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WonderWorks Orlando, Florida – A Place To Enjoy Scientific Exploration   

One of the best and most favorable science centers in Orlando, Florida is the magnificent palace of WonderWorks. WonderWorks is a science center and exhibit which is located in the United States in six cities. Its slogan is “Let Your Imagination Run Wild”. The buildings are commonly built as if they are upside down.

It contains over one hundred hands-on exhibits that challenge the mind and many situations to explore. Each WonderWorks location contains exhibits on the themes of space, physics, and math. The five locations of the building are 1) Orlando, Florida (the first building), 2) Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, 3) Panama City Beach, Florida, 4) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 5) Syracuse, New York and 6) Branson, Missouri. The last one is established in 2019.

WonderWorks Orlando, Florida - A Place To Enjoy Scientific Exploration

The upside-down building of WonderWorks, Orlando, Florida


A Brief Introduction To WonderWorks Palace

If you plan to visit the city of Orlando, this place can be among your schedule. Having great sights and valuable information within, this place is also much cheaper than some of the local theme parks in the city. WonderWorks is among the funniest and best science centers in the city. It will be a good choice to visit in Orlando, Florida if you are both interested to add the spice of scientific sight-seeing to your trip and have also a spare day to spend on your trip. It’s also a good indoor option for a hot or rainy day which Orlando has plenty of. It can make your visit very rich when you come across some interesting new knowledge and scientific findings.

 The upside-down building of WonderWorks, Orlando, Florida

Your adventures begin here

Besides being rich in exhibiting scientific lessons, WonderWorks buildings offer adventurous activities such as laser tag and a multi-story ropes course. In the first look, the building is rather strange. It has an upside-down architecture and looks like the building had fallen out of the sky and landed upside down. This unique design is the work of Orlando native architect Terry O. Nichoson of Nichoson Design International. After the first design, Nichoson served as the main design consultant for all subsequent WonderWorks locations. The external look of the building is its first fascination but not all.

Where Is Located? How To Visit?

In Orlando, Florida as the origin of the museum, finding the WonderWorks building is not hard work to do. This building is located along the International Drive in Orlando. The strange face of the building makes it easier to spot the building. There is a parking lot to the south of the building which eases visiting both the museum and its nearby shopping center.

When entering the museum you can buy some bonus tickets besides your main ticket. One choice is to purchase a “Souvenir Adventure Book” ticket so that you can be involved in a bunch of questions and clues and maybe getting a prize at the end of your visit. This choice may be very exciting for children and kids. The tickets are valid for the entire day, and you can enter and exit the building whenever you want. The museum opens at 9 a.m. and serves the visitors and guests till midnight every day of the week.

WonderWorks possesses many interesting laboratories

WonderWorks is a place to enjoy a new experience for the children

Your Visit Starts With A Scientific Exploration

After passing the whirlpool, you enter the disaster area. Your first step of exploration includes activities such as Coil Tesla, Earthquake Cafe, Hurricane Storm, how cool is it? And Trivia Wall. There you can emit a Tesla coil that emits 100,000 volts of electricity, where you can experience a 5.3 magnitude earthquake, feel the stormy but terrible wind, the chance to experience a thunderstorm and Have human electricity and see how water droplets can challenge gravity. There you can experience holding your hand in 38 degrees water and try to see if it can withstand cold water. The building has more than 100 exhibitions that provide a great experience for children of all ages.

WonderWorks possesses many interesting laboratories

WonderWorks possesses many interesting laboratories

It Continues With Physical Challenges

When you put your steps on the second floor of the building, you will face amazing physical challenges. This category includes activities such as Bed Nails, Wonder Wall, Bubble Lab, Pulley Power, and virtual sports. On the second floor, there is a bubble lab where kids can enjoy different bubbles with different bubbles and try to pull them big enough to fit inside. There you can experience sleeping on a bed of 3,500 nails, experimenting with various pulley systems to move objects, or create 3D images of their bodies on a giant pin wall. You can also test your arm strength with a soccer or baseball simulator when throwing.

It also includes a light and sound area with activities such as light speed, reminder, Strikes a Pose and Giant Piano. During these experiments, you can test your reflexes against the speed of light, or discover sandboxes to find buried treasures, watch your shadow in different colors and patterns on a wall, and stick to one Key to the giant piano key. You can also view your thermographic image on the thermography screen. After feeling confident with second-floor experiments, you can continue your tour through the exterior.

You can or maybe have to experience some physical activities meanwhile your visit

You can or maybe have to experience some physical activities meanwhile your visit

A Voyage Into The Outer Space

If you’re fascinated by space and its diversity, the next section of WonderWorks is the best place for you. The space discovery area includes activities such as outer space clothing, the Mercury Capsule, shuttle ground, challenge training astronauts, and amazing squares. There you can sit in a capsule of mercury, or pick up a satellite dress, or try landing a Discovery space shuttle in the Kennedy Space Center. Visitors can also experience the weightlessness of astronauts and embark on a role designed by them.

Visitors can enjoy space craft simulators

Visitors can enjoy space craft simulators

Your child can try astronaut Gairo there, but he must be at least 54 inches tall and his feet must be able to touch the platform. Another choice is the Wonder Coaster, for which riders must be at least 48 inches tall to ride alone or at least 42 inches to ride with an adult.
This floor also has the Imagination Lab area, which includes activities such as Wonder Brite, Alien Stomper, Fun Express, Gear Works and the Forensic Science Fair. In this area, guests can create different shapes and patterns using colored clamps, play alien games and send scales to the exterior and work on digital painting.

There is also the Far Out Art Gallery, which includes illusory artwork that lets you explore the details of different paintings and try to find hidden objects in them.

More Enjoyments

When you have experienced all the fascinating devices and funs of the third floor you can make your way through the last floor of the building. However, since the building is upside down, the last floor is somehow the basement of the building. There you can participate in the final adventures of WonderWorks which include laser tag, glowing ropes course, and the 4-D theater. In laser tag game the goal is to shoot and outplay the other players while trying to stay hidden Laser Tag combines innovative technology to provide players with an interactive experience. There you can experience one round of laser tag, however, you won’t be allowed to take any backpacks or other loose items.

In contrast, you can try the glowing ropes course as many times as you want, but each time with the time limit of 10 minutes. Also, the explorers must fulfill height and weight requirements and are not allowed to take any loose items. Participants will scale to a maximum of 36 feet while conquering over 20 different obstacles, crossing carefully over suspension bridges, swinging beams, lily pads and more. The course has two different heights available. There are different types of crossing from hard planks to loose ropes to test the skill. When your time runs out, you can head back to the beginning.

The other adventure is the 4-D theater which takes the visitors on one of three different adventures namely; Fly Me to the Moon, Canyon Coaster or the Great Wall of China. This experience combines 3D film with special effects and full motion seating, ranging from sensations to vibrations. The 4D Theater experience can virtually transport the visitors from their seats into an adventure.

Final Tips

If you continually traverse the floors of the building, your wonderful tour may take from 2 to 4 hours, but it may be beneficial for you to know that you can spend as much time there as you’d like until the time that the midnight clock starts ringing. Although WonderWorks locations are open 365 days of the year, consider that, due to the high visiting jam, some periods are time are not good choices for visiting the WonderWorks, Orlando, Florida. The busiest times of the year of the WonderWorks museums are Spring Break (March–April), Memorial Day weekend, summer break and Christmas break.

Conclusively, WonderWorks building provides a full day of fun and new experiences for kids and adults. The website of the museum refers to the exhibits as Edu-Tainment, because especially kids can learning and be entertained simultaneously.


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