked salad, inspires the cuisine.


Bob Marley – A Tribute to Freedom

None of the food is wonderful, or especially adventurous, but the atmosphere is laid. The building is packed with memorabilia and photos showing his career and life in a picture of the reggae singer Bob Marley’s vacation home in Jamaica. The singer’s career was honored by several lions, the colors of the Jamaican flag and the other influences of Rastafari. While shelters are sometimes rainstorms, a large part of the area is exposed to elements and there is no air conditioning.
Live reggae band and DJ in the patio at night; cover price after 9 p.m.

Bob Marley - A Tribute to Freedom

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant & Market

The subject can look a little childish, but it can bring the children together in a fun and festive atmosphere. Food is not bad and is not too spicy for your regular chain of seafood (think Red Lobster, no cheese biscuits).
Forrest Gump, a film that inspired the chain, plays on TVs all over the place, but only under-titles, not music. The wooden walls of this seafood shanty are decorated with the Memorabilia film. License plates that say RUN FORREST Run on one side, and STOP FORREST STOP on the other, sign a waiter on the other side when you need service.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant & Market

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

The Cowfish was the last part of Universal CityWalk’s redesign of 2014, which introduced 8 new restaurants to the resort. When Cowfish last arrived, CityWalk’s new locations were possibly the most awaited since 2013. They were all revealed. Cowfish introduced something completely new to a one-of-a-kind dining concept that mixes pan-Asian cuisine with a good old American burger.
At first, we were skeptical because it seemed so out there about the merger of a burger with a sushi location. But the people behind the tiny North Carolina Chain turn out to be something: cowfish burgers and sushi both taste amazing and have a nice time together, including peanut butter and chocolate.

The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar
The broad menu begins with well-known sounding dishes like paramese fried truffles, tuna nachos and generous portions (a recurring subject) expertly prepared and submitted. First, there is a lengthy selection of half pound-hormonal burgers, called ‘Jalapeno Popper Show-Stopper,’ ‘Big Squeal,’ and ‘Rise & Swine;’ which are all served with seasoned fried foods that can be supplemented with seaweed salad, bacon coleslaw or Edamame. The Boursin Bacon Burger stands out with garlic and grassy cheese and poured champagne.

Hard Rock Cafe Orlando

The best food we have had here is when we either order beverages and beverages or just-drinks. Entertains – mainly burgers, sandwiches, steaks and ribs – are average, which you can hardly differentiate from something, say, NBA City. The larger music set like a pink Cadilsky 1959 spinning over the bar is more impressive. The biggest collection in the hard rock chain is on view. Ask for free guided tournament tours at the check-in podium; if you are lucky, you can take a look at the John Lennon only VIP room upstairs.
Hard Rock Cafe gives Favored and Premium Annual Passholders a 15% discount on food by 5 p.m. on or before January 2015. For special deals and transactions (including alcohol) you can apply for a Hard Rock Rewards card. Please note that access is completely separate from the restaurant in the next Hard Rock Live Concert Hall, even though you can buy food from the bar at the venue sometimes.

Hard Rock Cafe Orlando
It is the biggest HRC in this field of the planet (or in the universe). A broad museum of rock art is the two-story dining space, built like a coliseum. The circular central bar has an overhead rotation of a full-size Cadillac. You’ve never been to the Hard Rock Cafe before because you need to be told why this is a loud bar. Everyone will visit Hard Rock once at least, however.

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville

It’s soothing and festive, but it’s not always worth waiting (especially if it’s known to be 2 hours). This is a famous place for Jimmy Buffet fans just to get their beeper in line so they can sit in line and wait for a seat. However, the feeling is like a taste of the beach without going to the coast.
The food is a mix between the Caribbean and Florida, and there is a lot of seasoning and seasonings in Jamaica. The food is fine, but it is insufficient to enjoy a special trip for non-buffet fans. If you’re scandalous about the line for the table, look at how you can stand at the bar for a margarita and a cocktail that is as funny – if not more than getting a full meal. None of the entrances will lead you to believe that you’re in heaven, including the cheeseburger, but the fans seem to be carefree.

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville
Chief Parrothead is a humorous tribute to him. Two-story dining room with a lot of widescreen TVs, videos from Jimmy Buffett and live scenes. The target is a volcano, spraying margarita instead of lava, which sometimes erupts. A seaplane with strong bits and drinks is next door to Lone Palm Airport.

NBC Sports Grill & Brew

Instead of the famous NA Sports Grille, NBC Sports Grill & Brew brings the love of universal screens to the next level (they may be “tolerated” is a better description). Guests should have no trouble avoiding their tablemates to watch the last game with almost 100 HDTV screens around the restaurant. The menu is incredibly large, and you can see the chefs working with the open kitchen model. Beer lovers can be attracted to a range of (more than 100) options, including one for restaurants only.

NBC Sports Grill & Brew

Pat O’Brien’s

The food is incredibly good, it’s shockingly cheap. Beware of ordering the Hurricane, the signature restaurant cocktail. Not only is it disappointingly heavy, you automatically charge a glass for a souvenir, and if you don’t want it, you have to pay it back in the bar.
A relatively faithful display from the red brick facade to the fountain in the courtyard of the original Pat O’Brien in New Orleans. The outdoor restaurant is a great place to eat. There’s a noisy bar inside and a dual piano bar with some of Orlando’s most talented musicians starting at 5 p.m. It was two o’clock in the morning. After 9 p.m., a charge is paid at night, as it mainly serves food as a music venue.

Pat O'Brien's

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen

The simplest definition of toothsome is the rivalry between Steampunk and the Cheesecake Factory. It’s not like one of the most digging men. The menu is comprehensive and executed, but key attractions are desserts and wild milkshakes.
Toothsome has a restaurant on the second floor with a full bar overlooking Citywalk. There is also a counter which only serves milkshakes and a separate candy store. Packaged candy bars and news, almost all advertised toothsome are available to purchase. Truffles, macaroons and other sweets are also served in a box. Look for wandering characters and robot characters.

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen

VIVO Italian Kitchen

VIVO is located on the first floor of CityWalk in Pastamore’s old house. The wish of the Olive Garden was replaced by the best of Universal’s Italian cuisine outside Portofino Bay. The menu is full of well-known food – chicken picatta, veal parmigiano, spinach cannelloni, linguine and palm trees – delivered without the needless post-modern flora. At best, dine here at half the price of either Bice, Mama Della or one of Disney’s signature restaurants.
Start by ordering an enormous house-made meatball, mozzarella or beet, and gorgonzola salad. The pieces of standout include linguine, black squid ink with seaweed pasta, short ripe risotto, and brown butter-filled potatoed fiochetti. Save space for a warm cake of orange walnut; Chef Steven Jayson’s grandmother got his recipe directly from it. It could be the best meal for table service at Universal Property on a cost/quality basis.

VIVO Italian Kitchen
Sleek and contemporary, VIVO brings casual style to the main intersection of CityWalk. There are outdoor tables with built-in chess boxes, light bars, semi-circular gypsum booths, and sinuous steel cages. There are chairs, too. But the real action is around the open kitchen, see if the food bar, where fresh pasta is placed, can snack the place.

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