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Universal’s Epic Universe – New Universal Orlando Theme Park

Universal’s Epic Universe is an attractive park to be built at Universal Studios in Florida. The park was originally scheduled to begin construction in 2019, but due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the United States, the park’s opening time appears to be at least five years late. Before the Corona outbreak, according to many experts, Universal’s Epic Universe could become one of the most attractive and popular parks in the Universal Orlando Resort.

Epic Universe History

It is good to know that the construction site of this park has been completely designed and even the excavation work has been done by mechanical machines, but now all the construction machines are in the parking lot due to the coronavirus.

NBC Universal announced in 2019 that they were building a third-generation park that would be part of Universal Orlando Resort.

But Tom Williams, executive director of Universal Parks, said without elaborating: “We are building the most creative park in the world, and Epic Universe will prove it to you.”

He also announced that the Epic Universe will create 1,500 jobs. Because naturally, a park with this amount of variety and breadth needs a restaurant, shop, etc., these jobs can have many chefs or employees. The park also needs a crew. Also, the equipment and facilities in this park need to be repaired and maintained, which will employ people who have skills and expertise in this field. So this level of job position will be definite.

Universal Orlando Resort

What Is The Concept Of Epic Universe?

What is being said here is mere speculation. Epic Universe will have four separate lands, all four of which will have a separate portal in the Epic Universe. In each of these four lands, large sidewalks, a large number of rides, a restaurant and a hotel will be set up. Like other lands in Universal Studios, retailers will be on the sidewalks of the Epic Universe.

In the Epic Universe, all four lands are separated, so travelers and travelers go from one center to the next.

As mentioned, all four territories are separate, so their rules will be different.

These four centers have been created for you to experience an exciting journey with four unique features. If we focus on the design and architecture of the former Universal, we will have to wait for a surprise.

Epic Universe Logo

Epic Universe Web Address

In the early days of the Epic Universe, there were a lot of rumors and news about its various details. It’s been three years since the Epic Universe was created, and work on the Epic Universe has begun. But it’s as if universal managers still have no intention of revealing details and secrets. Fans of Universal Studios around the world are eagerly awaiting new news and details. The only thing that stands out from the Epic Universe is that it doesn’t look like the Epic Universe.

Epic Universe Rides

Details of the Epic Universe rides have not been confirmed since the start of the Epic Universe, and there are only rumors. Based on past Universal and parks that have been built by Universal so far, it can be predicted that it will have at least one beach with a roller coaster and several indoor rides.

Based on our experience with other universal parks, it seems that Universal intends to create new challenges for its Epic Universe ride.

Epic Universe At Universal Orlando Resort

Epic Universe Attractions

As we have said, the details of this third-generation park have not been announced yet. But we can already say that the Epic Universe tourist attractions are more exciting than other universal parks. As you can see, there are prominent restaurants, shops, and hotels in other universal parks, and not everyone forgets to stay in the parks of Universal parks for several years. So we have to wait for something more in Epic Universe.

Something is exciting about having fun in Epic Universe. In early 2020, there were rumors that a Super Nintendo World would be in Epic Universe. A few days later, one of the administration Manager of Universal confirmed the news.


Epic Universe Attractions

Location Epic Universe

The first and perhaps most important issue to consider is the location of the Epic Universe. Universal studios, such as the Volcano Bay, Adventure Islands, etc., as well as hotels and restaurants, are now located in the northern part of the campus. However, we should expect the Epic Universe to be built in the southern part of the campus.

Just to give you an idea of the area of the North campus of Universal Campus, we have to say that the area of the North Campus is about 730 hectares. However, the area of the area where the construction of Epic Universe has begun is about 760 hectares.

This means that Epic Universe is larger than the entire set of Universal Studios in the North Campus. That’s why calculating the size of the Epic Universe area can promise us that something new is going to happen in the Epic Universe.

Epic Universe Layout

The area we mentioned is at least what Universal has confirmed so far.

Don’t worry about moving to Epic Universe. The company is likely to provide free transportation for its guests. So you can easily go to Epic Universe from the north of the Universal Campus (or vice versa).

Universal has already spent about $ 200 million to rebuild and expand Kirkman Road, and Kirkman Road will likely become the main artery of traffic from north to south. This can be done by widening the road lines.

How Will The Epic Universe Layout Look Like?

Based on the photos we’ve seen from Google Maps so far, we can say that Universal is using a traditional, nostalgic layout to design Epic universe locations and buildings.

With all that said, we’ll have to wait another six years to see if Epic Universe is like what we imagined!


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